The virtual staff lounge lives up to its name as we get together to talk about CMSAcademy: Drupal


Things begin with music from ccmixter.org and penmachine.com

Thanks to His Boy Elroy and Derek K. Miller for the tunes.

In this clip, Cheryl Oakes checks in and we talk about the Webcastacademy, her newest show on the EdTechTalk network: Seedlings. We also talk about audio input during webcasts, earthquakes, golf, kayaking, and "hot spots" on dogs.

This week's show begins with a promo from Derek K. Miller for his tunes at http://penmachine.com which he has most generously made available for 'casting on the web. We then check in with Cheryl Oakes, to see what's new with her. Thanks to Derek and the folks at http://ccmixter.org for the tunes, to Cheryl, and all those who joined us in the chat room and post show.


Some of the "usual suspects" gather for a post-Webcastacademy edition
of ETBS. We also meet Rene from the Spanish-language section of the
Class of 3.1 -- thanks to all who joined us.


A special "simulcast" edition of ETBS in which Steven Kimmi interviews Chris Lehmann of the Science Leadership Academy


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We pick up the conversation "mid-stream" this week in a post-Webcastacademy version of EdTechBrainstorm. We are joined by a number of potential, and new, interns--as well as a number of the "usual suspects." You can visit Webcastacademy for more information.


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