2010-03-11 Seedlings with Podcasting Principal Melinda Miller

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All three Seedlings are here with Principal Miller. Principal Miller just returned from Google Teachers Academy for Administrators. Listen in and find out what the difference is for administrators! We have some awesome Geeks of the Week to share with you and the chat room rocks as usual.

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Seedlings # 82 2010-03-04 with Mike Gorman

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Welcome to SEEDLINGS! It seems like we have been on hiatus, but we are back. Well, mostly. Alice Barr was unable to be with us for good reasons. She is being honored as a finalist for Maine Teacher of the Year! An update will follow! Go Alice.

2010-02-05 Seedlings on the Horizon Report

54:10 minutes (24.84 MB)

Alice , Bob and Cheryl had our favorite conversation, the Horizon Report 2010! This is such a good report to provide the vision and checks and balances for our practice. The chat room was rocking too. Thanks for joining us. Let us know what your take is on the Horizon Report.


“Geek of the Week” Links for 2010-02-04

SEEDLINGS 2010-01-21 Strategies for Parent Teacher Conferences

63:01 minutes (28.89 MB)

Join SEEDLINGS as we speak with our guests Karen Abbott from Maine and Bill Rakosnik from Georgia, two veteran teachers who share with us how they prepare for parent teacher conferences, tips to make everyone feel comfortable, ideas on what to do when the conference goes south. The questions from the chat room and the suggestions are must haves for any teacher new to the field and veteran teachers looking to reflect on their practice.

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The audio is a placeholder 2010-01-08.

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