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Can Moodle Do A Good Job In Importing PowerPoint

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Jean-Marc Leblond said:
I need some help, I am trying to import a Power Point into my lesson and I keep on getting the following error code:"PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10): Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature". Can anyone give me any direction?

James Chan said:

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Cream of the Crop Taxonomy

In our skype chat today, The EdtechWeekly crew talked about doing another 'Cream of the Crop' episode.

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Constructive Criticism

After hearing two podcasts in a row from the archives where the show's Windows slant was very apparent, I just wanted to drop a line.  I tried the "Contact" link on this site but it doesn't work (might want to fix that.)

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too much mail!

I like knowing what is going on, but I'm getting way too much mail about stuff. How can I set my account to get mail once a week instead of each day?




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