Making Connections #9 (6-5-07)

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Mindmeister was our tool of choice for the June 5th show.  We had a great group playing together in our virtual playground.  Here is the link to our Making Connections Map.  Go ahead and sign-up for Mindmeister and we will send you an invite to join us. 

Thanks to Lisa Durff for posting the audio for this show.  MC #9 

 I totally botched the audio portion of the show Tuesday night.  My computer crashed at the end of the show and I lost the audio file.  So to compensate I have tried to recap the highlights of the show and share what we learned.  This screencast was created in Wink, a free download.  Leave a comment to let us know how to invite you to join the map.


Chat from the live show:

18:57:01 CathyE
18:57:18 CathyE  Click this link then click Join this skypecast
19:00:59 CathyE
19:02:04 CathyE
19:02:28 JenMad  multitasking, so I think I'll start out listening to stream ...
19:02:43 Durff  ok, i better get with it
19:02:51 Durff  yup
19:03:17 JenMad  jose can't make up his mind :)
19:03:20 CathyE
19:03:24 JenMad  in / out / in / out :)
19:04:04 heinrichka  HI Rendy!
19:06:14 JenMad  OK if I twitter the show under the ETT login?
19:06:22 CathyE  yep
19:06:50 CathyE
19:09:58 JenMad  Please join us at "Making Connections" starting now on - trying out -collaborative mindmapping.
19:10:13 JenMad  twittered to 88 of our closest friends :)
19:17:17 JenMad  I'm in MindMeister ... I'm skype iuistjen
19:17:19 CathyE
19:18:00 JenMad  Can't "talk", but I am listening ... and heading into MM
19:18:32 CathyE  ok
19:22:06 CathyE
19:22:13 CathyE
19:22:44 CathyE
19:23:45 CathyE  Jose- give me your email here
19:23:55 CathyE  got it
19:29:40 CathyE  hello melissa
19:31:39 CathyE
19:32:52 CathyE  melissa- give me your email address
19:34:42 CathyE
19:36:03 JenMad  I can get in by clicking on
19:45:29 JenMad  HEY GUYS!!!
19:50:01 JenMad  Very fun!!
19:50:40 JenMad  A pop up box should come up to "save to disk" (grey box)
19:51:24 JenMad  No thank YOU!
19:51:25 JenMad  :)
19:52:36 JenMad  try to "cut and paste" a URL and it creates a hyperlink ... cool!
19:52:48 JenMad  clickable hyperlink (I mean)
19:59:59 CathyE  <a href="">New Map</a>
20:01:37 JenMad  I can't get into that one
20:01:59 JenMad  won't let me edit ... but I see it ...
20:04:47 CathyE
20:07:08 JenMad  Yeah!!! Yeah!!! Thank you for letting me multitask during the show ... how rude, huh? ;)
20:07:51 CathyE  thanks Jen- we needed you



nothing was left out, it was an excellent review.  But the audio and video of the screencast was sketchy and unrecognizable at times.

Sketchy audio and video

You are correct about the sketchy parts - since the playback was ok before the upload, it must be the connectivity with my server.  



I thought it was very informative. I may have the audio in Pamela....6/5? Should I bother, since you have covered the bases? 


Thanks for the offer, but I say we just mark this one as another lesson learned about the trials of webcasting.