Making Connections #6 - 5/15/07

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We connected with a very small group tonight, but that did not stop us from sharing some great sites.  During the past week we had 4th graders experimenting with diigo and 3rd graders creating internet safety comics with Comic Maker.

Here are a few examples:


We are pleased to report that Maggie Tsai, co-founder of diigo has agreed to meet us here next week to give us a tour of diigo and field our questions. 

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for your email.  Glad to hear Diigo is being discovered by educators.  Thought you might be interested to know:  Diigo was founded by a former EECS professor at UC Berkeley.  Obviously, we are quite interested in seeing Diigo being made into good use, and especially in the educational community :)……..


Maggie Tsai


We will look forward to Maggie’s visit. 

A few other links we referenced:   International Reading Association

I will encourage folks to take advantage of the WebHeads in Action Online Convergence beginning Friday May 18th.

iPods in school -