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Late Breaking EdTech Community Forum

Dear EdTechTalker's,

   We will be webcasting an EdTechTalk Community Forum on Sunday April 29 at 8pmEDT / 5pmPDT / midnight GMT .

There have been some heated Edublog postings recently (links below) concerning the virtues and pitfalls of different methods for facilitating community development and discussion within the Edublogosphere. We'd like to host a discussion that addresses some of the questions these exchanges have raised.

PodcampNYC Webcast on Worldbridges

Hello EdTechTalker's,

 Several members of the EdTechTalk community (Jeff, Jennifer, Kathy, & Paul) will be webcasting from PodcampNYC http://podcampnyc.org/ on Saturday, April 7 from 9amEDT ~ 5pmEDT.   Doug will be anchoring the stream from Worldbridges Studio on Vancouver Island.
We are planning to include  a teleconference, skypecast, and Yugma in the webcast and hope to facilitate as much interaction as possible between 'unconference' participants and remote listeners. ­

Special Report from South by South West

We'll have a live report today at 4:00pm EST from South by South West by arvind grover.

That's March 12, 2007 at 4:00 pm EST, 08:00pm GMT.

Come participate at the EdTechTalk chat room.

Edublog Awards, Town Hall, & Show Schedule

This weekend - Worldbridges Town Hall & The Edublog Awards
along with a growing schedule of regular shows...

(Note:  We are currently doing some design work on the http://edtechtalk.com site - MSIE users may be experiencing some graphic anomalies.  We hope to have these resolved shortly.)

Edublog Awards (EdTechTalk#75) 
Sunday, 9amEST/1400GMT
(global times)
EdTechTalk will once again be webcasting the Annual Edublog Awards Ceremony. Josie Frasier will be guiding us through the ceremony and Dave will be  presenting his 'Top 10 News Events of the Edublog Year' again.   We'll be using a Skypecast to speak with nominees during the ceremony and simulcasting on TalkShoe for those who would rather 'phone it in'.  More info about the Edublog Awards at http://incsub.org/awards/
Last year's Awards Ceremony and Top 10 list

Webcast Discussion with Stephen Downes and Mike King of IBM

November 27, 2006
Download mp3

A conversation between Stephen Downes and Michael King.

Dear EdTechTalkers,

  This is a late breaking announcement for a discussion we will be webcasting today between Stephen Downes and Mike King (Director, IBM Global Education Industry ).  The show will begin today (Nov. 27) at 1pmPST/4pmEST/9pmGMT (global times) and topics will include:
- IBM as a consulting company - what that means
- IBM's attitude toward open source - how does it view other players - Sun, Novell
- The IBM patent portfolio - does IBM risk being a patent troll - the SCO lawsuit - progress
- IBM in e-learning specifically - Lotus, Domino - still in the game?
- IBM and the Blackboard patent - company position - message?
- Toward the development of open educational resources? Tools - services - product?

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