EdTechTalk21 #157 -- 2011-2012 School Year

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We're Back! What's Happening and Where We're Going...
October 5, 2011

We're back and have lots of great news and goals for the year.  We'll be broadcasting on Wednesday's at 1:30 EST.  See you all there!  

<Chat Log>

1:35 PM  arvindgrover: Dave, are you live now?
1:35 PM  Alex Ragone: you guys on right now?
1:36 PM  arvindgrover: hellloooooo...
1:37 PM  arvindgrover: I think it's playing old video on loop
1:50 PM  pgeorge: hi all-hearing your audio now :-)
1:51 PM  arvindgrover: thanks!
1:52 PM  Alex Ragone: Got livestream to work.  Yeah!
1:52 PM  Alex Ragone: Hi Peggy.
1:53 PM  pgeorge: good for you!
1:55 PM  Alex Ragone: blended learning.
1:56 PM  Alex Ragone: Online social space.  How do we socialize internally with our faculty?  Especially with two different campus'.
1:56 PM  pgeorge: there's an edweek webinar starting in a few minutes re blended learning in small districts :-)
1:57 PM  Alex Ragone: Cooperation Theory: http://socialmediaclassroom.com/host/cooperation2/lockedwiki/main-page
2:00 PM  pgeorge: you'll never run out of things to talk about
2:00 PM  Alex Ragone: New Yorker article on coaching.
2:00 PM  pgeorge: that's called rationalization...
2:02 PM  pgeorge: great to have you back!
2:03 PM  pgeorge: bye all!
2:03 PM  pgeorge: successful kickoff
2:22 PM  Alex Ragone: Thanks, Peggy.
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