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Instructional-Design-Live#20 2010-06-04 The LMS and Learning

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Mott and Wiley Quote

Edtechtalk 84

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EdTechTalk #84

June 5, 2010

Instructional-Design-Live#19 2010-05-21 Authentic Assessment

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Authentic assessment is within the reach of most online instructors. It's just a matter of starting small and considering some basic principles in designing effective learning experiences, notes Mary Engstrom, senior instructional designer at the University of Montana. Mary discusses a framework for developing authentic tasks and identifies a number of examples.

Instructional-Design-Live#18 2010-05-14 Avoiding Overload in Online Courses

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As part of a series that focusses on practical strategies for designing effective online courses, the IDL team focus on how to avoid cognitive overload this week.

Cognitive Load


We discussed a numberof practical suggestions from experience and the research and indulged a little in information overload. Lots of good discussion and resources!

EdTechWeekly #163

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 EdTechWeekly #163
May 9, 2010

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