New Show Idea - Conversations with Maria Knee and Lisa Parisi

  1. What is your show concept?

             Conversations will be a show inviting people in to converse on various topics relating to education in the 21st century.  Some topics to be discussed are extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation, what is a tech rich classroom, setting up social networks for kids, the importance or lack of importance of social networking for administrators.


Women of Web 2.0 Show 77

Join the Women of Web 2.0, all back together!

We discuss what it means to webcast and why anyone with a full time job would come home and go on the air after  full day of work. You will hear from Dave Cormier, Jose Rodriquez, Maria Knee, Lorna Cos, Jeff Lebow, Susan Ettenheim, Doug Symington, Steve Hargadon and many others in the chat room.

The Delicious link: http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080527

The Chat:

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Teachers are Talking Episode 5

This episode of Teachers are Talking, hosted by Lisa Parisi and Susan van Gelder,  featured Allanah King of New Zealand, discussing embedded technology in the classroom.  Our next show will be on Monday, February 25.

Women of Web 2.0 Show 58

Show 58, all the Women of Web 2.0 are here and enjoying our guest Nicole Pinkard, CEO , Chief Technology Officer - Center for Urban School Improvement.

Again, the chat is incredible and you are all a part of it.

Chat for Jan. 15, 2008

Teachers Are Talking

This show, hosted by Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelder, and Cheryl Lykowski was recorded on December 20th, 2007 and featured our very own Jeff Lebow, who talked about World Bridges and goals for the future.


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