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Bonnie, Chis, and Dave, from the Living Archives project, stop by and we take their server for a test-drive.

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I'm joined by Arthus, Art Gelwicks, and Dave Cormier. Our discussion includes an Educon 2.0 recap, as well as consideration of "total cost of ownership" in online environments.

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This week, thanks to Twitter, our audio comes from Alec Couros' Ustream video of a professional development session. Alec takes highspeedconferencing, CamTwist and Skype for a testdrive, with Kyle Lichtenwald, New Zealand Chrissy, Donna, Lorna, Lisa, Kelly and Jethro Jones, and Susan.

EdTechBrainstorm, 2008.01.17

This week we're joined by Brad Hicks and 15 pre-service teachers from Western Australia in a discussion about the educational use of the technology. Cathy Evanoff, Jo McLeay, Cheryl Oakes, Art Gelwicks, Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, and Vance Stevens all check in to say hello and contribute to the conversation.

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Part Two of a lively night o' brainstorming.

Alec Couros and Dave Cormier join us as we continue our consideration of the Twittersphere.

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