It's Elementary #3 Podcasts - Just Listen to Me!

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We had a very information packed discussion full of insights and suggestions with our guest, Wes Fryer. Our show included discussion of the following:

  1. We discussed what podcasting is and why you would want to podcast.
  2. Examples from each of our classrooms (Kinder on up) of podcasting and our insights from that experience.
  3. Wesley then shared resources on podcasting.
  4. We then opened up a round table discussion.

Wes made his own podcast of the show, and has show notes on his blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity.

Other resources from the show:

  • Our show outline can be viewed here
  • Our Diigo links which include more podcasting resources than we could cover in a 30 minute show. Check them out if you'd like more information.

Our next show will be on Monday August 27 at 4 p.m. PDT/6 p.m. CDT/8 p.m. EDT, on the subject of essentials for Web 2.0 in the elementary classroom with our guest, Christopher Shively, from On the Trails to Teaching and Learning. Join us then, at!

Chat Log Below




07:07:45 PM Paul Harrington: It's kinda quiet in here tonight !

07:10:03 PM Wfryer: hi paul! skype is giving us some issues.... we're going to start talking soon!

07:10:25 PM Paul Harrington: np

07:10:54 PM maria: hi paul

07:10:57 PM maria: welcome wes

07:11:07 PM wfryer: hello maria!

07:12:07 PM Paul Harrington: hi maria

07:12:14 PM Paul Harrington: hi wes

07:12:30 PM maria: staying up late again

07:12:59 PM Alice Mercer: Hi everybody!

07:13:10 PM Paul Harrington:Yup-Durff mentioned this webcast the other day - thought I'd listen in :)

07:13:12 PM Alice Mercer: Our links are in Diigo at:

07:13:37 PM Alice Mercer: Tonight our topic is Podcasting: Just Listen to Me.

07:13:40 PM Alice Mercer: Hi Gail!

07:13:47 PM gail desler: Hi Alice

07:13:52 PM Alice Mercer: Our guest Wes Fryer

07:14:28 PM maria:

07:14:37 PM maria: welcome gail

07:15:41 PM gail desler: Thanks maria

07:16:43 PM JoseR: Hi folks sorry for the drama

07:16:47 PM JoseR: how is the stream?

07:16:59 PM Paul Harrington: Jane Nicholls (ICTUCAN) has done research on pupils oralliteracy using podcasting

07:17:10 PM gail desler: Good on my end, Jose

07:17:22 PM maria: do you have a link Paul?

07:17:25 PM Paul Harrington: Jose stream ok here in UK :)

07:17:31 PM Durff: paul i want that link of jane's

07:17:36 PM JoseR: great thanks

07:17:49 PM JoseR: did anyone twitter our event

07:18:18 PM Paul Harrington: also podcast at

07:18:28 PM maria: thanks Paul

07:18:32 PM Jason Hando: Hi kids

07:18:35 PM JoseR: Hi jason

07:18:36 PM Paul Harrington: Hi Jason

07:18:39 PM maria: Hey there Jason

07:18:45 PM JoseR : stream on ETT A

07:19:03 PM Jason Hando: Is that Wes Fryer I hear - that southern accent is a giveaway!

07:19:15 PM JoseR: yep

07:19:32 PM Durff: yes jason

07:19:34 PM JoseR: unless I go into my ranchero accent

07:19:43 PM Durff: better not

07:19:51 PM Paul Harrington: he he

07:20:13 PM Jason Hando: ranchero - never heard that b4 on US TV!

07:20:20 PM Paul Harrington: Podcasting is powerful for making connections as well

07:20:47 PM Alice Mercer:

07:21:01 PM maria: listening to your podcasts just helped my kids realize what happens inother places in the world

07:21:13 PM Paul Harrington: Hear hear Durff - all learners :)

07:21:42 PM Paul Harrington: Hi Lisa :)

07:21:46 PM maria: Hello Lisa

07:22:05 PM Durff: hi

07:22:11 PM LisaParisi: Hi Sorry I'm late..still working on timezone issues

07:22:17 PM Durff: oh parisis hhi

07:22:31 PM Paul Harrington: Time Zones argghh!

07:22:36 PM Durff: jose is too

07:24:14 PM Paul Harrington: The kids love having a real audience and getting feedback

07:24:27 PM maria:

07:24:33 PM gail desler: Can you monitor yak pack comments?

07:24:45 PM JoseR: monitor as in delete?

07:24:49 PM Alice Mercer:

07:24:50 PM maria: there are different packages in yack pack

07:24:51 PM wfryer: i don't think there is a way to moderate yackpack comments

07:24:55 PM Paul Harrington: Only problem with Yak is you don't know who is online

07:24:59 PM JoseR: I am not sure how they are recorded

07:25:03 PM gail desler: monitor as in approve

07:25:05 PM Alice Mercer:

07:25:12 PM JoseR: probably not

07:25:13 PM gail desler: or if necessary, delete

07:25:15 PM maria: you can use the walkie talkie or set up a group that records the messages

07:26:23 PM maria:

07:26:46 PM Paul Harrington: I didn't put Yak on because of this - no control

07:27:21 PM maria: setting up a group is great

07:27:33 PM Jason Hando: Skype-gremlins again

07:27:37 PM Paul Harrington: thanks for that Wes :0

07:27:38 PM maria: we get the recorded messages and then send one back to the class

07:27:43 PM Durff: chase them!

07:27:52 PM Jason Hando: we need ghostbusters in here

07:28:17 PM Alice Mercer: Yeah, I listened to NPR All Songs Considered and they had a guest in on Skype and the sound quality was much better than I've experienced

07:29:07 PM Jason Hando: I read an article about setting up skype to have better quality - must dig it out

07:29:08 PM maria:

07:29:13 PM JoseR:

07:29:19 PM gail desler: I love voicetrhead!

07:29:25 PM Paul Harrington: voicethread is real cool

07:29:27 PM maria: me too

07:29:31 PM LisaParisi: who twittered a podcast like that today? I saw that

07:29:38 PM maria: want to use it more this year

07:31:03 PM Paul Harrington: You can also use voki for anonymity !!!

07:31:22 PM maria:

07:31:34 PM maria ->: Jose's podcast

07:32:18 PM JoseR ->: audio check how is the stream?

07:32:36 PM Jason Hando: Gotta run to class - catch u all later!

07:33:38 PM LisaParisi: stream sounds good to me

07:33:55 PM Durff: thanks

07:34:03 PM Paul Harrington: ok here

07:34:09 PM JoseR: back

07:34:36 PM Durff: you left?

07:34:37 PM wfryer: these are my podcasting links:

07:34:47 PM Paul Harrington: iPod great for recording portable content

07:34:50 PM maria: thanks wes

07:35:32 PM wfryer: under classroom examples see #3 j for "rock our world" mother's day podcasts

07:35:36 PM LisaParisi: just got olympus handheld digital recorder...used it to record guest speaker and student questions to speaker

07:36:00 PM maria: record podcasts with your cell phone

07:36:02 PM JoseR:

07:36:11 PM maria:

07:36:19 PM LisaParisi: also got a snowball mic for group discussions but haven't tried it yet

07:36:37 PM maria: lots of links on our diigo

07:36:46 PM Paul Harrington: You can use this with voicethread for digital story telling

07:36:53 PM gail desler: Anybody have a tutorial for gcast?

07:37:22 PM maria:

07:37:22 PM gail desler: Hi Joyce

07:37:32 PM maria: digo links for this show

07:37:44 PM Paul Harrington: Hey Durff 3 yey thanks Wes :)

07:38:02 PM Durff: aarrgg

07:38:24 PM gail desler: Great discusssion. Great links. Thanks!

07:38:28 PM Paul Harrington: (Clap) Durff

07:39:07 PM gail desler: Hi Joyce

07:39:09 PM JoseR : Maria you audio is a bit choppy

07:39:19 PM JoseR: streaming on ETT A

07:39:24 PM joycevalenza: Hi all. looks like I am late again

07:39:24 PM LisaParisi : losing audio from all

07:39:36 PM maria: I'll stick with text!

07:39:42 PM gail desler: Audio is breaking up on my end

07:39:51 PM Alice Mercer: Thanks Gail.

07:39:57 PM maria: :?

07:40:02 PM Paul Harrington: I think the tide is going out losing audio

07:40:08 PM LisaParisi: lost audio completely

07:40:13 PM Alice Mercer: Yep...

07:40:19 PM maria: oh no

07:40:22 PM Paul Harrington: can still hear you Jose :)

07:40:52 PM Durff: hi jen

07:41:04 PM Alice Mercer: Sound up again?

07:41:07 PM LisaParisi: thanks jose

07:41:29 PM gail desler: Yep.

07:41:34 PM JenMad: Hi! Sound up, again!

07:41:46 PM JoseR: ok

07:41:54 PM JoseR: stream check ETT A

07:42:01 PM LisaParisi: meaningful learning

07:42:06 PM Paul Harrington: Can here you across the pond :)

07:42:08 PM JenMad: I'm listening to ETT A

07:42:29 PM Paul Harrington: Tools are incidental - means to an end

07:42:59 PM LisaParisi: I love my olympus digital voice recorder...

07:43:10 PM LisaParisi: it has a usb plug in

07:43:22 PM mrichme: I like my Edirol.

07:43:23 PM Paul Harrington: Very cheap recordable mp3's work - quality not perfect though (Logic)

07:43:23 PM Alice Mercer: I wish I had something that nice, I'm trying to upgrade.

07:44:05 PM Paul Harrington: Wes I like the idea of a kit for digital learning :)

07:44:24 PM Alice Mercer: Better sound?

07:44:33 PM maria: you can also use the Nano with tune talk mic

07:44:37 PM mrichme: Bob Sprankle has had luck using iPod minis with his students

07:44:38 PM LisaParisi: the olympus is also very small

07:44:43 PM LisaParisi: it records in mp3

07:44:48 PM JenMad : here is a mobile recording suggestion from Robin G.

07:45:12 PM Paul Harrington: Some people in UK favour iRiver - good quality

07:45:23 PM maria: Thanks Jen

07:45:24 PM JoseR: same here

07:45:28 PM maria: and Robin

07:45:37 PM Durff: Lisa can we call you?

07:45:56 PM LisaParisi: sure

07:46:25 PM mrichme: Have people had luck using gCast?

07:46:43 PM LisaParisi: i used gcast for our podcasts

07:46:43 PM Durff: ok

07:46:53 PM LisaParisi: didn't love it...had issues

07:47:00 PM maria:

07:49:06 PM DS: Hi all, sorry to be so late

07:49:14 PM Paul Harrington: You should see how sacred they are in the UK Wes :)

07:49:15 PM Jason Hando: as teachers we need to explain that "create" is highest on blooms taxonomy - a convincing argument for user created content

07:49:20 PM Durff: hi doug

07:49:20 PM maria: Hi Doug - thanks for coming

07:49:27 PM DS: almost missed it, I'll have to get a late slip ;)

07:49:28 PM LisaParisi: interesting...we don't block because the blockers don't know about these tools

07:49:34 PM LisaParisi: don't know to block them

07:50:54 PM Paul Harrington: We have to spread the word to other teachers in our own schools and to parents.

07:51:04 PM maria: yes yes

07:51:10 PM Jason Hando: true Paul, they need lots of examples

07:52:15 PM Paul Harrington: The skills of the pupils goes far beyond what is required for my kids at age 8 - by learning how to podcast.

07:52:37 PM LisaParisi: my students aren't "required" to learn any tech skills

07:53:01 PM Paul Harrington: Noda !!!!

07:53:03 PM maria : Hi tracy - welcome to the chat

07:53:20 PM JoseR: any questions from the chat room.

07:53:27 PM Tracy: Hello! I'm finally here

07:53:51 PM Paul Harrington: Durff you are a good node :) worth many lobsters :)

07:54:05 PM Paul Harrington: he he

07:54:09 PM Durff: thanks

07:54:13 PM maria :

07:54:17 PM Paul Harrington: he he

07:54:19 PM Durff ->: have a lobster

07:54:59 PM LisaParisi: that's how we did our first podcasts!

07:55:16 PM LisaParisi: just recorded mp3 files on the computer with the computer mic

07:55:52 PM Paul Harrington: 1am !!!

07:56:24 PM LisaParisi: great show!

07:56:29 PM LisaParisi: great topic!

07:56:42 PM Paul Harrington: 3 weeks left yay

07:56:44 PM Cathy N in SC: where is the stream

07:56:47 PM gail desler: Good night all.

07:56:56 PM Paul Harrington: Thanks a whole bunch Wes

07:57:03 PM Paul Harrington: and the gang

07:57:28 PM maria : Thanks to our wonderful chat room community!

07:58:33 PM Alice Mercer: Hey all

07:58:46 PM LisaParisi: hey alice

07:58:54 PM JoseR: We are still streaming anyone available for skype?

07:58:54 PM Alice Mercer: Sorry for sudden crop of call

07:59:02 PM Alice Mercer: Lisa?

07:59:03 PM LisaParisi: Jose I love listening to you

07:59:12 PM JoseR ->: JenMad

07:59:18 PM LisaParisi ->: sure alice

07:59:19 PM Paul Harrington: Thanks Jose :)

07:59:30 PM LisaParisi: call me in jose

08:01:41 PM JenMad: I'm just listening in tonight as I don't have my mic set up tonight! Sorry!

08:02:17 PM maria: good all - company is here

08:02:32 PM maria: Jose - you are so calm

08:02:55 PM Alice Mercer: Hi, is that Doug?

08:02:58 PM Alice Mercer: Doug?

08:03:48 PM JoseR: join us alice

08:03:54 PM Alice Mercer: I can't NO audio

08:03:59 PM Alice Mercer : No mic

08:04:03 PM JoseR: ok

08:04:27 PM LisaParisi: who's talking with jose?

08:04:30 PM Alice Mercer: Hey Doug will be happy to hear that in a survey at tech training today, they asked if we tried to use VR systems for teaching.

08:04:40 PM JoseR: doug

08:04:48 PM Alice Mercer: LIKE WE COULD CAUSE IT'S BLOCKED, but nice that they asked, lol

08:04:56 PM LisaParisi: LOL

08:05:15 PM Alice Mercer: The people designing the survey at least are thinking about it. Whether the admins are???

08:09:53 PM LisaParisi: bye Jose

08:09:59 PM Alice Mercer: Thanks Jose for carrying on.

08:10:07 PM Alice Mercer: I think she was nervous

08:10:22 PM JenMad: Nice job, folks!!!

08:14:51 PM DS: yes, well done ttys