IHAQ#13 - So Jen, what should we know about service learning projects?

I Have A Question#13
June 30, 2014 

Featured Question:
So Jen, what should we know about service learning projects?

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Blended Live/Virtual Presentations

I have been fortunate to participate in a number of blended workshop presentations where I am live with a group and members of the EdTech Community join in virtually.  Yesterday I had 3 sessions and Jeff Lebow and Lee Baber joined and contributed. Arvind came in for one (for some reason people from NYC have great credibility).     I think this is a powerful support that the community can offer individuals who are trying to bring Web 2.0 tools and practices to their school communities.  We are never a prophet in our own land but when my participants heard the voice of Lee echo in the room as she described her work and Jeff L. talked about the communities that have been grown out of WB, they paid attention.  I felt like my credibiltiy went up.  The glazed eyes of people lost in the terms and concepts became more alert listening to the powerful stories.

I think this has potential as a model and resource to people who are trying to start this work in their schools and districts.  As we go forward, maybe we can articulate and package this type of work so that others in and outside our community may use this as a professional development opportunity.

Jeff Flynn - Ann Arbor, MI
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