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Seedlings Show 2009-10-29 with Janalee Redmond of Metanomics

If you have wondered about how the future of our students careers will look have a listen here to Janelle Redmond chat with Alice and Cheryl about Second Life and the incredible businesses already thriving in SL.

Join Alice and Cheryl as we learn about Second Life through Janalee Redmond's eyes. Janalee, also known as Jenette Forager, is the Community Manager for Metanomics. She explains how businesses are currently using Second Life to hold meetings and seminars. She also gives us the numbers on how many colleges and Universities are in Second Life!

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Seedlings 2009-09-17 with Mary O Brien and Tim Hart

If you are thinking about trying out Second Life, check out this Maine Educators group on Monday in Maine.

We meet at 7PM EST. Look for Black Bear Island.

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we talk to Tim Hart, from the University of Maine, College of Human Development and Mary O'Brien, 3rd grade teacher from Manchester, ME. We have a great conversation and learn a lot about Second Life and the courses Tim teaches and Mary speaks as a student and extraordinary builder in Second Life!

Tim mentioned this article from the UMaine Today magazine where Lyra Hall talks about her experiences with John Sherblom's Communication and Technology Course.


Some of the "usual suspects" gather for a post-Webcastacademy edition
of ETBS. We also meet Rene from the Spanish-language section of the
Class of 3.1 -- thanks to all who joined us.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #116 - Remembering Lee Baber - 08.06.08

At some point, as Alex Ragone suggests toward the end of this podcast, words
begin to fail. Other media aren't much help either.

For more words and media, please refer to Lee Baber - our friend.


Arthus visits again and we pick up the conversation from the week before.

Here's the YouTube version of Arthus' Keynote presentation. We are also joined by Jennifer Wagner of Women of Web 2.0 and Alice Mercer of It's Elementary. We talk a bit about "netiquette" in online spaces, Second Life.


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