WoW 2.0 Show # 36 with Linda Criddle, Internet Safety

Our #35th show. We were missing Sharon, she was in Boston at the Alan November Learning Communities conference. But, Vicki, Cheryl and Jen have a great interview with Linda and learn about predatory behavior and how to garner parent support through empowerment!

Jennifer's Wow
Sharon's wow - (just in case I don't make it to the show) -

  • Blog pick of the week - Andrew Keen: Luddite? (About his book Cult of the Amateur) We have to have an entire show to deal with this one!!
  • Webpage of the week: Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Improve a Student's or Professor's Productivity - probably already shared another time, but recently rediscovered (mentioned on ETT on Sunday). The show of ETT on Sunday was really great - can't wait to listen to the podcast because my Internet was so flaky that night
  • Cheryl's Wow
Vicki's Wow - Some cool visual tools

Chat Log Below

Linda Criddle, Internet Safety Expert (45 min)


Chat Below- during the live show, the chat had many colors not represented here, but the content is wonderful, as are the threads of conversation to follow.

 20:48:48  JenniferW  but now we are chatting

 20:48:56  JenniferW  so life is good

 20:49:33  Vicki Davis  Hello everyone!

 20:49:48  carolynf  Hi Vicki

 20:50:05  DBragg  hi

 20:50:08  Vicki Davis  Hello Carolyn.

 20:50:28  Durff  het vicki!

 20:50:37  Durff  hi cheryl!

 20:50:43  DBragg  hi cheryl

 20:50:52  carolynf  Hi cheryl :)

 20:50:56  Durff  hi linda!

 20:51:04  cheryloakes wow2  Hi all, trying to get the stream up

 20:51:11  JenniferW  Let us know when you have sound

 20:51:21  Durff  let us know when

 20:51:28  cheryloakes wow2  susan are you here,?

 20:51:30  Durff  coffee calls

 20:51:37  Vicki Davis  Lisa, coffee this late?

 20:51:57  cheryloakes wow2  okay, I just connected listen up on edtechA

 20:52:06  Cathy E  That is what I was going to say- how can she drink coffee at this hour :)

 20:52:13  cheryloakes wow2  how is the sound, gang?

 20:52:23  Cathy E  I hear you Cheryl

 20:52:28  Cathy E  talk to us

 20:52:32  carolynf  I can hear some rustling ;)

 20:52:39  cheryloakes wow2   thanks, Cathy, we are good,

 20:52:40  maria  me 2

 20:53:17  Durff  stream on A

 20:53:22  Durff  say sth

 20:53:34  CheriT  I only hear Cheryl - am I missing something?

 20:53:37  Durff  sing

 20:53:51  carolynf  how do I find this on Skype...whenever someone gets a chance...<--newbie

 20:53:52  Vicki Davis  Can you hear us now.

 20:53:55  mmiller  I heard 'thanks cathy and giggling

 20:54:01  CheriT  nope

 20:54:06  DBragg  you really want a show tonight durff!

 20:54:07  Durff  that was cheryl

 20:54:12  Vicki Davis  OK, we're pulling back in.

 20:54:13  Durff  avoiding sining

 20:54:22  Durff  hi john

 20:54:29  carolynf  can't hear anything at the moment

 20:54:32  JohnSchinker  Hi Durff

 20:54:38  cheryloakes wow2  thanks, Cheri, didn't hit the hijack it was hidden

 20:54:42  CheriT  yea! voiceds

 20:54:45  carolynf  now we can hear

 20:54:47  cheryloakes wow2  thanks,

 20:54:51  JohnSchinker  The last thing OI heard was "Thanks, Kathy"

 20:54:56  cheryloakes wow2  i went out for ice water, sorry,

 20:55:06  CheriT  It's so nice to hear you all! thanks wow gals

 20:55:09  Vicki Davis  Can you hear me now?  Ha ha!

 20:55:11  cheryloakes wow2   can you hear the fan?

 20:55:21  Durff  speak louder

 20:55:37  Durff  deliquents?

 20:55:41  Durff  who is?

 20:55:49  carolynf  sounds good over here

 20:55:52  Durff  are you calling a deliquent?

 20:55:53  Vicki Davis  Hello Jeff!

 20:55:57  cheryloakes wow2  ok good sound

 20:55:59  DBragg  i can hear fine

 20:56:00  Durff  well you're right

 20:56:07  CheriT  well done!

 20:56:11  Durff  you both are live

 20:56:13  JohnSchinker  It's all fixed.

 20:56:27  Durff  how?

 20:56:31  CheriT  i had 2 streams going ... now that was weird

 20:56:38  Durff  better teach us that

 20:56:58  Durff  hi pam

 20:57:07  Pam Shoemaker  HI!

 20:57:11  Vicki Davis

 20:57:12  Durff  oh hi jeff

 20:57:16  Vicki Davis  Linda's website.

 20:58:12  Durff  hi cathy

 20:58:23  Durff  hi jen

 20:58:35  cathywo  hi, i'm not getting sound so i'll keep playing with it

 20:58:40  Jeff Stanzler  (Belated) hello!

 20:58:48  Vicki Davis  Hello Jeff. I'm glad that you made it.

 20:58:56  Jeff Stanzler  Thanks, Vicki

 20:58:57  cheryloakes wow2  Hi, cathy, cheri, durff, jen, jeff, jl, john, linda, maria, melinda, pam, vicki

 20:58:58  Pam Shoemaker  Hi Jeff

 20:59:06  maria  howdy all

 20:59:10  carolynf  i have

 20:59:14  Jeff Stanzler  The Michigan contingent checks in ;-)

 20:59:20  mmiller  Hello!

 20:59:29  Vicki Davis  Hello everyone.

 20:59:38  jen_moy  hi everyone!

 20:59:39  carolynf  anyone want to mention how to skype in?  i'd appreciate it.

 20:59:45  Durff  cathywo-sound?

 20:59:51  Vicki Davis  Hello Carolyn.  Just click on the listen button.

 20:59:59  Durff  carolyn

 21:00:06  Vicki Davis  I think it is on the left -- do you see it there?

 21:00:09  Cathy E

 21:00:09  Durff  listen on the stream

 21:00:28  Durff  cathy?

 21:00:33  Durff  sound?

 21:00:44  cheryloakes wow2       and

 21:00:48  JenniferW

 21:01:03  cathywo  SOUnd is OK, thanks

 21:01:17  CheriT  oh my goodness

 21:01:17  cheryloakes wow2  thank,s

 21:01:25  Durff  perfect!

 21:01:26  JenniferW

 21:01:28  CheriT  that's so cool - quick citations

 21:01:31  cheryloakes wow2  Hi Jason, chris, dbragg,alicebarr

 21:01:33  Durff  hi alice

 21:01:40  alicebarr  Hi durff

 21:01:44  cathywo  hi alice

 21:01:44  alicebarr  Hi cathy wo

 21:01:50  Durff  jason

 21:01:50  Jason Hando  Hi Cheryl, Jen, Vicki, ..... everyone

 21:01:59  maria  yeah kindergarten

 21:02:00  Durff  when did you slipin here

 21:02:03  Jason Hando  Hi again Lisa

 21:02:12  JenniferW

 21:02:15  Jason Hando  Just did then

 21:02:15  Pam Shoemaker  cool!

 21:02:21  jen_moy  love david warlick too!!

 21:02:39  JenniferW

 21:02:42  alicebarr  Hi cheri and Cheryl

 21:02:43  CheriT  saw dave warlick in Bloggers Cafe in Second Life today - thrill

 21:02:43  Durff  hi paula

 21:02:51  CheriT  hi alice

 21:02:55  Durff  hi mojomom

 21:02:59  CheriT  i'm there too - sl

 21:03:02  carolynf  Andrew is making me angry!

 21:03:13  cheryloakes wow2  oh, not good,

 21:03:14  Durff  Dr. T - today?

 21:03:21  Durff  did you take a pic?

 21:03:23  Jason Hando  That's like an Aussie sounding kiwi ;-)

 21:03:36  Durff  right mate

 21:03:39  CheriT  good durff - and you?

 21:03:45  mmiller  Durf I uploaded your It's Elem podcast to my teacher's blog and told them they could get 1 hour of PD credit if they listen and fill out the PD form we use for everything else

 21:04:07  CheriT  bretag

 21:04:24  cheryloakes wow2  great Melinda! you go!

 21:04:26  Jason Hando  we're listening ;-)

 21:04:30  CheriT  me too!

 21:04:32  Durff  mmiller you didn't

 21:04:46  Jason Hando  not enough female programmers

 21:04:52  cheryloakes wow2  durff you are famous

 21:04:55  Vicki Davis      *     *     *     *     *

 21:04:56  Durff  hi colleen

 21:04:58  mmiller  I loved it and wanted to share, hope that's okay

 21:04:58  alicebarr  I am hoping people from my tech class are here tonight

 21:04:59  carolynf  you're right jason

 21:05:01  Jason Hando  I have trouble getting girls to do as subject at high school

 21:05:01  jen_moy  hi kristin

 21:05:05  CheriT  multiple personality disorder is contagious!

 21:05:05  Colleen King  Hi Durff

 21:05:06  Durff  hi kristin

 21:05:15  cheryloakes wow2  great links vicki

 21:05:17  carolynf  we're thinking of starting a women of the web for our high school students

 21:05:18  Durff  mmiller it is

 21:05:20  patruffing  some of these men have freedom to travel all over and talk their talk and get themselves known...because someone else is home with their children

 21:05:22  Jason Hando  Kristin - reading your blog post right now

 21:05:27  LisaMLane  wow, my computer can only do SL by itself

 21:05:31  JenniferW  LINK TO the Bloggers Cafe --

 21:05:32  cheryloakes wow2  great idea for high school girls give them a voice

 21:05:37  JenniferW  Lisa -- I am on 2 computers tonight

 21:05:41  Durff  but i can't imagine

 21:05:45  JenniferW  WOW2 PC -- SL MAC

 21:05:48  Durff  hi sue

 21:05:48  LisaMLane  ah, Jennifer, that explains it! :-)

 21:05:49  carolynf  exactly, cheryl, and encourage their interests

 21:05:52  Kristin Hokanson  PHEW

 21:05:53  cheryloakes wow2  Hi Kristin, glad you are here, keep your eyes open.

 21:05:56  Kristin Hokanson  Hi everyone

 21:06:01  JenniferW  I am scaring myself

 21:06:01  jen_moy  hi kristin:)

 21:06:09  Kristin Hokanson  will be able to stay for about 30 min

 21:06:10  Kristin Hokanson  JEN

 21:06:11  Durff  chat is scrolling soooo fast!

 21:06:17  Durff  this is great

 21:06:21  LisaMLane  LOL Jennifer, you're not multitasking till you have a third thing

 21:06:24  cheryloakes wow2  Kristin, we will have a podcast up in a couple days.

 21:06:27  CheriT  Do you see me sitting across from you Jen? in SL

 21:06:32  JenniferW  29 in CHAT

 21:06:35  JenniferW  HCheri -- I do

 21:06:39  Durff  29!

 21:06:41  JenniferW  I was going to ask you what I missed

 21:06:41  jen_moy  this is great and it's my first wow2.0 chat, so even more exciting

 21:06:44  CheriT  funny :-)

 21:06:45  JenniferW  and HI COLLEEN

 21:06:47  Durff  a new record!

 21:06:47  LisaMLane  Jennifer and Cheri, what are your SL names?

 21:06:51  carolynf  Hi Jen :)

 21:06:51  CheriT  I don't know, i"m over here more

 21:06:53  cheryloakes wow2  Jen you will love the chat

 21:06:53  Colleen King  Hi Jen!

 21:06:53  JenniferW  MacsMom Alcott

 21:06:59  CheriT  etdoc sungsoo

 21:07:02  JenniferW  Collen -- I am in SL right now too

 21:07:05  JenniferW  kinda scarey

 21:07:07  Colleen King  Too much multitasking for me.

 21:07:17  JenniferW  and me too

 21:07:19  LisaMLane  thanks, I'll see you someday

 21:07:21  Durff  jen is a multitasker

 21:07:23  JenniferW  but Ryan double scheduled me

 21:07:25  Durff  a natural

 21:07:29  JenniferW  actually -- LOL, I am not

 21:07:33  LisaMLane  I'm my own name, but only once computer tonight

 21:07:38  LisaMLane  *one

 21:07:45  Durff  then it's his fault

 21:08:03  Durff  everyone here hear sound?

 21:08:15  Vicki Davis  Can you hear?

 21:08:18  Vicki Davis  Hey Brian?

 21:08:19  Pam Shoemaker  Sound loud and clear

 21:08:21  LisaMLane  sounds good

 21:08:22  DBragg  brb

 21:08:23  Durff  hi brian

 21:08:27  cheryloakes wow2  hey brian, where are you, PA? glad to see you

 21:08:27  Durff  hi rachel

 21:08:37  JenniferW  Hey Darren

 21:08:37  Vicki Davis  Hello Darren.

 21:08:38  carolynf  hi darren :)

 21:08:40  cheryloakes wow2  Hi Darren, how are you?

 21:08:44  darrendraper  Hi all

 21:08:46  Durff  brian in philly ithink

 21:08:55  Durff  hi darren

 21:08:58  darrendraper  Doing great.

 21:09:00  JenniferW  Hello Darren

 21:09:00  mmiller  sound is fine for me

 21:09:02  learningismesy  Hi - I am in Philadelphia

 21:09:03  cheryloakes wow2  Hi Rachel, and carolynf, colleen

 21:09:06  JenniferW  the WIKI will be updated LATER tonight

 21:09:10  darrendraper  Sounds great here!

 21:09:12  JenniferW  all links will be there later

 21:09:12  Durff  brian did you go to lancaster yet?

 21:09:17  carolynf  thanks jennifer

 21:09:18  Colleen King  Hi Cheryl!

 21:09:20  learningismesy  Tomorrow

 21:09:28  Durff  you'll love it

 21:09:36  learningismesy  Valley Forge today

 21:09:45  JenniferW  Brian -- did you go to the Constitution Center???

 21:09:45  Durff  very historical

 21:09:48  JenniferW  tell me you did

 21:09:57  cheryloakes wow2  hi Lisa

 21:10:10  Durff  did you go to alfred's alley like i told you to

 21:10:11  carolynf  nice that she's speaking to vendors/software developers

 21:10:21  JenniferW  He logged out

 21:10:23  JenniferW  and he is back

 21:10:31  Vicki Davis  Hi Brian.

 21:10:37  JenniferW  and he is gone

 21:10:37  Durff  a ouble take

 21:10:42  LisaMLane  hi, cheryl, if you mean me instead of Durff -- hi anyway

 21:10:45  JenniferW  Hi Rachel

 21:10:51  Durff  double-double retake

 21:10:58  darrendraper  Hi Rachel.  How's NZ?

 21:11:00  cheryloakes wow2  no, I  meant lisam, durff is durff

 21:11:03  JenniferW  Brian -- did you get stuck in the revolving door??

 21:11:05  Durff  hi lisa

 21:11:06  RachelBoyd  Hi from NZ - I am on lunch break!

 21:11:07  learningismessy  I'm having trouble getting sound

 21:11:14  LisaMLane  hi Durff!

 21:11:20  Cathy E  Ohhh- I would love to help you test in a K-5 school

 21:11:25  carolynf  hi Rachel!  Great to see you!

 21:11:26  Durff  yes i am even the kidws say so

 21:11:29  RachelBoyd  kids are running through classroom so this is a different situation!

 21:11:30  cheryloakes wow2  brian, sound is edtechtalk a

 21:11:31  LisaMLane  sorry I've missed for awhile

 21:11:47  cheryloakes wow2  we have missed you too lisam :-)

 21:11:49  CheriT  where are you in NZ, Rachel

 21:11:50  carolynf  Tell your students hello :)

 21:11:54  Durff  running?

 21:11:56  mmiller  I had to open two windows, one for chat and one for sound

 21:12:02  Durff  rachel you let tham run?

 21:12:05  JenniferW  poor Brian -- grab hold of this line.  We will hold you here

 21:12:07  LisaMLane  went to EdMedia in Vancouver -- what a web 2.0 experience!

 21:12:10  RachelBoyd  Cheri I am in Nelson which is in the south Island

 21:12:13  CheriT  who's typing? :-)

 21:12:16  cheryloakes wow2  good point mmiller, i have 15 windows open.

 21:12:18  darrendraper  Sweet, Rachel.  Let 'em have it.  Tell them you're busy.  Stop talking!

 21:12:25  cheryloakes wow2  i am typing

 21:12:27  mmiller  over acheiver

 21:12:28  CheriT  another south islander - i've met a couple in Second Life

 21:12:28  alicebarr  Hi susan E

 21:12:34  RachelBoyd  Duff, trust me I am not happy - they didn't see me here in the corner on the computer

 21:12:36  CheriT  you're fast, Cheryl :)

 21:12:41  Durff  OAA club

 21:12:45  cheryloakes wow2  have to be to keep up with vicki

 21:12:50  RachelBoyd  when the cat's away!!

 21:12:57  Vicki Davis  ha ha cheryl

 21:13:18  RachelBoyd  Sorry Durff, having bad spelling day

 21:13:24  Durff  so rachel they are caught red handed

 21:13:31  Durff  me too

 21:13:32  LisaMLane  sorry I keep popping in and out -- bad Safari day

 21:13:41  RachelBoyd  yes!

 21:13:43  JenniferW  wow -- the door is revolving for a lot of you

 21:13:43  Durff  ok

 21:13:46  learningismessy  Yeah I'm logged on and hearing

 21:13:49  cathywo  What's her blog or website address?

 21:14:00  RachelBoyd  I hate safari!

 21:14:03  Vicki Davis - Website

 21:14:10  Durff  what do you call those revolving doors?

 21:14:11  LisaMLane  me too, but Firefox wouldn't bring up the chat window

 21:14:13  cathywo  thanks vicki

 21:14:17  Durff  the round ones?

 21:14:18  JenniferW  going in and out

 21:14:20  RachelBoyd  ta

 21:14:29  darrendraper  I'm with you LisaMLane

 21:14:39  Durff  Lisa - it did for me

 21:14:47  Durff  I use Firefox

 21:14:47  Vicki Davis  Here is her blog -

 21:14:51  Vicki Davis  Great information on it.

 21:15:02  LisaMLane  well, d*mn, must have lost my touch tonight then

 21:15:05  cathywo  Thanks, it's fun to look & listen..

 21:15:09  RachelBoyd  Firefox is for me too - I LOVE firefox!

 21:15:24  LisaMLane  I adore Firefox. But new computer is acting odd.

 21:15:28  cheryloakes wow2  i love flock, very much like firefox

 21:15:33  JenniferW  OH  Thanks CHERYL

 21:15:39  JenniferW  Time for COLOR

 21:15:46  JenniferW  look to the lower left of your toolbar

 21:15:50  carolynf  I like her not approaching it from fear standpoint

 21:15:53  JenniferW  and choose a COLOR on the color palette

 21:15:55  carolynf  that doesn't fly well in high school

 21:15:55  learningismessy  I've liked Flock so far - but haven't used alot yet

 21:15:58  Durff  yes-everyone at the same time must educate

 21:16:05  JenniferW  helps keep chat clear

 21:16:07  Durff  a united front

 21:16:08  LisaMLane  very good article in Atlantic Monthly about all this

 21:16:12  RachelBoyd  ok - I will be this colour

 21:16:13  Jason Hando  blue

 21:16:18  mmiller  pink

 21:16:27  Durff  color?

 21:16:27  Vicki Davis  Lisa do you  have the hyperlink?

 21:16:35  JenniferW  How does someone get your book??  and help you BETA it??

 21:16:38  mmiller  but it shows up as black still

 21:16:48  carolynf  purple

 21:16:50  Durff  I don't get color

 21:16:53  JenniferW  MMiller -- you look PINK to us

 21:16:57  learningismessy  Are we supposed to pick colors now!

 21:17:00  Pam Shoemaker  No color for me either

 21:17:01  JenniferW  Brian -- LOL

 21:17:02  CheriT  durff you look green to me

 21:17:03  JenniferW  if you wish

 21:17:10  JenniferW  do MACS not show color???

 21:17:13  darrendraper  How are you doing Jason?  I've enjoyed your participation on EBW.

 21:17:16  Durff  i picked greed

 21:17:18  CheriT  my mac is showing color

 21:17:22  Durff  green

 21:17:23  cheryloakes wow2  i show colors on my mac for all

 21:17:23  mjclausen  as is my mac

 21:17:24  JenniferW  LOLOL -- I pick Greed too

 21:17:26  carolynf  lol durff

 21:17:26  LisaMLane  looking, Vicki -- it's a story by Caitlin Flanagan

 21:17:27  Pam Shoemaker  I'm using IE

 21:17:30  Durff  but i cannot see it

 21:17:35  JenniferW  Hmmm -- I am using FF and have color

 21:17:37  Colleen King  No colors on PC IE

 21:17:38  Durff  must be firefoc?

 21:17:47  mjclausen  im using flock

 21:17:48  Durff  hi carolynf

 21:17:54  carolynf  can I use this with my own parents?

 21:17:56  learningismessy  I'm using Safari and a Mac doing fine

 21:17:57  CheriT  i dont' get color on my PC with firefox, but do w/Mac and FF

 21:18:01  LisaMLane  start of article (needs subscriptions for rest):

 21:18:03  Durff  uyes

 21:18:03  Vicki Davis  The book is for all ages.

 21:18:06  Jason Hando  administrators are struggling with keeping up with internet safety

 21:18:06  darrendraper  You kids are as bad as the real kids.  Are all teachers HDADHD?

 21:18:09  carolynf  spent 7 hours getting viruses off of my own father's computer

 21:18:19  darrendraper  High Definition ADHD?

 21:18:25  darrendraper  :)

 21:18:27  LisaMLane  how's red?

 21:18:30  Durff  netzsmartz is good too carolynf

 21:18:34  cheryloakes wow2  you got it darren, no more meetings for me without backchannel of chats

 21:18:42  darrendraper  Netsmartz is great.

 21:18:51  carolynf  lol...well, it just dawned on me to show him what we show the students.

 21:18:54  cheryloakes wow2  i like netsmartz for K-5

 21:18:58  LisaMLane  I'm not ADHD; I just like doing many things at once!

 21:19:02  cheryloakes wow2  haven't used it yet with older

 21:19:03  Pam Shoemaker  I want to know what Linda thinks about the i-SAFE curriculum.

 21:19:10  Durff  i want to facilitate backchannels in high school this year

 21:19:18  darrendraper  I just hooked up my graduate cohort with chat.  They think I'm the king of the world.  We can finally talk about the professor behind their backs.

 21:19:23  LisaMLane  In Atlantic Monthly, she posed as stalker and followed a hs student

 21:19:25  mjclausen  good question (i-SAFE) my district uses that too

 21:19:35  RachelBoyd  good one Darren!

 21:19:36  cheryloakes wow2  that will be great durff, we are using moodle and my teachers are excited about chats and forums

 21:19:42  Durff  and you darren probably read it all

 21:19:45  LisaMLane  I love Moodle

 21:19:54  darrendraper  How does Vicki stay so focused?  What a rock.

 21:19:57  mmiller  Parents are behind in internet safety as well. Don't just turn your kids loose on a computer in their own room by themselves for a while. The internet is not a babysitter

 21:20:00  Durff  she is

 21:20:03  Vicki Davis  Ha ha - darren.

 21:20:07  Colleen King  Darren, are you at the book chat, too?

 21:20:12  Durff  but it's true

 21:20:15  darrendraper  No. 

 21:20:18  carolynf  don't put the computer in the kids room at all ;) 

 21:20:21  learningismessy  Moodle just one more app I haven't really used yet : (

 21:20:22  LisaMLane  mmiller, you have to teach them what's OK first

 21:20:23  Durff  you are incredible

 21:20:43  LisaMLane  just finished a book chapter on CMSs -- had to restrain myself about Moodle

 21:20:44  mmiller  but you still need to check on them, they are kids

 21:20:47  darrendraper  And how in the WORLD does Vicki type AND talk at the same time?  If I took her class, I would be toast!

 21:20:56  darrendraper  You're great, Vick.

 21:21:03  LisaMLane  maybe she has an evil twin

 21:21:03  carolynf  she is a WOW ;)

 21:21:07  darrendraper  :)

 21:21:09  cathywo  I surveyed 4th graders-- over 50% are on line without an adult knowing

 21:21:13  learningismessy  I can't type and type at the same time

 21:21:13  Jason Hando  there's a delay so what shows up here is after they talk by 10 sec

 21:21:14  mjclausen  exactly--fear-based appeals don't work

 21:21:17  Durff  darren you would backchannel like crazy in her class

 21:21:18  darrendraper  Ohhhhhh.  She's cheating...

 21:21:21  RachelBoyd  is it because she is a woman - multi-tasking (!)

 21:21:25  Vicki Davis  Ha ha!

 21:21:26  darrendraper  Hey...

 21:21:29  RachelBoyd  just stiring lol

 21:21:29  carolynf  right rachel ;)

 21:21:30  Vicki Davis  You all are trying to distract me --

 21:21:38  JenniferW  LOL. Brian

 21:21:40  Vicki Davis  Darren, you are naughty! 

 21:21:43  Jason Hando  like naughty students

 21:21:44  Durff  how are we doing?

 21:21:46  Vicki Davis  Trying to get the teacher off topic!

 21:21:48  Jason Hando  lol

 21:21:49  Vicki Davis  Ha ha!

 21:21:55  mjclausen  lol

 21:22:07  Durff  trying can't hurt

 21:22:14  Jason Hando  I have a funny story about fake email

 21:22:19  JenniferW  30 In chat ROOM

 21:22:24  Durff  oh dear

 21:22:28  Jason Hando  my clever students pretended to be me and emailed class asking for passwords

 21:22:28  darrendraper  It's just the company here.  BTW, I tried to sign up for the Men of the Web, but all I got was cat blogs. :)

 21:22:35  Durff  [email protected]

 21:22:40  JenniferW  LOL

 21:22:46  carolynf  lol darren

 21:22:47  Durff  hi cathytwo

 21:22:49  JenniferW  there is a catblogs site and dogs too

 21:22:49  Jason Hando  MoW - like lawn mowing?

 21:23:04  darrendraper  More like 'meow'.

 21:23:12  JenniferW  OHNO LISA -- My boss couldn't believe that it was really called Speed Dating today

 21:23:13  Durff  woof

 21:23:18  Vicki Davis  Ha ha Darren!

 21:23:20  Jason Hando  some of us like cats when they are..... censored

 21:23:20  JenniferW  I don't think it was a good name for Educational Conversations

 21:23:22  Pam Shoemaker  lol

 21:23:23  Durff  it was

 21:23:24  darrendraper  That would work, though Jason.  Maybe it's out there.

 21:23:27  mmiller  it's about teachable moments, when inappropriate things happen or things are in the news, use them as teachable momemts

 21:23:44  JenniferW  Hi Melida -- sorry I didn't say HELLO before

 21:23:47  JenniferW  Melinda

 21:24:06  carolynf  the cat ;)

 21:24:08  mmiller  Hello, this is very interesting to me

 21:24:12  Jason Hando  14 - is that legal drinking age in USA?

 21:24:16  Durff  hi melinda - did i meet you?

 21:24:19  RachelBoyd  ha ha

 21:24:19  Vicki Davis  Ha ha Jason -- 21.

 21:24:21  carolynf  lol, Jason

 21:24:24  Durff  no jason

 21:24:27  Vicki Davis  Drafted at age 18.

 21:24:30  Jason Hando  18 here in oz

 21:24:30  Durff  18 for beer

 21:24:33  mmiller  No durf I am still anonymous:)

 21:24:35  carolynf  21 in texas

 21:24:37  Durff  21 for spirits

 21:24:39  Jason Hando  gun licence at 15?

 21:24:41  RachelBoyd  ours is 18 here in NZ too

 21:24:41  CheriT  18 in Hawaii

 21:24:52  darrendraper  We don't have guns in the US, Jason.

 21:24:53  Jason Hando  Hawaii - isnt that USA?

 21:24:57  darrendraper  Yeah.

 21:25:00  LisaMLane  there are similar dangers in the real world, of course

 21:25:01  cheryloakes wow2  Soon Melinda will debut on Wow2, in the fall. Mystery until then:-)

 21:25:01  Jason Hando  \hehe

 21:25:03  Durff  mmiller you are not anonymous

 21:25:04  Pam Shoemaker  I hear the kitty!

 21:25:07  Durff  hi Mac

 21:25:07  LisaMLane  anyone can follow you to school, or see you around

 21:25:10  Durff  meow

 21:25:14  mjclausen  I had a student put her cell ph number on her myspace profile.

 21:25:15  carolynf  in Texas, our governor wants us to bring guns to school

 21:25:17  mmiller  Yes, I hear the cat too, pretty funny

 21:25:27  darrendraper  rotfl

 21:25:31  Jason Hando  I heard a teacher (unnamed) put their cell on twitter!

 21:25:32  darrendraper  You cat bloggers!

 21:25:34  Durff  the parents are so lax

 21:25:47  mmiller  YES PARENTS ARE LAX

 21:25:49  Durff  an then think we should do it all

 21:25:53  LisaMLane  so many parents don't get it about so many things

 21:25:53  learningismessy  In Nevada they actually tried to arm teachers - didn't pass thank God

 21:25:55  alicebarr  The parents don't know!

 21:26:04  carolynf  lol..same here in Texas, learningismessy

 21:26:05  LisaMLane  train them or just arm them?

 21:26:11  Jason Hando  are you KIDDING - arm teh teachers!!

 21:26:18  Durff  we have to facilitate parents learning

 21:26:22  carolynf  our gov. proposed it, jason

 21:26:24  cheryloakes wow2  we should arm teachers with laptops

 21:26:32  Durff  ha ha

 21:26:34  learningismessy  Yes - arm teachers mandatorily

 21:26:35  mmiller  In defense of parents, they just don't take the time or have the time

 21:26:35  LisaMLane  yes, you can do serious head damage with a laptop

 21:26:48  Jason Hando  Mike Moore would be turning in his grave (if he was dead)

 21:26:49  carolynf  lol cheryl and lisa

 21:26:50  mmiller  they better find the time

 21:26:54  LisaMLane  the ones who have to work don't have the time

 21:27:03  LisaMLane  I mean have to work, not to buy a new SUV

 21:27:07  RachelBoyd  ok - school time now

 21:27:09  LisaMLane  for the rest, there is no excuse

 21:27:16  carolynf  bye rachel.  Tell your students hello from Texas

 21:27:16  JenniferW  Rachel???  you have to go???

 21:27:18  darrendraper  Ohhh.  Good luck, Rachel.

 21:27:19  RachelBoyd  I am off - will listen to the recorded version

 21:27:20  learningismessy  Yes parents don't have time and too often no tech savvy

 21:27:23  RachelBoyd  C YA!

 21:27:24  darrendraper  Great to chat.

 21:27:26  Jason Hando  Bye Rachel

 21:27:32  jen_moy  hi jason...i'm a keystone and was in kristin's skype session with you last night.  thanks so much for skyping in:)

 21:27:36  darrendraper  Teach your kids about cats. :)

 21:27:43  Jason Hando  Hi Jen

 21:27:46  Durff  if anyone says hi durff - that's me if anyone says hi lisa - that's the real mcoy

 21:27:48  darrendraper  Sorry.  Nuf about that.

 21:27:50  JenniferW  Hi Jason

 21:27:50  LisaMLane  you absolutely cannot rely on any sort of internet software for protection

 21:27:53  Jason Hando  Kool, I am being part of tomorrow's session

 21:27:54  Durff  hi cthytwo

 21:27:54  JenniferW  good to chat with you again

 21:28:00  JenniferW  oops -- wrong Jen

 21:28:00  Jason Hando  Hi JenW

 21:28:02  LisaMLane  anyone can put their phone number on a paper and someone can upload it

 21:28:03  carolynf  Apple iPhone cameras

 21:28:13  carolynf  look up how many pictures on flickr there already are, taken with iphones

 21:28:19  LisaMLane  ooooh iPhone!

 21:28:27  darrendraper  Great question.  Looking now...

 21:28:36  carolynf  I did the other day, there were a LOT

 21:28:39  Pam Shoemaker  Alot of ed tech bloggers have their photos on their blogs.  Is this setting a bad example?

 21:28:42  JenniferW  please don't mention the I word -- I am having iphone envy

 21:28:42  Jason Hando  and it stays there as well - cachiing!

 21:28:46  Vicki Davis  AT&T stinks down here so I can't have iphone.

 21:28:50  carolynf  me too Jennifer

 21:28:56  Durff  hi janice

 21:28:57  JenniferW  I don't need one

 21:29:02  JenniferW  I don't have AT&T

 21:29:02  LisaMLane  I have a photo of me on my blog, but I won't even talk about my personal life in here.

 21:29:04  JenniferW  but I want one

 21:29:08  JenniferW  dont know why

 21:29:15  JenniferW  excpet it is cute

 21:29:17  Durff  use an avatar

 21:29:20  JenniferW  honestly that is it -- IT IS CUTE

 21:29:21  carolynf  I have At&T...want vs. need ;)

 21:29:29  mmiller has free avatars

 21:29:32  janices  Hi All. It's great to be here.

 21:29:34  Durff  we know you are cute jenwq

 21:29:50  Durff  can youi hear sound janice?

 21:29:58  LisaMLane  don't call it internet safety -- call it child predator prevention

 21:30:00  jen_moy  bob sprankle does some great stuff

 21:30:02  JenniferW  LOL  I am not cute -- but the Iphone is

 21:30:10  Durff  hi parisi!

 21:30:15  carolynf  lisa, but it does include safety from spam, hackers, viruses, too

 21:30:16  JenniferW  the commercials ONLY show the good side of IPHONE

 21:30:17  Vicki Davis  It does spread like that -- that is what happened at my school.

 21:30:18  learningismessy  At NECC I saw software that allowed streaming video live to a web site that archived it for future use. What are implications for that?

 21:30:22  mmiller  I am in a rural school and many families do not have high speed internet so they use email at work and the kids main access is at school

 21:30:23  mjclausen  predator prevention puts the emphasis back on fear.

 21:30:26  Vicki Davis  Yes, Carolyn.

 21:30:30  LisaParisi  hello all

 21:30:33  LisaMLane  carolyn, so just Child Safety then

 21:30:39  Jason Hando  Hi Lisa

 21:30:45  LisaMLane  Hi Jason

 21:30:57  carolynf  well, I think it is internet safety...the kids are the ones really "running" the family computer a lot of the time

 21:30:59  Vicki Davis  Good question Brian. I've got it when we go through Cheryl's and jen's questions.

 21:31:08  carolynf  good for them to not only know about predators, but like she said, to be empowered.

 21:31:11  Vicki Davis  "If we're going to teach, they need to be come out taught" great quote.

 21:31:13  LisaMLane  carolyn, I'm just suggesting that some of them don't know what "internet safety" means

 21:31:15  carolynf  there are spammers, viruses, etc.

 21:31:25  carolynf  "computer safety"?

 21:31:29  mjclausen  that is true lisa

 21:31:34  LisaMLane  you need something catchy

 21:31:42  Jason Hando  Has anyone in this chat ever been stalked or similar?

 21:31:50  Durff  yup

 21:32:01  Jason Hando  never happened to me, but I understand it could one day

 21:32:07  Durff  it is safest to follow those who stalk you

 21:32:13  Jason Hando  how do you stop it once it starts?

 21:32:19  carolynf  no, have had "chat harrassers before"

 21:32:22  Durff  they never seem to turn around

 21:32:24  Jason Hando  really?

 21:32:30  mmiller  I wrote a grant called "Bridging the Gap" - the Gap between adult and student internet use

 21:32:38  Jason Hando  so u mean skype chat or messenger etc?

 21:32:43  Durff  i was stupidly married to him

 21:32:46  mmiller  Won't know if I get it until Sept.

 21:32:50  LisaMLane  oh no Durff!

 21:32:52  Jason Hando  oops Lisa

 21:32:57  carolynf  long time ago.  AOL chat.

 21:33:02  Cathy E  I had a daughter stalked- but he found her picture in the newspaper not Internet

 21:33:04  cheryloakes wow2  Mmiller did you apply for best buy?

 21:33:20  mmiller  One of my teachers got that one I applied through NAESP

 21:33:24  mjclausen  any act of publishing, online or otherwise, brings that risk

 21:33:26  Vicki Davis  Goodness, Cathy.

 21:33:29  LisaMLane  Cathy, that's one of my points: the open regular world has its hazards

 21:33:29  JenniferW  I sent in 4 teachers grants to Best Buy today

 21:33:30  Vicki Davis  I was stalked in college for a bit.

 21:33:32  JenniferW  and 2 more tmorrow

 21:33:32  cheryloakes wow2  great summer vacation activity

 21:33:36  jen_moy  i like the empowerment too; too many times people get scared and then we have banning of tech

 21:33:44  Durff  so is it more dngerous to have a pic in the paper or online?

 21:33:50  carolynf  I like that too jen

 21:33:53  carolynf  I don't like teaching fear

 21:33:56  carolynf  it's not empowering

 21:34:05  learningismessy  Have seen comment harrassment before,been part of it on a small scale - do you block those comments or not - isn't always an easy decision

 21:34:06  cheryloakes wow2  I agree Jen, the empowerment for parents would be a great hook.

 21:34:07  mjclausen  online potentially reaches more people...

 21:34:22  Jason Hando  if u block they might get worse!

 21:34:25  Vicki Davis  I actually went out with a guy once and then wouldn't go out with him again -- and I was stalked terribly -- it can happen anyway anytime and always has.

 21:34:30  Vicki Davis  But students need to know how to deal with it.

 21:34:33  Durff  i think so too but state law here disagrees

 21:34:40  LisaMLane  everyohe needs to know how to deal with it

 21:34:41  Vicki Davis  I dealt with it and stood up for myself but had a friend that didn't know how to.

 21:34:44  LisaMLane  not just online

 21:34:46  Jason Hando  would hope that people in online communities would help if it happened to anyone

 21:34:48  Vicki Davis  right, Lisa.

 21:34:54  darrendraper  Definitely, Vicki.  At times they simply don't think about what they are putting online.

 21:34:56  Durff  they think the paper and won't recognize online at all

 21:35:05  mjclausen  online or off, how to deal is part of citizenship?

 21:35:09  carolynf  one tip:  we should know what the laws require us to filter

 21:35:14  carolynf  most districts filter far past that point

 21:35:15  Vicki Davis  Self esteem has a lot to do with whether a person has a problem with these sorts of things and means that we need to really protect those who are vulnerable.

 21:35:22  LisaMLane  I think it's because we think of the personal computer as our device, and don't realize the connection to the world

 21:35:28  Jason Hando  in USA laws? In Australia there are schools that don't filter

 21:35:34  Vicki Davis  However, I will say that there is and was an undercurrent against victims that somehow say it is the victim's fault.

 21:35:40  darrendraper  Filters are so weak, though.

 21:35:42  Vicki Davis  What did "you do" to make this happen.

 21:35:42  Durff  usa - state law

 21:35:46  JenniferW  Jason -- the NCLB  -- if you follow it

 21:35:48  LisaMLane  hey, Jason, just found your blog

 21:35:49  JenniferW  demands filtering

 21:35:51  JenniferW  to get funding

 21:35:55  Jason Hando  true darren - false sense of security sometimes

 21:35:58  carolynf  right darren

 21:36:04  Jason Hando  Thanks Jen

 21:36:07  carolynf  but some of the filtering laws only apply to images, etc.

 21:36:10  mjclausen  good point vicki; the culture in the US does seem to be getting past that

 21:36:13  Jason Hando  Cool LisaMLane

 21:36:18  carolynf  The districts usually go far beyond the required.

 21:36:20  cheryloakes wow2  I like all the color in the chat room tonight, easy to follow the conversations

 21:36:22  mmiller  You need to show admin examples of good and bad and how to handle it.

 21:36:26  Durff  email is so yesterday

 21:36:34  LisaMLane  I had a filter on Google images yesterday and a horrifying photo of a mutilated body came up anyway

 21:36:47  Durff  yucl

 21:36:51  Durff  yuck

 21:36:53  Vicki Davis  Awful!

 21:37:07  LisaMLane  Jason, c'mon over to my blog someday:

 21:37:08  cheryloakes wow2  right lisa, kids need to know what to do when that happens and not FEAR they intentionally did this

 21:37:30  Durff  hi again parisi

 21:37:37  LisaMLane  now we have THREE Lisas?

 21:37:38  LisaParisi  hi again durff

 21:37:39  Jason Hando  will do Lisa

 21:37:48  Durff  are you getting my twitters?

 21:37:53  JenniferW  popular name tonight LISA

 21:37:54  Vicki Davis  Durff is Lisa.  Oh no three lisas.

 21:37:58  Durff  yes lane=lisa

 21:37:58  LisaParisi  sort of...did you see my blog today?

 21:38:05  Durff  durff=durff

 21:38:05  LisaMLane  were we all born in 1963?

 21:38:13  LisaParisi  1964

 21:38:15  learningismessy  I've found if you let parents know there might be problems ocaisionally - but we will teach kids what to do ... and then there is a problem, parents feel MUCH better because it was dealt with, and the student doesn't freak out - so doesn't become such a huge issue.

 21:38:16  LisaMLane  close

 21:38:17  darrendraper  Back to iPhone pics on Flickr.  The iPhone isn't a category for phones, but you can search by tag: 34,974.  Favorite photo?

 21:38:18  Durff  parisi=parisi

 21:38:26  JenniferW  our new AUP is covering that

 21:38:28  carolynf  right learning

 21:38:33  Durff  1961

 21:38:34  mmiller  great Brian, that is exactly right

 21:38:37  JenniferW  no way to 100% prevent possibiities

 21:38:40  carolynf  right, many days has iphone been out?  one week?

 21:38:43  cheryloakes wow2  right brian, teachable moments are what we need to focus on

 21:38:44  carolynf  34,000 photos

 21:38:45  janices  Great strategy, Brian.

 21:38:55  LisaMLane  OK, no more women in here born in the early 60s, OK?

 21:38:57  carolynf  wonder how many on google images?

 21:39:04  JenniferW  I was 1960

 21:39:07  JenniferW  LOL

 21:39:11  Pam Shoemaker  1962

 21:39:12  learningismessy  1955

 21:39:13  darrendraper  It's been out about three weeks.

 21:39:14  LisaMLane  hmmmm Jennifer

 21:39:14  patruffing  babies!

 21:39:19  Durff  it was a great decade

 21:39:20  cheryloakes wow2  how about 1952

 21:39:30  patruffing  ha how about '51

 21:39:31  janices  I was before 1960 :)

 21:39:33  JenniferW  oh Cheryl -- tell me  LOL -- no, not really???

 21:39:36  Durff  that's good too

 21:39:42  learningismessy  @Cheryl - wow way older han me!!!

 21:39:43  LisaParisi  so far i'm the youngest!  i feel so young

 21:39:49  cheryloakes wow2  oh, yes, it was a good year, yah brian

 21:39:50  mjclausen  well i'm after 1970, lol

 21:39:59  LisaParisi  thanks for spoiling my fun

 21:40:06  Vicki Davis  I'm 1969

 21:40:07  maria  and how about 1950 - yikes

 21:40:09  jen_moy  after 1980?

 21:40:11  Vicki Davis  Not ashamed of it.

 21:40:16  mjclausen  nope

 21:40:17  JenniferW  jen-MOY -- that is just rude   LOLOL

 21:40:19  cheryloakes wow2  good for you mjclausen, there is hope for 21st century skills to continue when we retire

 21:40:22  learningismessy  I graduated High school 1973

 21:40:29  JenniferW  HS -- 1978

 21:40:33  LisaMLane  exactly, the school can only promise to try to protect them on campus

 21:40:35  Durff  1980

 21:40:41  jen_moy  LOL:) but my husband always says I'm 26 going on 46

 21:40:43  mmiller  "Fear Factor" How to uncover the fear of using the internet - that could be a name for a workshop or parent night

 21:40:45  janices  okay 1954

 21:40:54  Durff  i would have unplugged it

 21:40:59  JenniferW  hmmm -- are we going to post this chat??

 21:41:04  cheryloakes wow2  I like the fear factor!

 21:41:05  carolynf  Good point she's making

 21:41:07  LisaMLane  yes, mmiller, you need a catchy name

 21:41:08  JenniferW  not sure I want my age posted

 21:41:08  mjclausen  weird being in a tech discussion with so many OLD people, lol

 21:41:13  JenniferW  LOLOL

 21:41:14  Durff  probably

 21:41:17  darrendraper  brb

 21:41:20  cheryloakes wow2  this chat and podcast will be posted on Thurs.

 21:41:20  LisaMLane  yes, Durff, just trip on the cord

 21:41:26  Durff  ouch

 21:41:26  carolynf  darren, 4,310,000  iPhone photos on google images

 21:41:30  JenniferW  we might need to edit ages Cheryl

 21:41:31  Vicki Davis  Old -- ha ha!

 21:41:35  mmiller  Alyson says HI

 21:41:42  JenniferW  HI ALYSON

 21:41:43  carolynf  speaking of internet safety, jennifer ..ages

 21:41:50  Durff  hi ally

 21:41:55  Durff  hi lindaj

 21:41:57  Kristin Hokanson  Staff meeting here at the summit--too noisy to hear

 21:41:58  LisaMLane  how about all that nasty content in the library?

 21:42:01  Kristin Hokanson  THANKS SO MUCH

 21:42:03  mmiller  Alyson is  our youngest participant now 20 months

 21:42:08  JenniferW  coool

 21:42:10  mjclausen  lol

 21:42:13  cheryloakes wow2  okay kristin

 21:42:15  Durff  20 months!

 21:42:16  mmiller  2005

 21:42:26  cheryloakes wow2  Alyson is our youngest wow member, right?

 21:42:28  Kristin Hokanson  Great topic will catch the end later

 21:42:29  learningismessy  250,000 students are hurt on playground equip - 50,000 drown in pools

 21:42:29  carolynf  bad words in the library?  no....

 21:42:30  JenniferW  mac is 48 months -- seems old

 21:42:48  carolynf  I like her approach a lot.  Not so fear based.

 21:43:07  LisaMLane  not to mention graffiti

 21:43:11  mmiller  Yes, I even made her a blog:) Not really it was a 'practice' student blog so I could try it out

 21:43:19  janices  Me too. I like the content on iSafe, but it's so centered on the fear factor.

 21:43:32  carolynf  I just think we scare kids too much

 21:43:33  Durff  punitive mesures don't work

 21:43:37  LisaMLane  surely there's a difference between "moral safety" and actual physical safety

 21:43:40  cheryloakes wow2  Hi Janice, just saw you.

 21:43:43  carolynf  and they think world is so dangerous.   More healthy to feel empowered.

 21:43:53  carolynf  and by high school, they blow off the "fear" stuff

 21:43:53  cheryloakes wow2  How many of you teach internet safety at each grade level?

 21:43:54  janices  iSafe is required in our district for any online class.

 21:43:56  Vicki Davis  Blog post from Linda -

 21:44:04  Vicki Davis  I teach Internet safety at all levels where I teach.

 21:44:06  LisaMLane  I can't put naked pictures in the same category as stalking and murder.

 21:44:09  janices  Hi Cheryl and all.

 21:44:11  Vicki Davis  'But it doesn't start until 5th grade.

 21:44:13  JenniferW  Linda - I am sendng you a note via Instant Message

 21:44:25  maria  I teach internet safety in my class - with K's

 21:44:34  Durff  mS & HS get online safety which is more stringent than our school

 21:44:47  Durff  i don't have lowers now

 21:44:50  LisaMLane  by the time I get them, it's too late (community college)

 21:44:51  alicebarr  MAria! Hi  

 21:44:51  cheryloakes wow2  we teachinternet safety in gr. 1,

 21:44:52  learningismessy  All the warnings kids are given water down their effct to close to zero - hit by car, fall in open mine (Nevada), drugs, stranger, etc, etc,

 21:44:56  Durff  or is that yet

 21:44:56  LisaParisi  computer keeps freezing

 21:44:57  maria  hi alice

 21:45:03  Durff  hi chris

 21:45:07  carolynf  right , messy

 21:45:10  JenniferW  Alice -- WAIT  I see you in SL

 21:45:19  alicebarr  Yes I am there too

 21:45:24  alicebarr  With you!

 21:45:24  mjclausen  yes! practice is key to all learning

 21:45:26  JenniferW  grins -- yep

 21:45:31  LisaParisi  thats what froze my computer...SL

 21:45:37  JenniferW  ahhhh  sorry

 21:45:39  patruffing  how do you feel about using the controlled search in google, where you select the sites you want your kids to see

 21:45:40  alicebarr  HArd managing two conversations!

 21:45:44  carolynf  lisa, that's why I don't have second life

 21:45:45  Vicki Davis  Internet safety should be a core piece of our infrastructure.

 21:45:45  janices  I hope it doesn't come around again.

 21:45:50  Durff  aren't the 21st century skills the same ones they need to be safe online?

 21:45:51  JenniferW  I am just sitting in SL -- not participating

 21:45:52  Vicki Davis  Regulators should be providing the funding.  Great!

 21:45:53  learningismessy  How can you have time for SL!!!

 21:45:56  LisaParisi  i'm trying it out

 21:46:03  Vicki Davis  Yes!  companies should be building safer products.

 21:46:10  JenniferW  Brian -- I don't have kids or hubby

 21:46:12  LisaMLane  I want more time to do SL

 21:46:15  JenniferW  if I did -- I would not be on SL

 21:46:21  Vicki Davis  I have no time to do SL.

 21:46:26  JenniferW  probably would not be on the Internet either

 21:46:26  learningismessy  Good point!!!

 21:46:33  LisaMLane  it takes so long to learn

 21:46:34  janices  me neither. But looks like fun

 21:46:35  JenniferW  my family would be #1

 21:46:43  JenniferW  grins, Mac gets mad at me sometimes

 21:46:49  JenniferW  and he is a cat  :)

 21:46:51  patruffing  i can't do everything that first life demands

 21:46:55  CheriT  I have a husband, am in SL and other stuff, but he's online at the same time ;-)

 21:46:56  JenniferW  LOLOL

 21:47:02  JenniferW  LOL to Pat

 21:47:05  JenniferW  not to Cheri

 21:47:06  LisaMLane  hope no one stalks Jennifer's cat now

 21:47:09  carolynf  lol, patruffing, same here

 21:47:10  CheriT  :-0

 21:47:11  JenniferW  LOL

 21:47:12  CheriT  :-)

 21:47:14  alicebarr  Cheri: do you chat with him online?

 21:47:30  CheriT  sometimes we Skype - when we're in different parts of the house

 21:47:31  Vicki Davis  Yes, there needs to be a minimum safety bar.  Great!

 21:47:35  mmiller  You would have time if your 1 year old wasn't a good sleeper :(

 21:47:38  alicebarr  :-)

 21:47:42  CheriT  :D

 21:47:42  JenniferW  My house in SL is cleaner than my house in RL -- which I need to work on

 21:47:50  mjclausen  my wife and i txt from different parts of the house

 21:47:50  Durff  lots of christms toys offline too

 21:47:55  alicebarr  Hoo me too! Jen!

 21:47:55  carolynf  lol, mine would be too jennifer

 21:48:00  janices  That is not acceptable.

 21:48:02  carolynf  good thing my husband likes to cook

 21:48:08  alicebarr  Actually mine's empty!

 21:48:18  Vicki Davis  Wow!  Everything we have has safety regulations except our internet tools for kids -- wow!

 21:48:18  LisaMLane  these products are designed to connect people without them having to think

 21:48:22  JenniferW  We need the link to her website!!!

 21:48:25  learningismessy  I do most of the cooking at my house

 21:48:27  JenniferW  Please drop that again VICKI

 21:48:28  CheriT  Alice, yours almost got blown away

 21:48:32  Vicki Davis

 21:48:40  JenniferW  and we need her Book Link TOO

 21:48:50  carolynf  internet safety bill of rights link would be good too

 21:48:52  LisaMLane  I can't help thinking that so many of our child protection laws are misguided as it is

 21:48:55  Vicki Davis  Guidelines for safer school websites -

 21:49:16  Vicki Davis  Tips for online safety

 21:49:42  LisaMLane  you can't count on these laws for anything, or the CPSC -- we live in an individualistic capitalist society and must protect ourselves

 21:49:45  Vicki Davis  The book information -

 21:50:02  Vicki Davis  But Lisa, there are no laws at all for Internet safety I think her point is right.

 21:50:17  patruffing  and often legislation to protect citizens ends up protecting business interests first

 21:50:23  mjclausen  we do need the laws to help structure the fight against bad practice

 21:50:46  LisaMLane  mj, I think it's the other way around: we need to clarify bad practice first

 21:50:47  Vicki Davis  I've never really thought about it like this. 

 21:50:54  mjclausen  but the laws need to correct behavior, not go after the technologies

 21:50:56  JenniferW  WE HAVE A DOOR PRIZE TONIGHT

 21:50:57  LisaMLane  there are civil liberties issues here

 21:50:58  Vicki Davis  Yes, we need to take it from multiple areas.

 21:51:03  JenniferW  WE HAVE A DOOR PRIZE TONIGHT

 21:51:08  JenniferW  Listen for question

 21:51:11  carolynf  good point she's making about corporate responsibility

 21:51:12  JenniferW  in 10 minutes

 21:51:12  CheriT  ok

 21:51:15  CheriT  listening

 21:51:16  mjclausen  yes, what are the bad practices

 21:51:22  Vicki Davis  Right just minimum standards.

 21:51:28  LisaMLane  corporate responsibility derives from the demands of shareholders

 21:51:41  learningismessy  Trying to control "Bad Practice" has given us scripted lang arts and math programs and no art, science, social studies, etc

 21:51:47  LisaMLane  who will determine these minimum standards?

 21:51:54  patruffing  guess i won't win the door prize...must pick up my daughter at work...shucks...this is a great talk...i hate to leave

 21:51:54  janices  good point brian

 21:51:59  Vicki Davis  Linda proposed some for the UK.

 21:52:03  carolynf  maybe we should start a WOW2 letter writing campaign to web2.0 vendors

 21:52:08  Vicki Davis  Let me look for the online bill of rights.

 21:52:09  carolynf  use the power of the blogging world

 21:52:17  carolynf  to recommend they develop safety policies.

 21:52:30  carolynf  Just like computer users have put pressure on computer makers for recycling

 21:52:33  mjclausen  what are measurable outcomes for internet safety?

 21:52:45  LisaMLane  age verification and authentication puts more of my private information online

 21:52:45  mjclausen  just age?

 21:52:54  LisaMLane  I already have to hand over my driver's license to buy sudafed

 21:53:09  learningismessy  There's been talk lately in the edbloggosphere about becoming more politically active.... what do you think?

 21:53:17  Durff  sudafed?

 21:53:21  carolynf  I think we could have a strong voice

 21:53:24  carolynf  on an issue like this.

 21:53:24  Vicki Davis  The table of contents for her book is there.

 21:53:28  Vicki Davis  Yes, Carolyn.

 21:53:29  carolynf  We are EDUCATION bloggers

 21:53:30  LisaMLane  yes, pseudophedrine is now a controlled substance

 21:53:35  Durff  i thought it was over the counter

 21:53:40  mjclausen  yep, i have the same problem

 21:53:40  carolynf  I think we can ask companies to be accountable

 21:53:45  LisaMLane  please, please be careful before pushing for internet safety laws

 21:53:47  carolynf  and partner with us

 21:53:52  jen_moy  just read linda's blog post about safe school websites...i like the idea of a 2 tiered website

 21:53:54  JenniferW  DOOR PRIZE QUESTION -- 7 MINUTES

 21:53:55  carolynf  I'm not recommending legislating

 21:54:09  carolynf  I'm recommending asking vendors to develop safety policies that they publicize

 21:54:12  JenniferW  2 free chaptes to read on Linda's book available too

 21:54:19  LisaMLane  shareholder activism is the way to create better products

 21:54:38  learningismessy  But can we make a difference without having a political voice? Just asking.

 21:54:45  LisaMLane  who's "we"?

 21:54:56  carolynf  Well, look at how powerful some of the political blogs, the parents groups, etc, have been ....

 21:55:03  carolynf  I think we can.  There are enough of us now

 21:55:14  Durff  we is yoi

 21:55:18  carolynf  We're the consumers ;)

 21:55:22  learningismessy  Edubloggers, teachers who blog and use tech and the internet

 21:55:22  Durff  you are being nominated

 21:55:47  LisaMLane  I am a consumer, user and educator who is not in favor of legislation encouraging more restrictions online.

 21:55:57  Durff  down't that put the billof rights in perspective?

 21:56:02  carolynf  I'm not suggesting legislation

 21:56:18  carolynf  I'm suggesting asking companies to be responsible

 21:56:24  LisaMLane  Or software that blocks my freedom.

 21:56:36  carolynf  and post tips for safety prominently

 21:57:15  LisaMLane  tips are fine, two-tiered software is fine

 21:57:45  jen_moy  interesting way to think of ads and making money...the sites make money by giving access to you, not by giving ad space

 21:57:55  cheryloakes wow2  interesting concept.

 21:57:56  learningismessy  I'm not sure how blogging about this helps politically and the scary thing is you're probably going to get blowback from people that don't agree with your thinking - how many of us have time to respond to that constantly

 21:58:19  LisaMLane  well, blogging encourages that kind of thing no matter what

 21:58:38  LisaMLane  I may disagree with the main thrust here, but I'll defend to the death your right to blog it! :-)

 21:58:45  mjclausen  lol

 21:58:49  JenniferW  smiles Lisa

 21:58:54  Vicki Davis  That is true, however, if we have a person who is well educated here that we agree with, it is important to speak out.

 21:58:58  JenniferW  tell why  you disagree --

 21:59:03  JenniferW  you might not be alone

 21:59:03  Vicki Davis  And support those that you agree with.

 21:59:21  learningismessy  I left out - that I'm not against blogging about this - just wanted to point out the downside - some won't feel comfortable.

 21:59:22  LisaMLane  Jennifer, I have been -- check out the red. :-)

 21:59:27  JenniferW  grins

 21:59:32  JenniferW  I shall go back and read the red

 21:59:35  JenniferW  more carefully

 21:59:37  carolynf  we could write letters about it as well

 21:59:37  Vicki Davis  I think that we should deal with internet safety proactively  suggest what should be done rather than say do nothing.

 21:59:43  Vicki Davis  If we know what to write.

 22:00:03  LisaMLane  Defending openness and freedom online isn't doing nothing, is it?

 22:00:25  Vicki Davis  [email protected]

 22:00:29  learningismessy  I agree

 22:00:38  cheryloakes wow2  Here comes the question

 22:00:41  patruffing  who is providing the financial support for David Warlick's class blogmeister...does he sell our info?

 22:00:59  maria  i don't think so

 22:01:04  Vicki Davis  Pat -- he added advertising on it, but he doesn't sell info.

 22:01:04  darrendraper  I'm back. I found my favorite photo taken with an iPhone:

 22:01:04  learningismessy  David has ads on his sites

 22:01:06  LisaParisi  he asks for Starbucks

 22:01:07  Vicki Davis  google adsense

 22:01:09  LisaParisi  ads

 22:01:11  Vicki Davis  Some people donated.

 22:01:13  darrendraper  Sorry.  What did I miss? :(

 22:01:15  LisaParisi  donations

 22:01:22  LisaMLane  LOL darren

 22:01:22  darrendraper  I'll check the transcript.

 22:01:29  carolynf  Dennis, I looked up how many photos on iphone on Google images

 22:01:31  carolynf  4,310,000

 22:01:44  LisaMLane  gosh, carolyn, that's astonishing

 22:01:50  fookurt  hello all

 22:01:50  Vicki Davis  1) Speak out against fearmongering (What we can do.)

 22:01:50  LisaMLane  the thing's only been out a week, right?

 22:01:58  Jason Hando  5%

 22:01:59  Vicki Davis  Bad safety messaging taints all safety messaging.

 22:02:00  carolynf  a couple of weeks i think

 22:02:09  Jason Hando  oops

 22:02:11  JenniferW  make sur eyou send an EMAIL to [email protected]

 22:02:16  patruffing  wiredsafety is a great site

 22:02:19  carolynf  thanks jennifer.

 22:02:25  LisaMLane  all safety messaging is not created equal

 22:02:34  fookurt  are there any ap comp sci teachers in here?

 22:02:47  Jason Hando  fookurt - I am one of those

 22:02:53  fookurt  excellent!

 22:02:56  mmiller  Bedtime for our youngest WOW member (and her mom) We will all be back awake in a couple hours anyway but you have start somewhere :):):)

 22:02:57  fookurt  AB or A

 22:03:11  carolynf  bye M

 22:03:19  cheryloakes wow2  b ye Mmiller and alyson

 22:03:36  Cathy E  Put the book link in - please

 22:03:42  LisaParisi  i'm headed off too..want to get my daughter offline

 22:03:43  mmiller  Great show again, I promise I will send you pic Cheryl I took another funny one tonight

 22:03:47  LisaParisi  bye all

 22:04:00  darrendraper  Bye Lisa

 22:04:02  JenniferW  good night Lisa

 22:04:08  fookurt you teach AB or A

 22:04:15  cheryloakes wow2  you need to mmiller

 22:04:17  Jason Hando  what is AB or A?

 22:04:31  fookurt  computer science'

 22:04:32  maria  This old lady needs to say goodnight as well.

 22:04:39  carolynf  Dennis, that is a cat ;)

 22:04:40  cheryloakes wow2  nite maria,

 22:04:40  Jason Hando  I am in Australia - so maybe that is USA specific?

 22:04:41  fookurt  Advanced Placement

 22:04:42  maria  great show

 22:04:49  Durff  nite maria

 22:04:49  fookurt  ohhh

 22:04:50  fookurt  i see

 22:04:51  maria  can't wait to listen to the podcast

 22:04:54  fookurt  interesting

 22:04:56  carolynf  lost the audio

 22:04:57  maria  byes

 22:04:57  darrendraper  She's done a great job.

 22:05:02  fookurt  what language do you teach

 22:05:20  janices  Me too. I like listening again, when I can concentrate better and look at the links.

 22:05:25  darrendraper  Swapping to red.

 22:05:25  cheryloakes wow2  podcast and chat in 2 days. at

 22:05:30  LisaMLane  hey! I'm red

 22:05:39  carolynf  i like ning

 22:05:40  janices  Great!

 22:05:40  Jason Hando  teach - php/mysql

 22:05:40  darrendraper  Woops.  What's open?

 22:05:50  Jason Hando  as well as javascript in junior years as intro

 22:05:54  mjclausen  no, i'm sparticus

 22:05:57  LisaMLane  carolyn, why does ning not use my same profile for all the groups I'm a member of?

 22:06:09  darrendraper  Because it's all the ning network.

 22:06:20  Jason Hando  ooooh yellow no good

 22:06:30  JenniferW  Yello doesn't work

 22:06:30  darrendraper  Right.

 22:06:34  LisaMLane  darren, it won't let me use my same profile; I keep having to do a new one for each

 22:06:35  cheryloakes wow2  darren whew, yellow

 22:06:42  cheryloakes wow2   i likethe bright green

 22:06:45  Vicki Davis  Bullies rarely strike once.

 22:06:45  mjclausen  much better

 22:06:58  Vicki Davis  Great point about bullying.

 22:07:09  Jason Hando  fookurt - what progr lngs do u teach?

 22:07:19  fookurt  Java and Visual Basic

 22:07:23  darrendraper  Strange.  My profile travels with me from site to site (within NING).  My _page_ doesn't, but my profile does.

 22:07:25  Jason Hando  who here has NOT been bullied at school?

 22:07:29  Vicki Davis

 22:07:41  LisaMLane  hmmm, darren, I must be doing something wrong

 22:07:43  carolynf  mine does too on ning

 22:07:47  LisaMLane  can your Page do it?

 22:07:49  mjclausen  tattling = trying to get someone in trouble; telling=protecting self and others

 22:08:00  darrendraper  I'm not sure.

 22:08:03  LisaMLane  it seems to allow such limited editing on the Page

 22:08:14  janices  I think we've all been bullied at some time. Childhood is hard.

 22:08:22  fookurt  but i am also looking into a mix of Python, Scheme, C++, and another language as a basic intro course

 22:08:31  cheryloakes wow2  if you had brothers and sisters you were bullied

 22:08:40  mjclausen  too true cheryl

 22:08:44  fookurt  i am in the midst of trying to develop our Comp Sci course load a bit more

 22:08:50  darrendraper  Or you were the bully...

 22:08:55  Jason Hando  email me and we'll connect a little more fookurt

 22:08:55  CheriT  I'm an only child, but my dad (a big kid) was my bully :-0

 22:08:57  CheriT  :-)

 22:09:06  Vicki Davis  So we will be on next week and then back on August 21st

 22:09:08  mjclausen  <- older brother, lol

 22:09:13  Vicki Davis  We have to start back to school!

 22:09:13  Jason Hando  I am building a first totally online course in programming

 22:09:21  Jason Hando  for our school

 22:09:25  learningismessy  Bullying is another thing to spend time on in class - I try with my elem school students - hard to find enough time.

 22:09:27  LisaMLane  Jason, you using a CMS?

 22:09:28  CheriT  you all deserve a break!

 22:09:28  janices  So soon back to school!

 22:09:35  Jason Hando  using Moodle of course!

 22:09:41  Jason Hando  lol

 22:09:43  CheriT  Get refreshed for a new year

 22:09:55  mjclausen  noooooooooo

 22:09:59  CheriT  yeaaaaaa

 22:10:06  LisaMLane  of course!

 22:10:06  cheryloakes wow2  thanks to all the great folks in the chat! You make our show possible

 22:10:08  janices  You deserve a break!

 22:10:13  jen_moy  back to school show with kristin hokanson:)

 22:10:16  carolynf  Enjoyed my first WOW2!

 22:10:21  cheryloakes wow2  Aug. 21st, Back to school show!

 22:10:23  mjclausen  of course, that gives me time to catch up on the backlog

 22:10:26  Jason Hando  come back carolyn

 22:10:30  JenniferW  Thanks Carolyn

 22:10:32  jen_moy  enjoyed my first wow2 chat also

 22:10:35  darrendraper  You four aren't in the same room, are you?

 22:10:35  LisaMLane  no more shows till Aug 21?

 22:10:36  jen_moy  thanks so much everyone!

 22:10:36  JenniferW  how is the YELLOW bag doing???

 22:10:39  mjclausen  my too, how neta

 22:10:42  cheryloakes wow2  Hiatus for WOW2 from July 18 to Aug. 20, keep in touch on twitter

 22:10:42  darrendraper  :)

 22:10:44  mjclausen  *neat

 22:10:45  carolynf  I'm enjoying it Jennifer :)

 22:10:46  janices  Great conversation

 22:10:49  JenniferW  good

 22:10:50  carolynf  was pretty excited to get it!

 22:10:54  fookurt  Moodle?

 22:10:57  janices  Thanks for a great show!

 22:10:59  Jason Hando  great session

 22:11:01  LisaMLane  thanks, everyone -- that was wild!

 22:11:02  mjclausen  great show and convo, thanks all!

 22:11:04  cheryloakes wow2  darren do you mean the 4 wow? women?

 22:11:04  darrendraper  Great job.

 22:11:07  Jason Hando

 22:11:09  darrendraper  Yes.

 22:11:12  Cathy E  Wonderful- I am ordering the book now

 22:11:18  LisaMLane  I love Moodle!

 22:11:21  darrendraper  You're not all physically in the same room, are you?

 22:11:22  Jason Hando  activists? is that me > no way!

 22:11:28  cheryloakes wow2  no, Jen, CA, Sharon is in Boston at Alan November, Vicki, in VA, cheryl in ME.

 22:11:29  carolynf  have to go and teach skype ...bye

 22:11:40  LisaMLane  I think I was an anti-activist for the first time ever tonight

 22:11:41  darrendraper  Should be WAMOW.

 22:11:43  darrendraper  :)

 22:11:44  cheryloakes wow2  we only met in NECC.

 22:11:47  Jason Hando  bye carolyn

 22:11:47  janices  Brian, I thought you were at Alan November.

 22:11:56  JenniferW  Daren -- what is wh WAMOW??

 22:12:02  JenniferW  Brian is in PA

 22:12:04  JenniferW  right??

 22:12:19  Jason Hando  women allow men off work?

 22:12:21  darrendraper  Women and Men of Web.  I'm ok with Wow.

 22:12:24  learningismessy  I'm on vacation in PA - Virginia tomorrow

 22:12:25  JenniferW  LOL

 22:12:28  darrendraper  That works, Jason.

 22:12:33  jen_moy  good night everyone

 22:12:38  JenniferW  Dareen -- you want to buy the website??

 22:12:41  JenniferW  LOL

 22:12:43  janices  Haven't been following the twitter the last few days. Too distracting at work.

 22:12:52  cheryloakes wow2  you are right, women and men. But we are here to provide an opportunity for the voice of women and men

 22:12:55  darrendraper  Steve does that the best.  He's got the bucks.

 22:12:56  LisaMLane  I'm off to shop -- see you all!

 22:12:57  janices  Have a great vacation@

 22:12:58  JenniferW  we did have WOW and BOW (Boys of Web)

 22:12:59  darrendraper  Hargadon.

 22:13:06  JenniferW  but it was too easy to go BOW WOW

 22:13:07  darrendraper  Bow Wow.

 22:13:09  darrendraper  I like it.

 22:13:10  JenniferW  yep

 22:13:13  CheriT  as long as it's not bow wow

 22:13:20  cheryloakes wow2  bye to some of you.

 22:13:21  JenniferW  LOLOL

 22:13:21  CheriT  ya'll beat me

 22:13:24  JenniferW  yep

 22:13:29  darrendraper  Fast crowd.

 22:13:39  CheriT  i'm still over in sl too

 22:13:42  JenniferW  but we are BOTH GENDERS in our group

 22:13:53  CheriT  need to monitors, but hard to fit on my lap :-)

 22:13:53  JenniferW  Cheri -- I was able to grab the chat

 22:13:58  CheriT  good

 22:13:59  JenniferW  LOLOL

 22:14:02  darrendraper  You are sooo good.  I couldn't jump back and forth, Cheri.

 22:14:05  CheriT  i need to find the book and read it

 22:14:07  Vicki Davis

 22:14:07  learningismessy   Vicki - And that scares teachers out of even trying

 22:14:13  Jason Hando  MWNI = men with no idea

 22:14:18  CheriT  thanks, darren

 22:14:21  darrendraper  Cheri, are you Mooka?

 22:14:24  CheriT  i missed a bunch

 22:14:25  Vicki Davis  987--7356-2347-7

 22:14:25  CheriT  no

 22:14:32  CheriT  what's mooka

 22:14:42  darrendraper  I'm thr33.  Were you at the book chat?

 22:14:42  Vicki Davis  0-7356-2347-3

 22:15:00  CheriT  I was - etdoc sungsoo

 22:15:02  cheryloakes wow2  Please write a review of Linda's book at Amazon, that would be helpful

 22:15:22  darrendraper  We'll have to be friends. :)

 22:15:34  Vicki Davis

 22:15:42  janices  Souns like a good approach

 22:15:49  janices  I want to read  it

 22:15:50  CheriT  don't go ....

 22:16:01  CheriT  bye....

 22:16:11  JenniferW  Good night all

 22:16:18  cheryloakes wow2  good night all.

 22:16:20  janices  Good night

 22:16:23  CheriT  night

 22:16:24  Jason Hando  goodnight - thanks for another session

 22:16:29  janices  nice to hear you all.

 22:16:34  Jason Hando  your worth your weight in gold

 22:16:40  darrendraper  I don't know how you do it all, Vicki.

 22:16:47  learningismessy  Good night all - great show!!!

 22:16:49  CheriT  I agree, darren

 22:17:00  CheriT  they really are amazing!

 22:17:06  cheryloakes wow2  hey darren what about me?

 22:17:12  CheriT  :-)

 22:17:17  darrendraper  You, too, Cheryl.

 22:17:18  darrendraper  :)

 22:17:24  darrendraper  And Spud.

 22:17:26  cheryloakes wow2  night. have fun in SL

 22:17:35  CheriT  it's over, over there too

 22:17:45  darrendraper  Vicki, did we decide to chat tonight or Thursday?

 22:17:59  darrendraper  I'm thinking Steve wanted to Thursday.

 22:19:15  CheriT  alice, you're in both still too

 22:19:22  CheriT  we're a bunch of multitaskers

 22:19:37  darrendraper  See you, ladies.  This has been a lot of fun.

 22:22:14  carolynf  I liked having the live streaming and the chat.  addictive ;)

 22:23:59  Vicki Davis  Darren -- I'm not sure, I don't think it was tonight, but Thursday.

 22:24:06  Vicki Davis  Still haven't heard from Jlulie.

 22:24:11  Vicki Davis  Thank you everyone it was a great chat!

 22:24:24  Vicki Davis  Just e-mail me offline Darren, I'm calling it the end of a very long day!

 22:24:40  carolynf  bye :) again