Another in our series of "virtual staff lounges" -- this week we talk more about the mission of EdTechTalk and what governance of the community might entail. We also talk a bit about Webcastacademy and getting interns registered and working toward completion of skillsets related to 'casting on the network.


 20:58:23  mrsdurff : Is there a Brainstorm tonight?
20:58:53  dougsymington : Hi Lee and Lisa
20:58:58  mrsdurff : Brainstorm tonight?
20:59:00  dougsymington : good to see you
20:59:03  dougsymington : on the way
20:59:09  mrsdurff : that means yes
21:00:41  mrsdurff : consider yourself ping'd


Another combined ETBS/WCA session that was an ol'-fashioned hangout in which we talked a bit about NECC and remote participants as well as some of the challenges--for both those "on the ground" and those online.

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Taxonomy upgrade extras:
More consideration of Webcastacademy with John, Jeff, Jose, Jason, and Randy.


Taxonomy upgrade extras:
I'm joined by Derrall Garrison as we talk about some different online tools and discuss the start of another English-language section of the Webcastacademy.


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