Portable MP3 Recording devices

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I have recently been trying out the Philips Voice Tracer 7880 mp3 recorder and am very impressed with it.

It could be an alternative to the iRiver recorders that were so popular with podcasters before, but now do not feature line ins or work well with Macs.

Details of the machine

It has a built-in mic and speaker (good enough for playback in class) and 2 different sensitities of microphone. You can also select super-high quality, high quality, or 3 other lower audio qualities.

It records directly to mp3 and functions as a flash drive without any need to install any additional software (although it does come with this software if you want it). It also works just as well on a Mac as it does on a PC, and has a line in.

What more can you ask for?

Sansa 2.0 Gig

Sansa 2.0 Gig mp3...  I use it as yet, but want somthing new 


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I found the same success with Olympus

I found the same success when I used a Olympus WS 321 voice recorder/mp3. For details -  Olympus. I used it as both stand alone on a table or with an external tie clip microphone for a workshop.  

The Olympus can be used on both the Mac and PC


best quality audio

I would be interested in hearing the group's recommendations for MP3 portable small audio recording devices that reproduce the highest quality sound and upload to a streaming service without a minimum learning curve.  How's that for a long sentence? 

mp3 recorders

Have you tried looking up the Coby mp-c341 mini boombox? It's sold at Amazon.com.  There are user's reviews posted on it, some good and some bad. It can make recordings without the use of a PC. I tried to order one but it got lost in delivery so I gave up on it.

Duo Platform is Cool

I've been using a Sansa 2.0 Gig mp3 player with internal mic. I was looking for good price and easy to use.  Quality has not been as important when recording podcasts.  Those imperfect background noises make the podcast more authentic.  I bought mine for $40 on special.  It goes for about $60. I haven't tried it on Mac. 

More Info

The price

I've used a variety of MP3

I've used a variety of MP3 players with built-in mics. The sound quality isn't as good, but you can hear it on the Discussion and the early weekly podcasts here: http://nicholasfifth.edublogs.org/

Zen Micro - A pocket sized option

I love my Zen Micro for that purpose. The built in mic, MP3 recording, good audio quality and long recording time make it a nice solution. That and the fact it's small enough to fit in an Altoids tin!

Here are some other possiblilites