Call to Bloggers

Teachers Teaching Teachers #134 - Google us, Please! Four Young Bloggers Apply to College 01.07.09

Senior in high school, Linda put out a call for other bloggers to talk about their experiences with applying to college. We put Linda in touch with Lindsea, who blogs at Love & Logic and at Students 2.0,
because she is also a senior at Panahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. And
we invited Linda and Lindsea onto Teachers Teaching Teachers to tell us
about their journies into the college admissions process.
We also invited two seniors who have been working with Chris Sloan at
Judge Memorial Catholic High School: Alli (who blogs at Fibers) and Katie (whose post, "YES WE CAN: my experience in Grant Park on election day," drew a lot of interest on Youth Voices in November).

Linda, a senior in high school started the ball rolling that led to this podcast with her Open Call for Bloggers:

I've been thinking lately about how awesome it would be to have a group of high school students (seniors preferred, juniors okay as well) blog about the college admissions process and then possibly continue their blog through their freshman year of college....

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