SEEDlings 2008-10-9

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We speak with Liz Kolb and her innovative ways of using cell phones in the classroom. There are loads of links in this show! 

Links from the show:

Chat Transcript

cheryloakes ->   Welcome we are getting ready.

PeggyG ->   Yeah! audio is coming through the stream :-) Hi all!

Lorenchuk ->   I don't have audio yet.

"cheryloakes ->   hello Lorenchuk PeggyG Welcome, thanks for the audio check."

PeggyG ->   I'm listening on ETT-A through iTunes

cheryloakes ->   Lorenchuk please go to the ETTA and click on your choice of stream.

Lorenchuk ->   ok

PeggyG ->   Yes! I'm a huge fan!!!

PeggyG ->   Really looking forward to hearing from Liz Kolb! Can't wait to get her book!

bobsprankle ->   hello all!

PeggyG ->   audio is really good today! Great job!

alicebarr ->   can you hear us?

PeggyG ->   yes I can hear everyone I think

mrsdurff ->   hi everyone and goiing for coffee refill

PeggyG ->   not hearing any echo on the stream

lorenchuk ->   Hello Cheryl

"cheryloakes ->   Welcome, my chat crashed."

alicebarr ->   Thanks Peggy!

"KarenJan ->   Hi, Everyone!"

PeggyG ->   Really miss those beautiful fall colors--still summer in Phoenix AZ :-)

cheryloakes ->   Evening KarenJan! Welcome to all in the chat.

alicebarr ->   Hi Karen!

"cheryloakes ->   Hi Durff, I got online with Cathy Evanoff for a bit later in the afternoon."

"KarenJan ->   Hi, Cheryl and Alice, and everyone else!"

"cheryloakes ->   I saw too that Steve is here, no baseball tonight?"

cheryloakes ->   Evening Sue!

Sue Waters ->   Hi Cheryl

cheryloakes ->   Welcome to Liz Kolb tonight

stevesoko ->   game coming on in a bit - multi tasking

cheryloakes ->   Glad you are here Steve.

mrsdurff ->   hi cheryl - was fetching coffee

PeggyG ->   I got to hear Liz's interview with Toni Twiss from New Zealand and it was awesome!

mrsdurff ->   hi lori

cheryloakes ->   What kind of coffee Durff?

lori collins ->   Hi!

PeggyG ->

mrsdurff ->   Starbucks decaf Verona

bobsprankle ->

"cheryloakes ->   Hello Lori, welcome tonight, we have Liz Kolb.  PeggyG thanks for the links."

bobsprankle ->   that's liz' presentation

"cheryloakes ->   Yummy, coffee, I can almost smell it."

mrsdurff ->   :)

PeggyG ->   that's really funny! most laborious??? :-)

KarenJan ->   but the presentation was incredible!

mrsdurff ->   hesitate not Liz

KarenJan ->   what has Liz added that especially helps high school kids with executive function issues

mrsdurff ->   i love jott!

KarenJan ->   are you paying for it now?

mrsdurff ->   emails or reminders txt you

mrsdurff ->   i pay for no software

PeggyG ->  Liz's blog is loaded with tools and strategies for using cell phones in learning :-)

KarenJan ->   was it miguel who said digital residents and digital travelers?

mrsdurff ->   used polleverywhere?

mrsdurff ->   Gabcast!

mrsdurff ->   but they DO the homework if they bring the cellphones

mrsdurff ->   so i break the rules

PeggyG ->   I really liked Liz's latest blog post about using cell phones as assistive technologies. It was loaded with resources.

KarenJan ->   @peggyg - whats the link?

PeggyG ->'s her blog-post was Oct. 1

PeggyG ->   dropio sounds wonderful! I've never used it.

stevesoko ->   @Liz - do you find that the current cost of US cell phone data plans  create digital $$$ divides? Lots of cheap stuff you can do but eventually if we go for the ability use web via phone is $$$. Even text and SMS can be $$$

mrsdurff ->   evoca?

KarenJan ->   Thanks for the link @peggyg

mrsdurff ->   hi scott

Scott Shelhart ->   HEllo Lisa

PeggyG ->   that is amazing that you can listen to radio shows and pick up where you left off! I have to try it!

lorenchuk ->   What do your kids podcast each week?

mrsdurff ->   so is she giving a class?

cheryloakes ->   Hello to all who have entered the room while I was at delicious

"cheryloakes ->   Scott, welcome. Durff, I will ask about evoca"

lorenchuk ->   That last audio was very hard to hear

PeggyG ->   yes Alice was very soft...

"lorenchuk ->   Thank you, wondering about my own system"

mrsdurff ->   i do - unlimited txt msgng

mrsdurff ->   students txt or IM

bobsprankle ->   hey  ernie!

mrsdurff ->   i am more comfortable with txt or IM too

mrsdurff ->   if just those tiny keyboards were bigger...........…

stevesoko ->   Ulimited text - just give up the battle and let them have it. I pay for phone but make Ms17 and Ms23 pay fo their text msg cost

mrsdurff ->   hi ernie

cheryloakes ->   Hi Ernie.

ErnieEaster ->   Hi - just got in - now to connect the audio part

mrsdurff ->   click the black icon ernie

mrsdurff ->   hi cathy

"cheryloakes ->   Hi CathyE, welcome."

cheryloakes ->   Welcome back Ernie.

Cathy E ->   This network is the BEST!

mrsdurff ->   hi again ernie

cheryloakes ->   Ernie is our teacher of the year in Maine! Go Ernie.

ErnieEaster ->   I keep getting kicked out everytime I try to connect to the audio stream???

mrsdurff ->   url for geo graffitti?

stevesoko ->   I do think that at HS for kids sometimes the phone you have and teh plan you have = status. Ulimited text plans vs limited per month plans vs pay as you go is a social statement

Cathy E ->   Yea- Ernie

mrsdurff ->   ernie trry the blue icon

cheryloakes ->

mrsdurff ->   it is stev

Cathy E ->   Earnie- do the audio first

Cathy E ->   then the chat

mrsdurff ->   i know kids who still have tracphones

mrsdurff ->   hi paul

"cheryloakes ->   good point Steve, yes, texting is a status piece of the social network"

PeggyG ->   Wow Ernie! Congratulations! That is awesome!

cheryloakes ->   We always get back to the learning conversation.

paulrwood ->   Hey Durff

cheryloakes ->   evening Maureen/bcdtech

"cheryloakes ->   Hello Paulrwood, welcome"

mrsdurff ->   hey maureen

paulrwood ->   Hello Cheryl

ErnieEaster ->   Thanks - all for doing something right. Did you hear the story Cheryl?

Maureen/bcdtech ->   Hello everyone!

"KarenJan ->   Hey, Paul and Maureen!"

"mrsdurff ->   which one of us views learning as in one place, time?"

cheryloakes ->   No what story Ernie?

paulrwood ->   Hello Karen

cheryloakes ->   Learning is all the time isn't it.

mrsdurff ->   ooo! chacha!!

mrsdurff ->   used that with seniors in high school

KarenJan ->   anyone using Evernote with their iPhones?

bobsprankle ->   me! love it!

PeggyG ->   chacha is amazing-heard a podcast last week that highlighted it and I didn't think of all of those things you could use it for with students.

"lorenchuk ->   Yes, but just a little, have you used it much?"

paulrwood ->   @karenJan I havent  used it on my phone

"KarenJan ->   @bob - would love a tutorial on the best ways to use it, for me and for students"

KarenJan ->   seems to be something that I need to explore further

PeggyG ->   say more about evernote

mrsdurff ->   digital nomads

mrsdurff ->   not chained to any certain place or time

KarenJan ->   @peggy - there's an online version and an iPhone version

Maureen/bcdtech ->   Oh-oh and me with no cell phone or access.

mrsdurff ->   makes one wonder why schools persist

"ErnieEaster ->   As you know Vicki nominated me after we got to know each other because I asked her if I could use her cute dog & cat photo with the cat saying ""I said I like blogs"" In a presentation I put together about Web 2.0 tools."

PeggyG ->   Thanks Karen!

"cheryloakes ->   I like that Durff, digital  nomads, no time constraints."

"cheryloakes ->   That is a great story, you should blog that!! Ernie."

mrsdurff ->   cheryl - not mine - read it somewhere

mrsdurff ->   have no idea where

"KarenJan ->   i find i'm much more willing to explore the tools than my own kids - 18, 19 and 24 - they seem set in their ways with how they use the technology"

Maureen/bcdtech ->   My 24 and 26 yr olds use text and rarely use email- but nothing else

mrsdurff ->   could we get rid of waiting lines at customs too?

"PeggyG ->   @Ernie--another awesome example of the flat world, huh? what a great story!"

"cheryloakes ->   Karen, I agree, my kids toos."

alicebarr ->   @KarenJan I see that with some of the students in my school

lorenchuk ->   @KarenJan I would agree but I think being in education helps us explore

mrsdurff ->   Peggy - the world is NOT flat - it is wrinkled

ErnieEaster ->   You'll hear the story as part of my 5 minutes at ACTEM

"cheryloakes ->   Okay, Ernie!!"

"Maureen/bcdtech ->   @Alice I see reluctance from my 9th graders- they don't want to have scribes, don't really want to use google docs...weird"

ErnieEaster ->   Apparently Vicki and the music teacher at my school are collaborating with some type of video for the intro - my students writing part of the script???

mrsdurff ->   and if one doesn't have a camera phone?

Scott Shelhart ->   what is the link?

"cheryloakes ->   We are seeing tht too Maureen,  where kids want to keep the technology to themselves."

KarenJan ->   I think it speaks to the importance of us modeling for students our commitment to life long learning

PeggyG ->   every time I hear Liz talk I just keep saying-oh wow!! what amazing resources!

bobsprankle ->   def!

"cheryloakes ->   Peggy, I can't even ask a question I am so in awe."

stevesoko ->   wow -- drop those links about QR codes folks!

bobsprankle ->

alicebarr ->   @Maureen very strange!

bobsprankle ->

KarenJan ->   there's a youtube video of a 2 yo demonstrating how to use an iPhone - have you seen it?

stevesoko ->   Thanks Bob!

"cheryloakes ->   yes, that is a cute one."

PeggyG ->   what age does Liz thing students should have their own cell phones??

PeggyG ->   I saw that 2 yr old demo of iPhone--I couldn't believe it!!

mrsdurff ->   not allow cellphones? we don't either - I break the rules

bobsprankle ->

bobsprankle ->

PeggyG ->   that's a great example of how much you can do with just one cell phone!

bobsprankle ->

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->   Liz's blog

PeggyG ->   can students share cell phones to use polleverywhere in the classroom?

ErnieEaster ->   Still trying to connect to the audio - next time perhaps.  For now chat for me.

"cheryloakes ->   Ernie, open another page, and try for the audio."

cheryloakes ->   Welcome thanporter

cheryloakes -> Liz's blog

lorenchuk ->   I would still like to know what her students podcast each week.  What topic or theme?

PeggyG ->   that's a good answer Liz about the age to introduce cell phones

ErnieEaster ->   With the iBook - open in iTunes?

"cheryloakes ->   Will send that again, Lorenchuck"

cheryloakes ->   did you check with her blog

"lorenchuk ->   Thank you, no I haven't done that yet"

KarenJan ->   how old is LIz's daughter?

"cheryloakes ->   sure Ernie, that should do it"

lorenchuk ->   @earnieeaster that is how I got it to load

thanporter ->   Yes get them to see it as something other than a social toy!

cheryloakes ->   thanks Loren for helping out.

cheryloakes ->   Right Thanporter

"KarenJan ->   wow, keeps dropping"

cheryloakes ->   I hear a little drop too.

thanporter ->   I don't have one. What am I missing. I am older than 11.

mrsdurff ->   average age is 9 yrs old at our school

KarenJan ->   it's a toy to an 18 month old!

bobsprankle ->

stevesoko ->   @karets a toy to a 54 year oldnjan i

lorenchuk ->   I can't wait to check her blog out.  I want to do blogs with my students

ErnieEaster ->   It wants to load ???

KarenJan ->   anyone try using a cell phone to comment on a VT?

cheryloakes ->   It should ask for a plist to open in it unes.

stevesoko ->   Sorry - touchpad on new Asus 1000h is a big mystery

"cheryloakes ->   Karen, I tried it in a workshop. It worked."

"lorenchuk ->   @Ernie, it was just a playlist"

"KarenJan ->   @steve - i have that same issue with my sony vaio, i can relate!"

"cheryloakes ->   change is hard for most, but not this group!!!"

Cathy E ->   Ernie - try this and click listen

"KarenJan ->   good question, Bob"

cheryloakes ->   thanks cathy

KarenJan ->   we may see more resistance in the years ahead

thanporter ->   Good question Bob

KarenJan ->   it took 50 years to accept the blackboard!

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->   how long to accept whiteboards

"KarenJan ->   not sure, do u know?"

"cheryloakes ->   it was rhetorical, maybe 3 years?"

ErnieEaster ->   Thanks - it seems to be loading

KarenJan ->   i'm thinking more like 10

paulrwood ->   My students  have permission to use their phone appropriately in class and are always coming up with different ways than me to do that

"cheryloakes ->   3 years for an individual who is reluctant, maybe 12 years for education?"

mrsdurff ->   AMEN!! We don't need those Senteos

"KarenJan ->   @paul, so that's one way your Catholic school is ahead of public schools"

lorenchuk ->   because we can't control where they go - districts fear the loose controls

"bobsprankle ->   so well said, Liz!"

thanporter ->   Yes it is a tool that they are familiar with. Use it!

mrsdurff ->   oh paul that is no fun

mrsdurff ->   much more fun to break rules

paulrwood ->   Well the rules for the rest of school is

"cheryloakes ->   Durff, naughty!"

mrsdurff ->   i am

thanporter ->   I need that education on the potential of the phone.

"cheryloakes ->   thanporter, yes I really feel like I need to listen to this podcast manytimes!"

thanporter ->   That is the beauty of the podcast. we can do that can't we!

"cheryloakes ->   sure thing, this will be a huge download count!"

lorenchuk ->   @ErnieEaster is your audio working?

cheryloakes ->   Geek of the Week

paulrwood ->   I allow my students to talk with others forthe first 20 minutes of an assessment

cheryloakes ->   Here is the delicious links.

thanporter ->   Banning scares me. As does filter blocking. Teach responsbonsibility

cheryloakes ->

paulrwood ->   Brought in laptops fo their finals last year

bobsprankle -> &

thanporter ->   love the geeks

mrsdurff ->   too much to digest

PeggyG ->   lost my chat but not my audio--this has been an amazing conversation!

ErnieEaster ->   Still no audio - I

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->   the podcast will be great to have!

ErnieEaster ->   I'll listen to the pod cast later

mrsdurff ->   revolving door paul?

ErnieEaster ->   Peggy and I need to get together

cheryloakes ->

PeggyG ->   Smile Ernie :-) we do

thanporter ->   Grading on my phone! Wow

mrsdurff ->   no wait alice - you gotta drive

cheryloakes ->

alicebarr ->   @durff Darn!

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->   for our visual learners.

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->   What a great conversation in the chat tonight!!

PeggyG ->   was that or

PeggyG ->   I heard that on our local news last night about the math problems-hilarious!

cheryloakes ->   This show is just great!

cheryloakes ->

PeggyG ->   this has been an incredible show! Thanks Liz & Seedlings!

mrsdurff ->   gtg folks - this has been soooooo soooo much

mrsdurff ->   ciao!

cheryloakes ->   Thanks for all the great comments!

cheryloakes ->   This is the end folks.

bobsprankle ->   thank you liz! thank you all!

lorenchuk ->   thank you - this has been interesting

PeggyG ->   can we access the ACTEM stuff?

PeggyG ->   whole show and Liz didn't mention her book :-)

cheryloakes ->

cheryloakes ->   look for some ustreams and chats

PeggyG ->   thanks for the link! Thank you all!

"cheryloakes ->   Her book, Toys to Tools, connecting , comes out Oct. 15, 2008"

Cathy E ->   ya'll are awesome

cheryloakes ->   Thanks CathyE for helpingand great talking to your students.

PeggyG ->   I preordered my book from ISTE and it said not in stock but I'm sure it will be coming soon. Just like waiting for the Harry Potter books :-)

cheryloakes ->   Thanks Peggy!!! Liz says.

PeggyG ->   night all!

cheryloakes ->   Night! Thanks for being here.


Is there a link to Liz's presentation that can be post on your Delicious site for 2008-10-9

Hi Susan,
I'm not sure which presentation you wanted a link for. Here are two (both were in the chat log but it's not always easy to follow them).
Chris Betcher's blog post with interview and links from conversation with Liz Kolb and Toni Twiss. It is awesome!
The Virtual Classroom Episode 25: Computer in my Pocket

Liz's K12 Online Conference presentation:

Hope that helps.

Hi Peggy, thanks for adding the links to LizKolb.

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