2010-04-29 Seedlings Chat with Lisa Nielson and Willyn Webb

 If you have been on the fence about using Cell Phones in your classroom either inschool or for homework, listen to this great podcast. During the show we said you will have to listen FAST to get all the great information!


Also, the authors want to stay in touch, have you give feedback, be part of their research. So, follow them and get involved in this conversation!


    * How can the folks here keep the conversation going and learn more? 

          o Complete our Cell Interest Survey at http://tinyurl.com/cellinterestsurvey. We'll invite you to:

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 Bob and Cheryl are joined by and Willyn Webb: Author, Counselor at Alternative HS having success with cells in a district where it's banned Lisa Nielson:  Tech Innovation Manager in NYC and creator of The Innovative Educator Blog

Advocate for students using the tools they already own!



Here is part of the agenda with some great links:


    * Why do you think that cells are a tool necessary for combating the digital divide?

          o Ubiqutous (Lisa)

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