EdTechTalk21 #159: Richard Kassissieh joins us to Discuss the NAIS Online Learning Guide

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Richard Kassissieh joins us to Discuss the NAIS Online Learning Guide
October 12, 2011

NAIS' 21st Century Curriculum Task Force recently published an Online Learning Guide. Richard Kassissieh joined us to discuss the document and the state of online learning in Independent Schools.

<Chat Log>

1:43 PM  Welcome to the 'ett' room.
1:43 PM  Alex: hello
1:44 PM  jramsden: Hello..
1:46 PM  vvrotny: Welcome, Jason
1:48 PM  Alex: Hi Jason -- Here's the link:  http://sss.nais.org/files/OnlineLearningGuide10-5-11.pdf
1:48 PM  Alex: http://sss.nais.org/files/OnlineLearningGuide10-5-11.pdf
1:52 PM  matt montagne: matt montagne
1:53 PM  matt montagne: hey all
1:53 PM  jramsden: Thanks...on mute for the moment....what's the topic around the guide?
1:56 PM  Alex: just a conversation about how it came to be...
1:56 PM  jramsden: Back from mute...thanks Alex.
1:56 PM  Alex: And the relationship between online learning and 21st century skills.
1:57 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: And so many different companies $$
1:57 PM  matt montagne: that replication model of online learning exists-I think it is the one tht beueacrats look at in terms of cost savings
1:57 PM  matt montagne: I don't feel as though a good learning experience, online or not, should cost less
1:58 PM  jramsden: I agree... anyone want to talk about F2F learning, online learning, and tuition indexing? Now that's are interesting makeup.
1:58 PM  matt montagne: I do think that content-centric courses could very easily be shifted online using replication
1:58 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: Agree Matt. $$ shouldn't be the reason for change
2:00 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: That's key for online learning--creating community, inviting participation
2:01 PM  matt montagne: back when the earth was cooling :)
2:01 PM  matt montagne: replication of the old in the new medium might very well be part of our evolutionary nature
2:02 PM  matt montagne: teaching the old way in the new medium might lead you to try some new techniques that your wouldn't otherwise try
2:02 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: I'm taking an onine course right now throught p2pu. It's working!
2:05 PM  jramsden: Is that Richard, as in Richard Kassissieh from Catlin Gabel School?
2:05 PM  matt montagne: yep
2:06 PM  Alex: http://globalonlineacademy.org/
2:06 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: And how does the teacher prepare that online space for students
2:07 PM  Alex: We have Michael Nachbar, Director of The Global Online Academy next week.
2:08 PM  jramsden: And it looks like the Global Online Academy is using Haiku for the backend, yes?
2:08 PM  Alex: Not sure, Jason.
2:09 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: @Alex great..look forward to that
2:09 PM  matt montagne: we met with a teacher from Stanford Online school last year...they do have a compelling model with synchronous as a main part. Tuition is pricey
2:10 PM  vvrotny: Got to go folks. This has been a great conversation. thank you
2:10 PM  Alex: We also spoke with Barbara Brueggemann, Head of School at the GWU Online High School a few shows ago: http://edtechtalk.com/ETT21_150
2:10 PM  Richard: Hi, Jason. Yes.
2:10 PM  Alex: Thanks, Vinnie!
2:10 PM  Richard: Haiku, yes.
2:10 PM  Richard: Bye, Vinnie.
2:11 PM  jramsden: Thanks Richard... look fwd to connecting with you at NAIS
2:12 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: Richard, are courses available to participating schools only?
2:13 PM  Susan Carter Morgan: thx, sorry have to run
2:14 PM  matt montagne: great anecdote, Richard.
2:14 PM  Alex: Thanks, Susan!
2:14 PM  Alex: Great to see you here.
2:14 PM  matt montagne: chow susan
2:16 PM  arvindgrover: thanks for being here everyone
2:17 PM  Richard: Susan, GOA has had courses just since this September. Yes, courses are only available to member institutions so far. Conversations within GOA are ongoing about plans to increase membership and access.
2:18 PM  Richard: Matt, a good learning experience could be free. Cost and quality do not always correlate. IS courses cost a lot primarily due to personnel costs and low student:teacher ratios.

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