Teachers Teaching Teachers

Teachers Teaching Teachers #76 - Coming and Going from Georgia, California, New York, Utah, Virginia...

Join our virtual staff room as we check in with a couple of 9th graders from Virginia--Victoria and Zack--along with teachers from these schools:

  • East Bronx Academy for the Future, New York City - Paul Allison
  • J. Frank Hilliard Middle School, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia - Lee Baber
  • High School at UCLA, California - Lynne Culp
  • Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia - Vicki Davis
  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School, New York City - Susan Ettenheim
  • Florin High School, Sacramento, California - Bob LeVin
  • Judge Memorial High School, Salt Lake City, Utah - Chris Sloan


Teachers Teaching Teachers #75 - Lurkers from Kansas and New Hampshire Join Us

Our regulars--Paul Allison, Lee Baber, Susan Ettenheim, Bill O'Neal, and Chris Sloan--invite two new voices to join their conversations about building online communities of communication for students. Welcome Teresa, from Topeka and Karen from New Hampshire. Enjoy!
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Teachers Teaching Teachers #72 - Building Online Communities for Youth

This is our audio presentation for the K12 Online Conference. To join us live on Wed., Oct 24, 9:00 pm EST, click on the Chat Room link and the Listen link. Click Read More to find notes, links to more audio and a video.
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Teachers Teaching Teachers #74 - From Big Ideas to the Nitty-Gritty

Early in this podcast we were joined by Sheryl Nusbaum-Beach to share with us some of the big ideas and vision behind the K-12 Online Conference 2007:
Sheryl Nusbaum-Beach, a 20-year educator, has been a classroom teacher, charter school principal, district administrator, and digital learning consultant. She currently serves as an adjunct faculty member teaching graduate and undergraduate preservice teachers at The College of William and Mary (Virginia, USA), where she is also completing her doctorate in educational planning, policy and leadership. In addition, Sheryl is co-leading a statewide 21st Century Skills initiative in the state of Alabama, funded by a major grant from the Microsoft Partners in Learning program. Sheryl blogs at (http://21stcenturylearning.typepad.com/blog/).

K12 Online Conference 2007 | About

In the second half of we get into the nitty-gritty of joining the Personal Learning Space (and Youth Voices)with teachers from four different corners of the United States: Lynne Culp from Los Angeles, Kevin Sandridge from Florida, Donna Bragg from Pennsylvania, and Woody Woodgate from Alaska. Paul Allison, Lee Baber, and Susan Ettenheim had a few ideas as well.
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Teachers Teaching Teachers #73 - Connecting in a Wikispace

Listen in as the Teachers Teaching Teachers crew continues the work of publishing our students' work in ways that invite other young people to respond.
  • Paul Allison, East Bronx Academy for the Future, NYC
  • Lee Baber, F. Hillyard Middle School, Broadway, Virginia
  • Susan Ettenheim, Eleanor Roosevelt HS, NY, New York
  • Bill Oneal, Trenton Central High School, West, Trenton, New Jersey
  • Kevin Sandridge, Boone Middle School, Haines City, Florida
  • Woody Woodgate, Marshall School, Marshall, Alaska
Here are a couple examples of our students' work: Cultural Identity in Alaska, Sequencing in Florida
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