2011-03-10 Seedlings Show 111 Maine Teacher of the Year

65:41 minutes (45.14 MB) Shelly's Wiki

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2011-03-10 Seedlings Show Livescribe in the Classroom Show 110

61:45 minutes (28.31 MB)

Thanks to the Edtechtalk elves for getting the server back running! Seedlings talks about livescribe in the classroom

Join us as we chat with Mary McCrackin from Lesley University and Jen Bogard, South Berwick Elementary School, and their topic Revision on the Run! You will hear how Jen is using the Livescribe pens in her classroom. The chat room rocks with great links as well.

SEEDlings 2011-2-17 Show #108 John Lester and the Virtual Maine Group

62:18 minutes (42.82 MB)

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SEEDlings 2011-2-10 Show #107 Priya and Maya Ganesan

63:32 minutes (43.68 MB) Geek of the Week Links

2011-2-3 SEEDlings SHow #106 Bridgette Berman

64:29 minutes (44.31 MB)

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