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Parents as Partners Episode #24 April 20, 2009 Dysart Unified School District

Laurie King, technology coordinator at Dysart Unified School District tells her story about supporting the Dysart community using technology. Grade 3 teacher Lidia Goodman talks about communicating with her students and parents using powerpoint updates.

Laurie King, technology coordinator at Dysart Unified School District tells her story about supporting the Dysart community using technology. Principals receive ongoing training sessions timed to coordinate with their Governing board meetings. Teachers have instructions on how to use Google docs and iPod touch or smart phone to access their content online using wireless connection in the School District. Parents have access to Daily News TV put on by Secondary School Students and on... Please listen to how she and grade 3 teacher Lidia Goodman communicate with her students and parents.The list of exciting ways Lidia connects with parents is long but a particularly interesting practice is using a powerpoint presentation to keep parents and student in the loop with homework. Scroll down to daily powerpoint http://schoolweb.dysart.org/TeacherSites/tSite.aspx?sasi=112210&page=9266

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