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Webcasting en Español - Open House

Special invitation to all that are interested in learning webcasting in Spanish. Our Open House will be on Friday June 6 at 6 p.m. Pacific. Check your local time. at http://puentesalmundo.net/live On this program I (Jose Rodriguez) and Alan Acevedo share what Webcasting is all about and what we expect from our session starting soon. In our Open House we will be giving an orientation to the Moodle course at http://webcastacademy.com and answer any questions you may have. For more information visit our worldbridges spanish site: http://puentesalmundo.net Spread the News!!!!

SLN SOL Summit 2008

SUNY Learning Network SOL Summit Webcast
February 28, 2008
Chat Logs here

Cecilia d’Oliveira, Technology Director, OpenCourseware at MIT

ChrisWise - Lead Designer, WGBH Teacher’s DomainWGBH Interactive West, Boston, MA

Laura McGrath?Assistant Professor of English and English Department Tech Coordinator, Kennesaw State University,

Larry Johnson Chief Executive Officer The New Media Consortium (NMC)
Alice McNeely & Carine Surdey: Broome

Jon Rubin - Film Professor and Director of the SUNY COIL Center, SUNY Purchase

Barbara E. McMullen Dean of Online Learning Monroe College, Bronx, NY. Web: www.monroecollege.edu/online

Jennifer Maddrell & Jeff Lebow

EdTechTalk - Expand the Conversation within your Networks

SUNY Learning Network meets EdTechTalk

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EdTechTalk's 'first date' with the SUNY Learning Network
January 8, 2008
Chat Log Here
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Ustream Recording Below

The 2007 Edublog Award Ceremony

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  Saturday, December 8, 2007
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Leave messages below for the 2007 Edublog Awards Celebration.  Share kudos, comments, congratulations, complaints, and/or tell us how an edublog touched your life this year. You can call the temporary code below or use your computer to leave a message here (click the mic tab).


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