ETT21 #132: Social Media, Construction and 5th and 6th Grade Tech

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 21st Century Learning #132Facebook

May 25, 2010

Social Media, Construction and 5th and 6th Grade Tech


arvind discusses Hewitt School's venture into Facebook and Twitter.  Vinnie discusses the construction project that his school is diving into.  Alex discusses teaching 5th and 6th grade Tech Classes in the fall.  We wrapped with some conversation about Google and its recent upgrades.   


* Photo Credit: Pshab


<Chat Transcript>



 14:13:39  VinnieV -> Room 1: Hey Sarah

 14:13:50  VinnieV -> Room 1: Saw the emails from you and Peter, will reply later

 14:14:22  sarah H -> Room 1: Hi Vinnie

 14:15:25  sarah H -> Room 1: hi

 14:15:55  sarah H -> Room 1: You know, we're just about done too, but the kids just keep coming for three more weeks. . . 

 14:19:24  VinnieV -> Room 1: our kids have been done for a few weeks. Doesn't help that summer has come to Chicago

 14:21:46  sarah H -> Room 1: uh oh--the 2:15 meeting seems like it is finally going to start.  I'll have to listen later.

 14:21:49  alex.ragone -> Room 1:

 14:21:57  alex.ragone -> Room 1: Thanks, Sarah.  

 14:23:09  alex.ragone -> Room 1:

 14:26:11  alex.ragone -> Room 1: