EdTechTalk#55 - A Discussion about Communities with Nancy White

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July 20, 2006
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We had a fantastic interview with Nancy White this afternoon. We talked about online collaboration, the difference between blogging and elgging, and discussed various ways to address and deal with online collaborations. If you are currently collaborating online or plan to, Nancy's perspective is a must-hear.

Key Nancy White links
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Link for Paper on Networks

During the interview with Nancy, she made reference to paper which talked about what made a good network and who were the people that made up that network, such as Facilitators, Investors, and community builders, and how the network could amplify or act as a filter. I think, if i remmber correctly, she posted the link in the chatroom. Any cance the link could be posted here?




Fantastic podcast. I would rarely slog through an hour of ANY podcast, but this one kept my attention throughout. I love Nancy's perspective on these issues -- very practical and smart. Too often we lapse into the theoretical in these discussions, but she's obviously living it.

thanks Jeremy

Interviewing people like Nancy is one of the things that makes working on edtechtalk so much fun. Thanks for the kind words... Your comments about the length of the podcast brings up an issue we've discussed frequently. Is there a way of cutting up the podcasts that would make it easier for you to listen to them? We've thought and talked about it, but have never come up with an efficient way of doing it that won't take hours of editing.

cheers. dave.