EdTechWeekly#199 - Google+ Overview and Education Potential

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September 18, 2011

Participants:   Jennifer MaddrellJeff Lebow,  dave cormierJohn Schinker, Paul Allison

Featured Topic: Google+ - Overview, Reaction, and Potential in Eduation

Chat Log Below
  • John: http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=135530
  • JenM: here I am ...
  • JenM: Here is my nephew Will ... https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-.....52.55.jpg
  • matt montagne: matt montagne
  • matt montagne: hey all
  • JenM: hey Matt!
  • JenM: Go badgers!  https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-.52.55.jpg
  • matt montagne: Go Badgers!!!
  • pgeorge: Hi everyone!
  • JenM: Hi!
  • matt montagne: I'm lookkng forward to plus being rolled into google apps--social networking to EDU
  • matt montagne: internet connection at my new place is horrible
  • edtechtalk: is audio OK?
  • pgeorge: I had to change computers from wireless to wired becaus audio kept cutting out
  • matt montagne: audio better now
  • matt montagne: if nothing else, G+ will make facebook stand up, take notice, and innovate. Like being able to edit a post. Why can't I do that on facebook?
  • pgeorge: I tink the streaming banner may take additional bandwidth unnecessarily.
  • pgeorge: tink--think :-)
  • JenM: @matt ... yes ... clearly some of recent changes at least seem a response to + features
  • pgeorge: I agree with you Paul!
  • matt montagne: Paul is like Tom on myspace
  • matt montagne: :)
  • cyndidannerkuhn: Hello from Kansas State University
  • pgeorge: hahahaha Matt
  • matt montagne: G+ is still 18 or over
  • matt montagne: Hi Cindi!
  • pgeorge: http://mmoorejones.com/2011/08/27/thoughts-on-the-future-of-the-google-a...
  • matt montagne: I think those admin tools will be there when it is rolled into Apps for Education
  • pgeorge: that post indicates that google + will soon be open to under 18
  • JenM: hello to Kansas State University :)
  • matt montagne: good point, John
  • matt montagne: If you have a need for an LMS, google+ might work really nicely depending on your goals.
  • LoreEFL: Hi everyone Lore from Argentina, South America
  • pgeorge: Hi LoreEFL-welcome
  • LoreEFL: thanks pgeorge :-)
  • matt montagne: we have teachers who run exam review...it could do exam review quite nicely
  • cyndidannerkuhn: I work with preservice and they are not comfortable with their stuff being on the web yet, I realy puch them, but.....and not one of my 160+ student have eben tried Google+ yet
  • pgeorge: google + works great on my iphone
  • LoreEFL: that's the thing... I'm afraid of wasting my time on Google + and then only a few joining in...
  • matt montagne: once we move beyond the concept of 'seat time' in our schools, platforms like this become a bit more necessary
  • matt montagne: we're just going to leave people in the system as Dave says.
  • John: yeah, we don't, mostly because people have concerns about what "public within the domain" means.
  • cyndidannerkuhn: wow what a great idea!
  • John: Really, we need a way to migrate them to a regular google account.
  • matt montagne: agreed, John. Data Libearation should be all over that.
  • matt montagne: you can transfer from an Apps account to a personal google account, but you have to go one application at a time.
  • pgeorge: yes
  • pgeorge: me too Jeff!
  • cyndidannerkuhn: is there a link to information about the eBook?
  • edtechtalk: http://change11.info/
  • John: http://davecormier.com/edblog/2011/09/16/ebook-team-for-change11-you-can...
  • pgeorge: Jeff-do you think you could remove the scrolling banner for future shows so we can see the images of the participants in the call?
  • matt montagne: I wish posts could be starred
  • matt montagne: it is sorta ephemeral
  • pgeorge: very helpful tip Jeff
  • matt montagne: I wish circles could be shared...seems inefficient to have everyone do the same thing
  • matt montagne: I think the next major update will include some of the current deficits
  • pgeorge: closing skype shuts out everyone though
  • John: yeah; that's true. But we're only really using skype to chat with each other now.
  • cyndidannerkuhn: that would be me, good intentions and I forget if it is not in my face daily!!
  • matt montagne: goota go. GREAT format for the new show by the way-looking forward to next week's topic!
  • edtechtalk: http://huyz.us/google-plus-me/
  • John: next week? What IS next week's topic? Any suggestions?
  • pgeorge: what is that chrome extension Paul?
  • John: She means firefox, not facebook.
  • pgeorge: for plussing any page...
  • cyndidannerkuhn: Do you think there is much connected learning in schools?
  • pgeorge: interesting oxymoron--intimacy in public :-)
  • pgeorge: but they're already on those other sites Paul
  • pgeorge: I definitely think that will happen Paul--using at they learn in school when they're connecting outside of school
  • cyndidannerkuhn: Sparks, not familiar, what is the URL
  • pgeorge: that was such a cool schol tour with Monika!
  • pgeorge: http://www.techtin.com/google/what-is-google-plus-sparks/
  • cyndidannerkuhn: have just dabbled a little bit, but trying to learn!!
  • pgeorge: I'm still using everything too but hoping to eventually consolidate it all somehow
  • pgeorge: I personally prefer google + but not practical until more of my friends/family start using it
  • JenM: @Peggy ... all good points
  • JenM: esp ... going where you contacts are networking
  • pgeorge: that's really important!
  • edtechtalk: still working on my Change11 page http://jefflebow.net/change11
  • JenM: http://bigbluebutton.org/
  • pgeorge: the kickoff session for COOLCast was really great!
  • pgeorge: yes!!! COOLCast
  • pgeorge: Monika is leading some awesome discussion on TTT :-)
  • pgeorge: she's trying to stream without lights/power :-)
  • pgeorge: Paul is the streamer
  • pgeorge: absolutely true about Paul!!!
  • pgeorge: how exciting!! a moosehunt story!!
  • pgeorge: thanks all for a great conversation!
  • pgeorge: maybe it could be a community meeting??? :-)
  • CathyE: I really need to talk about iPads
  • pgeorge: funny!! flat things you can do text stuff on--next week's topic :-)
  • wayupnorth: checking if this will work
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