2010-04-15 Seedlings Show 85 with Emily Hunt of Common Sense Media

Commonsensemedia.org, with Emily Hunt, joins the SEEDLINGS group for a discussion about Media, Internet and how savvy our tweens and teens are these days.  Emily shares great data with us and reminds us that it is not about punishment, not about preaching, but rather it is about being informed and knowledgeable about the media we are involved in. Adults need to be involved in conversations with all youth about media, advertising, movies, websites, social networks and gaming. Commonsensemedia.org provides just the framework necessary to stay informed! Join us.

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we have  a great conversation with Emily Hunt of Commonsensemedia.org . Emily captivates us as she describes all the latest information about movies, gaming, social networks and TV. This is such a great resource for teachers and parents.


The Chat:

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