SEEDlings Podcast - Snow Day Special! 2011-2-2

29:34 minutes (20.35 MB)

A special Snow day surprise on Groundhog Day. An early spring? Really?

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Seedlings Show 104 Angela Maiers!!!!

64:08 minutes (44.08 MB)

It was a great show with Angela, we just responded to the flow of conversation with the chat room and questions! Anglea shares her recent prompts for her daily work with students and with her workshops. You matter! What you say is important.  Your work has meaning. The world is expecting your contribution.

Seedlings 2011-01-13 Show 103 with Mike Muir!

67:04 minutes (30.7 MB)

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we interview Mike Muir, The Citadel Group, and professor at University of Maine, Farmington, who is on the ground floor of an exciting program for an online high school completion program for challenged learners, disaffected youth and students needing a different path for graduation!

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Seedlings 2011-01-06, Show 102, 365 Photo Projects

64:25 minutes (44.27 MB)

Join us as we interview our guests for their 365 photo projects.

Seedlings Show 101 with Bette Manchester and John Newlin

67:48 minutes (31.08 MB)

Temporary audio, our 2010 teaser.

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