2012-2-13 SEEDlings with Mike Muir

70:25 minutes (48.39 MB)

We’re joined by Mike Muir (Multiple Pathways Leader, Meaningful and Engaged Learning, Projec

2012-1-9 SEEDLings with Gary James

66:45 minutes (45.87 MB)

We are joined by Gary James

Gary's website: Apps for Children with Special Needs

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2011-12-12 SEEDlings with Homa Tavangar

67:02 minutes (46.07 MB)

The author of Growing Up Global, Homa really wowed us in this last live broadcast of 2011.

Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be at Home in the World

Growing Up Global Website

2011-10-24 SEEDlings Wes Fryer - Playing With Media

68:52 minutes (47.33 MB)

We meet with Wes Fryer to talk about his new Book "Playing with Media"

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2011-10-14 ACTEM SEEDlings Geek of the Week LIVE

 mrichme ->  Welcome Peggy!

 PeggyG ->  hi! looking forward to this

 PeggyG ->  are you at the conference?

 mrichme ->  I am

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