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21st Century Learning #103 - Pandemic Flu And How Our School Are/Should Be Thinking About The Challange

25:35 minutes (23.45 MB)

Alex, Vinnie and arvind discuss the pandemic flu and how our schools and we are thinking about providing education/support for students if we were not able to meet with them in real, physical space.

21st Century Learning #90: Fred Bartels and Peter Gow

32:22 minutes (14.85 MB)

21st Century Learning #90
Fred Bartels and Peter Gow on Their Disrupted School Concepts
January 8, 2009

Fred Bartels and Peter Gow on the Virtual Disrupted Academy and Virtual Country Day School. 

Image from Fred Bartels' VDA Google Site. 


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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #15: Fred Bartels

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #15
A Conversation with Fred Bartels
Sept. 26, 2006
Download mp3 (52:10, 24.5MB)

Fred Bartels from Learning with Laptops joined Alex and arvind for to discuss Filemaker, Sketchup, his book on 1:1 laptop programs, the School Computing Wiki, and lots of other interesting EdTech happenings. Fred is looking to start a high-def video project documenting UNESCO World Heritage Site - interested? E-mail him at: fred_bartels [at]
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