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Lee Baber presented a two-hour workshop on Mapping a Course in New Literacy Skills at the VDOE EdTech Leadership Conference  Participants in the workshop were joined by  Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, Paul Allison, Alex Ragone, Sharon Peters and Brad Hicks. Students learning new literacy skills using mapping and Elggs to find a Personal Learning Space in an online global community, webcasting, drupals, Google docs, wikis, podcasting, social networking, aggregators, and new media were some topics discussed.

Chat Log Below

 new2mac  good evening
 new2mac  am i in the right chat room for the onigoing skypecas
 new2mac  I love apple too :)
 new2mac  iLife06
 new2mac  what is the software prefered for mapping?
 new2mac  nicecast
 new2mac  de_li_ciuos
 Alex Ragone  Sounds great, Lee.
 dave  yo yo Aman.
 Alex Ragone  Hello, Mr. Cormier, Co-Founter of Worldbridges!
 dave  actually... I'm the REAL founder
 dave  And I invented beer.
 dave  It was just a multinational super organization before i got here
 Alex Ragone  ha!
 Alex Ragone  Jeff --- are you ok with that?
 dave  yes he is.
 Alex Ragone  Who do I call to test audio?
 Brad Hicks  Hi Guys
 dave  the delicious lee baber
 dave  that's funny
 dave  funny how language changes
 Brad Hicks  I think we should register that domain name!
 dave  lol
 Brad Hicks  would probably get blocked at most schools but
 Brad Hicks  *)
 Brad Hicks  don't you just love it when you get tech glitches in a presentation?
 Jeff  slideshare = ohp backup
 Brad Hicks  yeah looks very cool, i must have a play with it, does it work with keynote as well as PPT?
 dave  not sure.
 dave  yes. i love the glitches
 Jeff  is Lee's volume Ok for you all?
 Brad Hicks  yes very good here or hear;)
 Brad Hicks  Planning to bring about 20 student teachers into educationbridges in january - going to start a group for them there and hopefully encourage them to get involved in the community
 Brad Hicks  for a summer school class i'll be running
 Brad Hicks  at the local university
 Alex Ragone  Brad -- me to --- I'm doing a pd day on the 18th of Jan -- Maybe we can coordinatoe.
 Alex Ragone  It'll be teachers here in New York.
 Alex Ragone  I feel a international collaboration group coming on.
 Brad Hicks  Unfortunately no access to Skype on our Uni network, but actaully thinking of bringing students to my house to do a webcast
 Brad Hicks  my course runs from 15th to 19th of jan
 Brad Hicks  would be great to see what we can do Alex
 Brad Hicks  BTW for all those with small children, I'm taking my 2 year old daughter to see the Wiggles live in cocert tomorrow!
 Brad Hicks  concert*
 Jeff  hello Debbieh
 Alex Ragone  Here they come --- greetings!
 Brad Hicks  Hello from Bunbury, Western Australia
 lee  hello
 Brad Hicks  get Susan in here too!
 lee  hi susan
 lee  are you in skypecast?
 lee  would you like to introduce yourself afer Dave is finished?
 dave  founding father!
 Alex Ragone  love that!
 Ernie Cox  can anyone share examples of how school librarians/media specialists have collaborated on these projects? or how might they?
 dave  oh. i like that too.
 dave  sure... i've been working very closely on my archival project with local librarians
 dave  and certainly the work done by joyce valenza...
 Ernie Cox  yes, joyce is my professional idol
 Brad Hicks  picturing Jeff with a long beard, tall black hat and a pitch fork!
 dave  she rocks
 dave  we love joyce here.
 dave  too
 Ernie Cox  thanks for the email alex, i started using the mac mini and everything (chat, etc) is working much better
 Alex Ragone  Our Technology Coordinators in new york collaborate here: I'm running my seminar on the 16th -- so may we can post on the
 Alex Ragone  Sorry --- here's that link:
 Alex Ragone
 Alex Ragone  The school computing wiki is a great edtech resource.
 Ernie Cox  i'll take a look
 dave  the master teacher trap
 Sharon Peters  at last my school has unblocked this chat room!
 dave  sharon
 Jeff  did you want to chime in Sharon?
 Sharon Peters  not sure my mic is working - we can try --
 Sharon Peters  am here with about 18 students
 Jeff  OK unmuting now
 Sharon Peters  who are being incredibly well behaved
 Ernie Cox  great question!
 dave  synchronously and in real time. wow.
 dave  :)
 Ernie Cox  nice intercom
 dave  I'd like to address teh teacher uptake issue...
 Ernie Cox  right now i am attempting to introduce tech/info resources to teachers one on one and they are mostly overwhelmed - the school wide look makes better sense to me
 dave  The most important thing to consider for integration is that the technology needs to be responding to a need.
 dave  panic.
 dave  that's my regular response actually. panic.
 Ernie Cox  what if this is a need of the students (in terms of preferred mediums of expression etc) and not that of the teachers?
 Brad Hicks  I can speak to that too Lee
 Sharon Peters  I teach about netiquette first - before taking the students into a social communication space
 Sharon Peters  and take inappropriate comments VERY seriously in terms of handling as quickly as possible and removing the offensive material
 Brad Hicks  My wife started out with commenting just within each class, then had her other classes all comment on each other, then went to outside audience
 dave  thanks worldbridges
 Ernie Cox  good to chat with everyone - looking forward to more!
 Sharon Peters  good point
 Sharon Peters  instructional need drives design and choice of tools used
 Brad Hicks  Thanks Lee - well done
 Ernie Cox  thank you lee
 Ernie Cox  we have just begun a debate elective here, i think it would be great for our students to debate with students outside of our walls, town, state
 Brad Hicks  would be great to set something up next yearon the debating front
 Sharon Peters  Yes - would love that - about debating
 Ernie Cox  i think our debate faculty would be interested -
 Ernie Cox  these are 7th & 8th graders
 Brad Hicks  well our school year is about to finish, will start again start of Feb 2007
 Brad Hicks  you can contact me on [email protected] when you want to set something up for next year
 Brad Hicks  some of our debate students are a bit older 15-17 years old
 Brad Hicks  but sure i could find a teacher interested for lower grades
 Ernie Cox  i'll talk to our teachers and see what the spring plan is - will email w/ f/u
 Ernie Cox  where is your school brad
 Ernie Cox  and sharon
 Ernie Cox  my email [email protected]
 Brad Hicks  Bunbury, Western Australia
 Brad Hicks
 Brad Hicks  my wife is full time, i currently relief teach there when my daughter is in daycare, still at the school quite a bit even though not employed full time
 Brad Hicks  used to teach intercative media and business full time there
 Ernie Cox  what are some of the interactive media you teach? what grades?
 Brad Hicks  again, no full time classes at the moment, only substituting in all areas. Used to teach all levels of high school computing, now have my own consulting business and completing Masters in Ed too, as well as being home dad!
 Brad Hicks  may have some part-time classes next year - still waiting for the school to work out its staffing formula for next year tho
 Brad Hicks  has to fit around my parenting responsibilities
 Sharon Peters  Sorry, was distracted by students
 Brad Hicks  np
 Sharon Peters  Lower Canada College - K-12 school in Montreal -
 Sharon Peters  we have awesome debaters and programme at this school - do you dare to take us on??!!:)
 Sharon Peters  provincial, national and international level winners
 Brad Hicks  I'll have to sign off shortly, taking my 2 year old to our capital city, Perth, tomorrow to see the Wiggles in concert, a 2 hour drive each way.
 Brad Hicks  I will see if the debate teacher is game!
 Sharon Peters  the gauntlet has been dropped!
 Brad Hicks  what is you email sharon/
 Brad Hicks  ?
 Sharon Peters  [email protected]
 Sharon Peters  or [email protected]
 Brad Hicks  will be in touch when school resumes at the start of Feb for us, Bye for now guys
 Sharon Peters  bye - enjoy your summer - I am envious
 Brad Hicks  yes a nice long one - and my wife has long service leave until April too
 Brad Hicks  so a good family summer holiday planned!
 Sharon Peters  end of class folks - take care!
 Brad Hicks  bye
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