Making Connections (#1) 4/10/07

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We had a great gathering!  Thanks to everyone who helped us create another “first” in Dare County.  Following is a list of links mentioned during our chat.  Thanks to our special guest Randy and Maddie for your expert information. 

Worldbridges PodcampNYC Webcast Part 1

43:59 minutes (20.14 MB)
Part one of our coverage from PodcampNYC. Recorded during a live webcast on April 7, 2007.
This portion includes discussions with:

EdTechBrainstorm - April 12, 2007

19:21 minutes (8.86 MB)

Here's the first twenty minutes of this week's brainstorm. It starts off with a bit of audio from an interview that Arvind did with Steve Rosenbaum at last week's PodcampNYC.

About 2 minutes in, I'm joined by JL and JenM and we pick up the conversation from last week. Specifically we address the appropriateness of some of the content of last week's show, and feedback it generated.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #48 - Hard Questions for Teachers Who Teach Blogging

52:20 minutes (23.96 MB)

After a few months of blogging with all of her classes at, Susan Ettenheim sent Paul Allison a few questions:

Women of Web 2.0, April 10, 2007 Tuesday night

85:43 minutes (19.62 MB)

Here is the agenda of our show! We were able to discuss our way through the whole show agenda!

Great job Vicki moderating.

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