I'm joined by the two who "started it all" -- Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier -- here at EdTechTalk.

Dave tells us about his work on the Living Archives Project at UPEI, and how he is using Drupal and Open Sim to "make history come alive" for the students and faculty they are working with on the project.


This week I'm joined by Brad Hicks and Paul Reid of Digital Chalkie fame for some thoughts on edtech from a "down under" perspective. We talk about tools for educators (e.g., Gmail and Meraki) and discuss plans for the coming year.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year and plan to join us for Brainstorms in 2008!

Language Lab Unleashed & EdTechTalk Reunion / Flashmeeting Sandox

Language Lab Unleashed & EdTechTalk Reunion
Experimenting with Flashmeeting & Desktopcasting
December 6, 2007

Langauge Lab Unleashed

FlashMeeting Archive

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This week I talk with Arthus about his thoughts on some online and web-based tools and how they might be used in K-12 education.

We discuss Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail and issues related to access and use of these tools in Arthus' experience as a high-school student.


This week we discuss the subject of homelessness, and I play a clip from an interview that I during a social services fair in Victoria, BC as part of Homelessness Action Week.We also talked about the self-advocacy work being done by and for homeless individuals at Homeless Nation

I was joined by Dave Cormier, Alice Mercer, Jeff Flynn and Arthus -- thanks to them and all who joined us in the text chat.

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