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Women of Web # 43 September 25, 2007

Women of Web # 43 September 25, 2007

Join Cheryl, Jen, Sharon and Bud Hunt, alias, Bud the Teacher as we question, chat, lose Bud for a little bit, ask hard questions, ask easy questions and giggle. We missed Vicki who was not feeling well. Enjoy the show and the chat, see you next week! Thanks to Everyday Jones and their Podsafe music, All I Said.

You can find the agenda at Women of Web 2.0.

Women of Web 2.0 Show 42!

What a rockin show we had on September 18, 2007. The Women of Web invited Darren Drapper, Steve Hargadon, Dean Meyer and had a blast talking about professional development, done differently.

With over 40 people in the chat, you will need a roadmap to get through this maze of great ideas. A special shout out to Jeff Lebow for dropping the link to the first webcast for Women of Web, can't wait to listen to that.

Here is the CHAT!

Women of Web 2.0 goes Global Projects!

Join Jen, Cheryl, Sharon, and Vicki as we discuss Global projects with Cheryl Lycowski and Kristin Hokanson! The show just had a great vitality and the chat room took on a life of its own.  Enjoy the show, enjoy the chat.

See you next week!

Chat is HERE.

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Women of Web Show #38, We are Back!

The Back to School show.We asked our guests and ourselves to consider the following.

WoW 2.0 Show # 36 with Linda Criddle, Internet Safety

Our #35th show. We were missing Sharon, she was in Boston at the Alan November Learning Communities conference. But, Vicki, Cheryl and Jen have a great interview with Linda and learn about predatory behavior and how to garner parent support through empowerment!

Jennifer's Wow
Sharon's wow - (just in case I don't make it to the show) -

  • Blog pick of the week - Andrew Keen: Luddite? (About his book Cult of the Amateur) We have to have an entire show to deal with this one!!
  • Webpage of the week: Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Improve a Student's or Professor's Productivity - probably already shared another time, but recently rediscovered (mentioned on ETT on Sunday). The show of ETT on Sunday was really great - can't wait to listen to the podcast because my Internet was so flaky that night
  • Cheryl's Wow
Vicki's Wow - Some cool visual tools

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