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ETBS - Tech Matters Preview / Worldbridges Town Hall Prep

51:23 minutes (23.52 MB)

ETBS - Tech Matters Preview / Worldbridges Town Hall Prep
July 5, 2007

Chat Log Below

EdTechBrainstorm: June 28, 2007

45:02 minutes (20.62 MB)

I'm joined by JL, Jose, Alice and Lisa for an "old school" brainstorm drop-in session.

The "virtual staff lounge" lives up to its name as we catch-up and discuss plans for It's Elementary


EdTechBrainstorm - April 12, 2007

19:21 minutes (8.86 MB)

Here's the first twenty minutes of this week's brainstorm. It starts off with a bit of audio from an interview that Arvind did with Steve Rosenbaum at last week's PodcampNYC.

About 2 minutes in, I'm joined by JL and JenM and we pick up the conversation from last week. Specifically we address the appropriateness of some of the content of last week's show, and feedback it generated.

Ed Tech Brainstorm January 4, 2007

January 04, 2007
Download mp3 (10 min, 4.9 MB)

Thanks to Derek K Miller of for the interview. Derek is an "Editor, Web Guy, Drummer and Dad -- 'and that doesn't really include the day job stuff'..." from Vancouver, B.C. He's also the artist behind the theme song for EdTechBrainstorms -- Camp Walk.

EdTechBrainstorm #58

EdTechBrainstorm #58
November 30, 2006

Download mp3 (40 min, 18.3 MB)

Thanks to Jennifer, Cathy, Lee, Cheryl and Brad for joining me for a special "mountain" edition of EdTechBrainstorm. Notwithstanding some audio "issues" (again!) we had a great conversation about conferences, upcoming shows on the Worldbridges network, and discussed the possibility of a New Year's webcastathon. As always, watch this space for details.

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