Cliff Lee

Teachers Teaching Teachers #78 - Digital Composing and the National Writing Project's Annual Meeting

This is the first of two shows in November in which we are going to sandwich the National Writing Project's Annual Meeting with two special Teachers Teaching Teachers webcasts/podcasts, one before and one after the Annual Meeting: Nov. 15–17,

For this show we invited Writing Project Technology Liaisons who are coming to present in New York City to join us to give us a taste of what will be happening at this vital conference.

Listen to learn what it is that brings us together each year. Learn more about how Writing Project teachers are using digital storytelling (or digital composing) in their classrooms, in summer youth camps, and with other teachers in their local Writing Projects.

Joining Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim, Lee Baber, and Woody Woodgate on this week's special Teachers Teaching Teachers were

  • John Bishop, Red Clay Writing Project
  • Clifford Lee, Bay Area Writing Project
  • Bonnie Kaplan, Hudson Valley Writing Project
  • Valorie Stokes, Prairie Lands Writing Project
  • Paul Oh, National Writing Project
Learn more about the NWP's Annual meeting and these teachers at the Google Notebook that we set up for this webcast.
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