EdTechWeekly #175

Dave's Link:  Wikileaks. What does it mean for our classrooms? With Australia banning links to the site... where does this lead? Do textbooks of 'controlled content' become more important? Should we be teaching this in courses? Do we have a patriotic duty not to touch this information?

John's Link: Project Red: Do 1:1 right or don't do it at all. We're far enough along now that the novelty of 1:1 programs has worn off, and it's time to look at what effect they really have on a school. With many more schools now looking at 1:1 programs, it's important to look at best practices. For those thinking about 1:1 programs, the CDW 1:1 Readiness Surveyis a great place to start.

Zac Chase:

EdTechWeekly #175

November 28, 2010 

Regular hosts: Dave, John
Guest host: Zac Chase, English Teacher, Science Leadership Academy

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