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Parents as Partners Episode #15 November 17, 2008

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Vanessa Van Petten was the guest of this episode of Parents as Partners.

Vanessa's mission is "to improve parent-teen relationships by providing them with new perspectives, stories and neutral places to communicate." She believes "this will help families instill values and build strong relationships that promote healthy attitudes and lifestyle behaviors in this generation of young adults". Vanessa strives to provide positive role models for young people.

Vanessa shares widely through her website www.onteenstoday.com Her work includes her writing – in books, in her blog and others' and in magazines. She mentors teens and connects them with other mentors outside her home base in Los Angeles. She is an accomplished speaker, both in person and online. And all this from a woman still in her early 20's.

Vanessa's latest book is The Dirt E-Secrets of an Internet Kid. Once again she has written for parents describing kids' internet lives from their perspectives. On the show she talked about how to get parents online for the first time and described kid's Internet lives form their perspective.

Watch her video.

Chat Log

Conversations Show #11 - 2008 10 05

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This week our Conversation topic was parents and their role in the school. Lisa and Maria were joined by Lorna Costantini, co-host of the Parents as Partners webcast. The conversation was informative as well as thought provoking. There was a lively chat in our chat room that shouldn't be missed.

Chat Log

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