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Parents as Partners Episode 51 June 11 2012 Aaron Puley

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Parents as Partners Episode 49 May 7, 2012 Parent Square

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Parents as Partners Episode 48 April 2, 2012 Heidi Hass Gable

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How to Work Together not Against Each Other: Parents as Part of the Educational Change Conversation.




Parents as Partners Episode 47 February 20, 2012 Shannon Smith on Building Personal Learning Networks

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I was pleased to have Shannon Smith join me on Parents as Partners at Edtechtalk on Monday February 20, 2012 to talk about Building Learning Networks. Shannon created a mini-tutorial on how to use Twitter as a tool and in the show demonstrated how to use Twitter with an emphasis on connecting learning for principals, teachers and parents. You will find a link to the video in the LiveBinder for the show. (Link below) Shannon has highlighted some key points on how to create your Twitter accounts. Special thanks to Aviva Dunsiger for taking the mic and sharing how she uses Twitter with her students and their parents. The following video, LiveBinder and Chat log are good tools to use in your school or parent community to promote using social media tools with parents and teachers. I am still reflecting on the sharing of ideas by participants in the chat room. The issue of fear and negativity was identified as a barrier to using tools like twitter. Please take a look what the participants suggested as solutions and share your thoughts. The following is a recording of the show. If you don't see a video here, please refresh your browser.

LiveBinder of the resources for the show. You can find links used by Shannon or shared by participants in the chat. Chat Log . Click here for the full BlackBoard Collaborate recording

Shannon showed us this great video by Nancy White and Suzy talking about starting with Twitter.

Shannon's Twitter Tutorial

If you want some motivation to get your school principal, superintendent or Director to use Twitter send them to this video.

Parents as Partners Episode 46 November 14, 2011 Joe Mazza Electronic Family and Community Engagement

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The recording starts at about the 10 sec mark.

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