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Women of Web 2.0 Show 58

Show 58, all the Women of Web 2.0 are here and enjoying our guest Nicole Pinkard, CEO , Chief Technology Officer - Center for Urban School Improvement.

Again, the chat is incredible and you are all a part of it.

Chat for Jan. 15, 2008

Women of Web Show 53, Letter Pop and Math Playground


Jen Wagner and Sharon Peters interview Dave and Cory at Letterpop, Colleen at Math Playground! Enjoy.

So far the chat !

Women of Web, November 27, 2007 Show # 52 with Konrad Glogowski

The Chat from November 27, 2007 with Konrad Glogowski

Thanks to Cathy Evanoff for streaming the show and thanks to Lisa Parisi for the recording. 

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Women of Web 2.0 Show #44

Week 44, WoW 2.0, Cheryl, Jen, Vicki and Sharon are joined by Dianne Hammond, from for an evening of online collaboration that is out of this world! Why? Because it is a project where you and your class can blog with an astronaut from the Internation Space Station.

SKYPE gave us a little echo at the beginning of the show, for FREE!

Come learn some more.

Chat, and all the great links.


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