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It's Elementary 32, Live from CUE 2009

On this Special Edition of It's Elementary, Jose and Alice report live from the CUE conference  in Sunny Palm Springs California. With over 2500+ participants it is one of the most popular edtech conferences in the United States. Have a listen

Alice and Jose report live from the conference.  We pulled people fron the exhibit hall and got reflections on their conference experience.  CUE began EdubloggerCon West on Wednesday and continued with three full days of 1 hour talks, 3 hour sessions, full day workshops, panel talks, and an Open Source pavillion.  Have a listen as CUE participants share their favorite sessions and impressions.  Enjoy the the show. 


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It’s Elementary #31, Self Directed Learning

Have a listen to the It’s Elementary Team on this international webcast.  We  are joined by Dennis Newsome and Nick Noakes session facilitators for EVOVWLL 2009 and Vance Stevens the original webhead. As we discuss the nuances of self-directed learning and a bunch of other cool stuff, enjoy.


In this international edition of It’s Elementary we are joined by Dennis Newson and Nick Noakes session facilitators for EVOVWLL 2009 and Vance Stevens the original webhead.  We attempted to define what self directed learning is and how it has changed over time. We talked about the importance of learning in a network and building our own Personal Learning Environment (PLE or PLN).  We talked about the structure of the EVO sessions and the role of the facilitators. We evaluated the different tools used in the course such as the wikis, nings and the like. We concluded that it really IS about the people and how we connect in these online spaces. Check out all the great links in the text chat

Ed21 Unconference 2009 Ustream Recordings

Ed21 Unconference 2009

Recorded live on Saturday February 21, 2009 in Cerritos California.

More info at:  ed21online and on ETT Promo


 Ed21 Unconference Part 1

Introduction and Jose Hernandez, Director of School Services, Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District 6



 Ed21 Unconference Part 2

Jose Hernandez continued and Jill Lomheim-Wade, Educator - Hacienda La Puente Unified SD - Teacher of the Year. La Puente High  School - TOY & Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year 08-09




 Ed21 Unconference Part 3

Dr. Daniel Montes, a graduate of Stanford and UCLA medical school, who works as a hospitalist, a hospital-based family physician who
specializes in research

Al Castillo, Director of School Services, Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District 6



Ed21 Unconference Part 4

Ed21 Wrap up and closing remarks. 

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It's Elementary #30, Wikis in Education

Have a listen as the It’s Elementary team interview Jeff Utech from The Thinking Stick. Our topic was Wikis in Education.  A great example of a webcast that almost never was or as Jeff Lebow says “Webcasting can be a very humbling endevour” or as Jennifer Maddrel said in the ETT Show Hosts chat, @jose ... trying to think of the most cheesy catch phrase (think the despair posters)and the best I can come up with ... "It takes the bitterness of the dips to appreciate the sweetness of the peaks"
2/10/09 10:36 AM... or "If webcasting is the intersection of messy and magical ... you were standing in the intersection when the light turned green" ... for some reason that one is REALLY cracking me up ...  Thanks to the Edtechtalk Community for all your support and @everyone and YES the sun will rise again for It's Elementary

JeffUtechtIt’s Elementary interviewed Jeff Utech from the Thinking Stick.  After a roller coaster ride on the Ustream train and some very interesting audio looping :-), we were able to salvage the last 20 minutes of the conversation.  Thanks to all that showed your patience and support during our live show and especially to Jeff Utech for his spirit of collaboration and a great example of an edtech superstar.  Make sure to check out all the great links in the Text Chat 

It's Elementary #29, School Websites

Have a listen as we talk with our guest Silvia Tolisano from langwitches blog.  We discuss the in and outs about school websites.  So, if you have, don't have or just want to find out more about school websites don't miss this exciting program.

Silvia Tolisano
In this edition this edition of It's Elementary we discussed school websites with Silvia Tolisano from langwitches blog.  Silvia shared her experience with school websites. She told about the transition from a static website to her new wordpress format school website. Each teacher has their own blog linked to the school website.  We discussed the options available for your website especially looking at having a walled garden. Have a listen and find out more about building and having a successful school website.  Click on attachment to view Text Chat.


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