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i'm sure all of you have gotten that email about the new Uboost site that's affiliated with weekly reader. I signed my class up for it and it's pretty neat and very easy to use. It's a free trial so I thought it would be good thing to try out. My elementary students are doing Current events and Current science off the uboost site and they seem to be enjoying it.  They read the weekly reader online, take a quiz and can get cool prizes from the points that they get.  As a teacher, you can see how each student is doing and what areas of the readings they need help on.  It's seems to be a really great site so check it out, www.uboost.com and take advantage of the free trial. come back here and then we can chat about uboost!

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i was on another teacher forum site and someone else was posting about uboost too.  I think the program is really neat, i've never seen my daughter so happy about science.  Her teacher recently signed their class up and all she talks about it taking the quizzes to earn points and using that to buy all sorts of coupons and also virtual characters to put in her virtual room.  It's really neat because the class doesn't have to do current science, but can do current events, news, and reading, from what i hear.  The teacher even allows them to access it from home, as long as they have their account information. 
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