21st Century Learning #80: K12-Online Pre-Conference Keynote Conversation

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Professor Stephen Heppell21st Century Learning #80
K12-Online Pre-Conference Keynote Conversation
October 16, 2008

A conversation trying to answer the questions that were asked by the K12 Online Conference about Professor Stephen Heppell's Pre-Conference Keynote.  We used the book Disrupting Class by Clayton M. Christensen to discuss the transformation of education that Professor Heppell describes in his keynote. 

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14:19:09  arvind ->  hi bill
14:21:40  alex.ragone ->  Howdy Bill -- Can you hear us on the stream?
14:23:41  Bill Campbell ->  Yes.
14:23:51  arvind ->  great, thanks!
14:25:09  Bill Campbell ->  FYI, a few people came and went a couple of minutes before 2.
14:25:23  arvind ->  not sure what they're up to down there
14:26:38  arvind ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/
14:27:00  arvind ->  The conference opening speaker: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=268
14:27:09  arvind ->  It Simply Isn’t the 20th Century Any More Is It?: So Why Would We Teach as Though It Was?
14:28:48  arvind ->  dedication to Lee Baber: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=226
14:28:57  arvind ->  is that really Dave C? hello there!
14:29:21  DaveC ->  Not Dave Cormier. 
14:29:29  Bill Campbell ->  That question seems to fit in nicely with what Daniel Pink says in a Whole New Mind.
14:29:55  arvind ->  That was our faculty summer reading book
14:30:11  Bill Campbell ->  Maybe creative production is a place to maintain/foster US dominance?
14:30:21  arvind ->  ah, thanks, Dave C
14:30:29  arvind ->  which Dave is here?
14:30:29  DaveC ->  Sorry :)
14:30:38  Bill Campbell ->  It was our facutly summer reading too a year ago.
14:31:10  DaveC ->  There is a book "Rise and Decline of the American Programmer" by Ed Yordon that came out in the 80's I think about how if Softw Engs didn't change their methodology, they wouldn't keep up.
14:31:37  DaveC ->  @arvind: Dave Chamberlain.  NH K12 tchr
14:31:49  alex.ragone ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=268
14:32:29  arvind ->  welcome, Dave 
14:32:40  arvind ->  hi Andrew
14:32:56  alex.ragone ->  Hey Folks.  Feel free to foward questions.
14:33:01  DaveC ->  Thanks, glad to be here.  I'm usually only here in the evening.
14:33:57  arvind ->  ah, gotcha
14:34:35  DaveC ->  Many times teachers are in their own groove and it is hard for many to adopt lessons from peer teachers in their own schools, let alone collaborate long-distance
14:36:18  courosa ->  not even schools are isolated, teaching is an incredible isolated profiession as it exists, and there is very little done within the profession or within preservice programs to change that, worldwide
14:36:42  arvind ->  i agree courosa, closed doors, separate spaces, really isolating
14:36:43  alex.ragone ->  Except for your classes, Alec.
14:36:58  alex.ragone ->  :) 
14:36:59  arvind ->  collaboration is not encouraged, not given the time it needs, right
14:37:09  arvind ->  the question is then, is the collaborative teaching better?
14:37:13  DaveC ->  Preservice classes in technology still meet in a classroom and learn how to use word, powerpoint and copyright law. 
14:37:51  alex.ragone ->  "All This
14:37:56  alex.ragone ->   All This needs to get done.
14:38:19  courosa ->  @alex I try anyways, but such resistance to overcome, and if I teach the only course like that, and it's focused on edtech, it's not enough, it gets marginalized quickly
14:38:26  courosa ->  we need the change to happen in the core
14:38:32  DaveC ->  Students only need to meet AYP, so they only need to show that they are adequate.  If that's what is accepted of the student, that is what is accepted of the teacher.
14:39:14  DaveC ->  I've met with several teachers over the past week on gaining PD via web2.0.  The constant question that comes up is "where willI find the time?"
14:39:24  courosa ->  @davec et. al, we should create an open preservice edtech course, common-ish curriculum, accessible to any institution that wants it
14:40:14  DaveC ->  Interesting spin.  What should the teacher need to know to teach students of the day -- from the POV of the student.  
14:40:53  alex.ragone ->  @courosa -- yep.  Vinnie and I recently read Disrupting Class.
14:41:07  alex.ragone ->  Talks about looking outside the box.  
14:41:42  arvind ->  I hear some Daniel Pink coming through Vinnie right now! synthesis, story...what were the others?
14:41:51  alex.ragone ->  @coursa -- I'm down with that.
14:43:13  courosa ->  @alex I'm ready to start talking about it, how we can accomplish something, get a critical mass of developers, etc. Maybe edtechtalk can set it up?
14:43:56  courosa ->  gotta run ... revolution!
14:44:07  arvind ->  thanks for the great comments! 
14:44:39  arvind ->  Disrupting Class: http://www.amazon.com/Disrupting-Class-Disruptive-Innovation-Change/dp/0...
14:46:35  Bill Campbell ->  Some will still argue (I've heard it) that there is a body of knowledge that we are supposed to send kids off to college with especially for those of us in independent schools sending students to very competitive colleges.  Not to pick on English teachers, but some don't want to give up one of the novels on the list.
14:47:26  Bill Campbell ->  With ed-tech and 21st century skills it sometimes seems like secondary education is pushing student with those skills into higher-ed sometimes when higher-ed isn't asking for those skills yet.
14:47:42  Bill Campbell ->  That's not to say higher-ed shouldn't be asking for those skills.
14:49:26  DaveC ->   http://www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org/
14:50:04  Bill Campbell ->  Some say we do a great job of training future teachers.  That's important but not the future of a majority of our students.
14:50:13  DaveC ->  What's the twitter id?
14:50:48  arvind ->   http://twitter.com/arvind
14:50:53  DaveC ->  Thanks
14:50:54  arvind ->   http://twitter.com/alexragone
14:51:05  arvind ->   http://twitter.com/vvrotny
14:51:27  arvind ->  yours?
14:51:41  Bill Campbell ->   http://twitter.com/BillCamp
14:51:44  DaveC ->   http://twitter.com/DaveC_
14:52:06  Bill Campbell ->  Thanks guys.
14:52:14  arvind ->  thanks for being here, everyone
14:52:16  arvind ->  see you next time! 

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