EdTechTalk#68 - K12 Online Conference with Sheryl Nusbaum-Beach & Darren Kuropatwa

A Dicussion about the K12 Online Conference
with Darren Kuropatwa and Sheryl Nusbaum-Beach
October 29, 2006

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Chat Log Below

19:48:06 Sheryl_NB: Dave do you call me?
19:48:26 JenniferW: hey cheryl -- my mac lost the internet -- what is a keychain???
19:48:43 JenniferW: LOL - is it safe :)
19:49:01 cheryloakes: A keychain is the internal list of passwords the mac keeps for you, so if it asks if you want to keep the keychain, say yes.
19:49:19 dave: Sheryl... if you would skype - 'worldbridges' that would be great
19:49:31 cheryloakes: Sheryl, I think you n eed to SKYPE Worldbridges.
19:49:47 JenniferW: <---muted again
19:51:28 JenniferW: so Sheryl NB is the guest chat -- not Cheryl O???
19:53:40 JenniferW: Hi Darren
19:54:04 cheryloakes: This is Cheryl Oakes, here I am just listening and in chat tonight.
19:54:19 dave: cheryl
19:54:24 dave: oakes
19:54:56 JenniferW: Hi Cheryl O -- I am working on the newsletter
19:55:10 JoeR: Is the sykpecast dropping anyone else. I've been dropped from the popop with people's names.
19:55:24 JoeR: I use firefox!
19:56:16 JenM: my ear is getting tired holding the phone up with my shoulder, so I'm going to listen in the stream :) bye!
19:56:17 cheryloakes: I am not in firefox, sorry
19:56:34 cheryloakes: Dave you are really quiet
19:56:38 JoeR: Ok Thanks
19:56:39 dave: :)
19:56:43 dave: i went to get a beer
19:56:47 Sheryl_NB: smile
19:56:56 JenM: get me one, too, Dave!!!!
19:57:01 cheryloakes: ONly one, I'd like a pumpkin ale.
19:57:28 Chris_Craft: Joe are you on a mac?
19:57:29 Sheryl_NB: Never had a pumpkin ale...
19:57:52 JoeR: NO on a pc
19:58:12 JenniferW: Hi Darren
19:58:23 cheryloakes: Pumpkin ale is good, Seadog, Shipyard, Dogfish ale make differnt ones.
19:58:35 cheryloakes: Joe, I am on a mac
19:58:38 cheryloakes: Hi Darren
19:59:07 dave: Cadian Ale (Pumphouse)
19:59:11 JenniferW: I din't know that --- cool
19:59:14 dave: is what i'm drinking here
19:59:28 Darren_Kuropatwa: Hi Jen.
19:59:44 dave: JL is a poopy head
19:59:47 JL: darren like this
19:59:56 cheryloakes: Or if you are on a mac you double click on the person's name.
20:00:06 JenniferW: wow -- all the cool tools I am learning
20:00:15 cheryloakes: Or unless I go to a color
20:00:17 Sheryl_NB: Hi sharon
20:00:18 Chris_Craft: I'm on a mac using Flock, right click works
20:00:28 JenniferW: show off
20:00:33 JenniferW: Cheryl
20:00:45 sharonP: Hi all
20:00:47 JenniferW: new color??
20:00:49 JenniferW: cool
20:00:56 cheryloakes: lol
20:01:07 JenniferW: you created a MONSTER
20:01:10 cheryloakes: Chris, that was cool, I am in flock too.
20:01:25 Chris_Craft: I use Flock and Camino in tandem, good stuff!
20:01:26 cheryloakes: Jen, there you go, keeps you engaged, right?
20:01:30 sharonP: does anyone know the url for the skypecast?
20:01:31 JenniferW: truly?? that fast???
20:01:37 dave: automated
20:01:41 cheryloakes: hello Sharon
20:01:42 Chris_Craft: Sharon its on the top of this page
20:01:43 JenniferW: yes, cheryl -- if I could doodle I would doodle too
20:01:54 JenniferW: SharonP????? cool
20:01:58 JenniferW: look up sharon
20:01:59 sharonP: yes, reading the top of the page is a good idea
20:02:04 sharonP: went straight to the login
20:02:14 JoeR: Cool Colors
20:02:22 JenniferW: new color -- hope I like it
20:02:32 JenniferW: APPLAUSE APPLAUSE
20:02:50 Chris_Craft: I like having an easy name
20:02:55 dave: http://k12onlineconference.org/
20:02:59 cheryloakes: lol going green, I think
20:03:05 sharonP: Green is my fave colour
20:03:15 dave: red
20:03:23 Cathy_Evanoff: k12 conference has been wonderful- thank you...thank you
20:03:30 dave: la
20:03:37 cheryloakes: :p great stuff
20:03:39 JoeR: k12 is the bomb!
20:03:43 JenniferW: I am having fun with K12 too
20:03:49 cheryloakes: k12 is great, I am hooked.
20:03:57 Darren_Kuropatwa: HI Jne Cheryl! Does everyone see blue text? Thank you Cathy!
20:03:59 JenniferW: Sheryl NB is a WOW2 woman
20:04:10 Darren_Kuropatwa: Hey, Jen thanks you too!
20:04:12 JoeR: I see blue
20:04:25 Darren_Kuropatwa: Thanks Cehryl
20:04:27 JenniferW: Hi Darren -- thanks for all your HARD work
20:04:37 Darren_Kuropatwa: Alright Joe .... I can be taught.
20:04:38 Cathy_Evanoff: Va Beach is only a hop, skip, and jump from me :)
20:04:41 cheryloakes: I see blue, too. Jen W. is purple
20:04:44 Darren_Kuropatwa: Thanks Jen
20:05:03 cheryloakes: Sabbaticals are great aren't they Sheryl
20:05:08 sharonP: Why can't I do the colour thing?
20:05:12 sharonP: ahhhh
20:05:20 JenniferW: going autumn
20:05:23 cheryloakes: you just did color Sharon
20:05:29 dave: bad chat room :)
20:05:32 dave: i love it
20:05:36 sharonP: I am a little slow on the uptake tonight
20:05:41 JenniferW: what other toys are in here????
20:05:46 cheryloakes: Darren/Sheryl, does this count for k12 credits?
20:06:08 sharonP: It snowed in Montréal today ;)
20:06:18 Sheryl_NB: Sure Cheryl
20:06:34 Sheryl_NB: wink
20:06:35 cheryloakes: Great, I am adding up all these great presentations!
20:07:04 JenniferW: back to purple
20:07:22 JenniferW: however, the videos are spoiling me. I tend to lean towards them rather than just audio
20:07:33 sharonP: Hi Susan
20:07:58 susanvg: Hi Sharon -
20:08:39 JenniferW: yup -- even africa!!!
20:09:04 cheryloakes: oh, I haven't done the map yet.
20:09:13 JenniferW: let me grab the link
20:09:33 JoeR: I've always liked mp3's but video has been great.
20:09:39 JenniferW: http://k12onlineconference.org/
20:09:42 JenniferW: scroll to the bottom
20:10:27 JenniferW: Mark Wagner ??
20:10:36 JoeR: The diversity of presentation makes this conference better.
20:10:48 arvind_grover: The quality has been striking. Really impressive. Do you think this has to do with it being the first one? Can we sustain this quality level. note: I hope so!
20:10:50 sharonP: gotta check it out
20:10:55 JenniferW: and the availabliity has been fantastic
20:11:12 JenniferW: I like being able to attend WHEN I want too
20:11:15 JoeR: quality only gets better
20:11:20 sharonP: just watched Clarence's presentation - FANTASTIC!
20:11:34 JenniferW: Mark wears the same color shirt as the color on the walls -- he told me this yesterday
20:11:48 cheryloakes: :D I think it will get better, it already is great, but with all the knowledge it will be better.
20:12:03 susanvg: I loved that- the way Clarence Fisher started.
20:12:16 JoeR: What are the strands for the second week?
20:12:22 JenniferW: I think the bar has been set VERY high -- however, this bar was met with a 1 to 2 week preparation time. It will only get better with more prep time
20:12:22 arvind_grover: anyone have their non-teach teachers using the k12onlineconference?
20:12:29 cheryloakes: can't wait to see Clarance's I loved his well now you know
20:13:05 susanvg: Vicki Davis has been coaching people all week using wikis
20:13:20 JoeR: I circulated the info with tech coordinators in my district It will be the focus of our November meeting.
20:13:36 JenniferW: I brought in 2 new people -- and hopefully they will invite 2 people as well
20:13:49 cheryloakes: I ciculated to a whole group of tech coordinators on Friday, they hadn't heard, which means they probablay are reading blogs. Hm,,....
20:13:56 arvind_grover: i have been involved in some projects where we created an organizing manual - this helps new people step in and take ownership of some tasks
20:14:04 sharonP: I know my IT admin is watching
20:14:08 JenniferW: here is the agenda -- http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online06-agenda.html
20:14:11 cheryloakes: I brought in a couple people and we might all do it for credit and work f2f at one point.
20:14:23 arvind_grover: i am going to try and bring in some teachers
20:14:26 sharonP: you know, my biggest regret about this conference is that I don't have any release time to absorb
20:14:32 arvind_grover: i like that they don't have to be live
20:14:34 JenniferW: DK and SNB have gone above and beyond the call of duty
20:14:41 susanvg: I loved what Jeff utecht has done with his LAN parties
20:14:41 arvind_grover: although next year i would probably make it so they were there when it was fresh
20:14:49 Sheryl_NB: Thanks guys.. you are so kind
20:14:54 sharonP: Next time, I will ask for release time!
20:15:10 JoeR: It is surprising how tech coordinators can be so 20th century!
20:15:11 cheryloakes: Sharon, this is a good point to teachers though, they don't have to plan for a sub and leave for a day or two, but rather, can take their time and make their own plan.
20:15:25 sharonP: yes, but everyone is so busy
20:15:28 JenniferW: but this doesn't end next week -- the presentations will be up for a LONG time
20:15:43 arvind_grover: where is the podcast feed?
20:15:46 Chris_Craft: and hopefully so will the conversations!
20:15:49 JenniferW: Grins -- maybe they can package it for a Christmas gift
20:15:49 JoeR: I like the content being availalble to view at my own leisure
20:15:58 susanvg: I am trying to point people to certain presentations so they can start thinking.
20:15:58 sharonP: I find if you don't make the time on your own, you won't necessarily do it - and if you don't know the quality - one may just never make time
20:16:01 cheryloakes: I agree, people are busy, but if we can bring in people and just get them to read a blog entry or two a week, they will be engaged.
20:16:44 sharonP: I do like the fact that all of the presentations are available online indefinitely
20:17:05 arvind_grover: setting aside some time could be helpful. the nice part is the time doesn't have to match the presenters' time
20:17:10 JenniferW: I didn't remember GMT (daily savings) time -- so I scheduled me for 9pm and 4 am -- LOL for hosting the FireSideChat
20:17:28 sharonP: but I missed Vicki's wiki experiment and that was disappointing
20:17:42 cheryloakes: Well, Jen, do you want help?
20:17:44 JenniferW: it is still available -- and I judged them today -- FANTASTIC work
20:17:47 JoeR: Check your GMT. I was cool for us folk on the west coast.
20:17:53 JenniferW: Cheryl -- I am a host -- at 9 and 4AM
20:18:01 JenniferW: 4 -- AM --- LOL
20:18:07 sharonP: Jen, you just crack me up.... :p
20:18:09 cheryloakes: PT
20:18:26 JenniferW: I will be pretty silly at 4am -- a great host -- don't you think
20:19:05 cheryloakes: so 7 am on Sat. morning? 11/4?
20:19:14 JenniferW: no 4AM -- On Saturday morning
20:19:17 JenniferW: 4 am pst
20:19:21 cheryloakes: I could do the 7 am, if I get my internet at the mountain house.
20:19:41 JenniferW: I will do it -- I just get mixed up with GMT transitions
20:19:51 Darren_Kuropatwa: http://edutrails.edublogs.org/2006/10/22/welcome/
20:20:01 Darren_Kuropatwa: http://teacherslearning.blogspot.com/index.html
20:20:10 JenniferW: COOL
20:20:11 cheryloakes: i will be happy to join yo u.
20:20:26 JenniferW: at 4am -- which means 7 am -- COOL -- bring coffee
20:20:36 cheryloakes: 7 am for EST
20:20:41 JenniferW: yup --
20:20:42 JenniferW: cool
20:20:55 cheryloakes: Darren that makes it so worthwhile.
20:20:59 JenniferW: kindergarten teacher????
20:21:11 JenniferW: nope -- wrong one
20:21:19 JenniferW: the Kindergarten teacher's ideas were cool too
20:21:59 JenniferW: like the FLICKR tools -- who knew
20:22:36 cheryloakes: Kathy Cassidy?, the K teacher/1gr?
20:22:36 JoeR: Private school spanish teacher was the i... presentation
20:22:41 cheryloakes: oh
20:22:45 JenniferW: haven't seen that one yet
20:23:09 JenniferW: but what Alan Levine did with Flicrk -- and the (hmmm) little boxes -- was great
20:23:18 JenniferW: did you see what the chef did with the recipe??
20:23:34 cheryloakes: haven't seen it yet
20:23:46 cheryloakes: not you DAVE!
20:23:49 JenniferW: Fan-tas-tic
20:23:52 JL: http://nmc.org/events/2006fall_online_conf/index.shtml
20:24:12 dave: yes... a little
20:24:13 dave: :)
20:24:15 Cathy_Evanoff: It has been better than a face to face cause I can go back and watch/listen again
20:24:33 JoeR: yep
20:24:44 dave: truth is though... that's just about recording the events
20:24:52 dave: you could record the f2f events
20:24:55 JenniferW: it has been overwhelming
20:24:55 JL: and attend in your sweatpants
20:25:00 JenniferW: or pajamas
20:25:10 cheryloakes: This k12online, no sub plans, no "permission" from my supervisor to go and attend professional development, and no travel.
20:25:29 JenniferW: http://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/265279980/
20:25:30 JoeR: I still want to go to NECC
20:25:36 JenniferW: that is Alan Levine's flickr notes
20:25:41 JenniferW: JoeR -- see you in Atlanta 2007
20:25:42 susanvg: It has been very time-consuming - but quite heady. - I haven't seen them all yet, but am certainly aiming to.
20:25:49 JoeR: cool
20:26:08 JenniferW: and San Antonia 2008 and Washington DC -- 2009
20:26:25 JenniferW: hugs to Sheryl NB :)
20:26:32 sharonP: I agree, this was the most labour-intensive presentation that I have been involved with too - just the nature of creating something that is online standalone
20:26:34 Sheryl_NB: hugs to Jen
20:26:50 JenniferW: yep -- Sharon is right
20:27:13 JenniferW: next year -- they said they would extend the time frame to prepare
20:28:09 JenniferW: SusanVG -- I am watching only 1 per day -- if I can
20:28:15 Darren_Kuropatwa: Yes, JEn we will. ;)
20:28:32 JenniferW: the first Tuesday -- I watched 5 -- which was TOO much
20:29:23 cheryloakes: that sounds like a lot, 5 in a day, but then again, once you are hooked, well.....
20:29:30 JenniferW: a lot of people at the conference I spoke with yesterday didn't even know about it -- but grins, now they do
20:29:31 sharonP: I just hope that once the conference is over, the hype doesn't die out
20:29:50 JenniferW: the hype might die -- but the presentations will not go away :)
20:29:53 cheryloakes: For me, taking the class for credits will be great.
20:30:24 cheryloakes: Yesterday was a great experience and the time flew!
20:30:34 JenniferW: <---come chat with me at 9pm == PST on Friday night
20:30:36 susanvg: It was also a smaller group
20:31:11 DBragg: My school is starting "Professional Learing Communities" as part of our Growth Plans, and I will be encouraging people to go back and view the presentations.
20:34:13 arvind_grover: great conversation, but i have to run
20:34:16 arvind_grover: will catch the podcast
20:34:19 arvind_grover: goodnight everyone
20:34:21 Sheryl_NB: thanks for coming..
20:34:26 Sheryl_NB: goodnight
20:34:33 dave: tah tah
20:35:39 Cathy_Evanoff: I agree, most days I feel like I hit a brick wall
20:35:44 susanvg: I find people uncomfortable with my enthusiam at times. Change is hard.
20:36:01 Cathy_Evanoff: You guys are my new life-line :)
20:36:08 JenniferW: I like the event!!!
20:36:35 cheryloakes: Cathy, you are in my network! That is what I tell people.
20:36:41 Darren_Kuropatwa: Gee, thanks Cathy!:)
20:36:41 JenniferW: and Darren is right -- they are TRYING to be helpful -- however, sometimes there are little issues
20:37:12 JenniferW: but next year -- they will resolve the tech issues -- right???
20:37:36 JenniferW: with more behind the scenes help -- for those of us who have little issues :)
20:37:37 susanvg: my skype name is susanvg
20:37:42 JenniferW: jenw0424
20:37:51 Darren_Kuropatwa: Tech issues never go away.... tech keeps changig .. we'll keep trying. ;)
20:37:58 JenniferW: yup -- it is tech
20:38:10 JenniferW: we'd be disappointed if something didn't go wrong :)
20:38:26 cheryloakes: The back up plans are incredible.
20:38:48 JenniferW: this year -- it was a small group -- leading a large group. Next year -- the leading group will be even larger
20:39:19 Sheryl_NB: http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online06-agenda.html
20:40:22 JL: skypecast - here we come
20:41:14 JenniferW: am I muted
20:41:45 JenniferW: NOOOO
20:41:47 JenniferW: I am unmuted
20:42:02 JenniferW: coming back in
20:42:12 JenniferW: i am here
20:42:44 JenniferW: am I still muted
20:42:48 JL: try again
20:42:55 JL: don't believe what you see
20:43:00 JenniferW: I am back
20:43:37 Cathy_Evanoff: Sheryl- do you come to the Outer Banks for vacation? I want you to some visit my school :)
20:43:45 Sheryl_NB: YES!
20:43:51 Sheryl_NB: Cathy... I would love that.
20:43:59 Cathy_Evanoff: I am at Nags Head Elementary
20:44:04 Sheryl_NB: How very cool
20:44:22 Sheryl_NB: I am snbeach on Skype
20:44:27 Sheryl_NB: let's chat soon
20:44:39 Cathy_Evanoff: OK-
20:44:49 Cathy_Evanoff: I am cevanoff on skype
20:47:20 susanvg: f2f gives a different perspective - there are different conversations - but it will go deeper because people will have had a chance to meet online first
20:47:58 cheryloakes: I agree, people will get past the akwardness, of the first meeting and get to the meat of the conversations.
20:48:02 Cathy_Evanoff: and have a drink in the bar
20:48:29 susanvg: which will also lubricate the conversation
20:48:29 cheryloakes: pumpkin ale won't be around for NECC
20:54:46 susanvg: Even with the over 10000 people who go to NECC - there are many teachers who can't go to NECC - and this conference is an amazing opportunity for teachers.
20:56:50 cheryloakes: here , here!
20:56:59 JenniferW: no one at CUE yesterday knew about k12
20:57:07 JenniferW: but now they do :)
20:57:28 JenniferW: and NECC is scarey to some that K12 would not be
20:57:43 JenniferW: and vice versa
20:57:54 susanvg: NECC is pretty scary - very commercial
20:58:08 JenniferW: I cried the first time in the exhibit hall -- I was so overwhelmed
20:58:20 JenniferW: don't laugh at me -- but tis true
21:00:03 susanvg: It is overwhelming!
21:01:48 cheryloakes: Nice job Sheryl and Darren, thanks Dave and Jeff!
21:01:50 JenniferW: there were so many people telling me to buy their stuff
21:02:27 cheryloakes: Hi Amelia!
21:02:28 JenniferW: wow -- putting a kid on -- how brave!!!
21:03:29 JenniferW: excellent night -- thanks guys
21:03:50 susanvg: wish I could - but I'll be out of town and only near dial-up
21:04:01 susanvg: Thanks for the conversation
21:07:47 cheryloakes: I am working on the proposal
21:08:00 JenniferW: come in the skypecast
21:08:01 cheryloakes: Jen, you and I will work together.
21:08:07 JenniferW: PULEEZE
21:08:19 JenniferW: okay
21:09:03 cheryloakes: ;) can't come in tonight. let's do 3 shows for my internship, then we can chat
21:09:29 JenniferW: so YOU be in charge :)
21:09:38 cheryloakes: for now I'll lead
21:09:53 cheryloakes: Jen you could do 3 shows for your internship.
21:13:44 cheryloakes: I am so sad about you all in Atlanta
21:13:51 JenniferW: we want you there
21:14:13 cheryloakes: I wish, but someone has to hold the fort.
21:14:52 JenniferW: I know
21:14:54 JenniferW: but I am still sad
21:14:58 JenniferW: good night all ----
21:15:02 dave: bye
21:15:07 JenniferW: Great chat
21:15:12 cheryloakes: Great job.
21:15:12 JenniferW: and edit out my weirdness please :)
21:15:17 cheryloakes: Over and out!
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