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We meet here to talk about education, technology, our practice and the contexts we work in. You can come too. Check the schedule, show up and go to the chatroom.

Bill's Excellent Drupal Adventure

63:57 minutes (29.28 MB)
A Screencast Tour of Open Academic's
specially configured Education  Drupal

Drupal Tour

21st Century Learning #36: Sarah Heard

33:56 minutes (15.56 MB)

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #36
A Conversation with Sarah Heard
Klingenstein Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University
March 13, 2007

This week Alex discussed graduate school at the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College with veteran History Teacher, Sarah Heard.  We discussed the Klingenstein program and Sarah's experiences during her graduate program.

EdTechWeekly #22 - TwitterVision, OpenAcademic, Podcamp, Webcams, K12 Youtube, & lots more..

32:03 minutes (14.67 MB)

OpenAcademic, TwitterVision, Podcamp, Webcams, K12 Youtube, & lots more..
with ETT  Senior  UnConference Correspondent,
Kathy Shields

March 18, 2007
Our first attempt at screencasting ETW

Teachers Teaching Teachers#44 - Connections in Western Massachusetts and Northern California

67:58 minutes (31.12 MB)

We were joined on this wide-ranging podcast by 6th grade teacher and Western Mass. Writing Project tech liaison, Kevin Hodgson and Area 3 (California) Writing Project tech liaison Gail Desler, as well as Ken Stein, a high school teacher in New York City who is just beginning to bring his students into We talk about podcasts, blogging, and many other 21st Century literacies. And we are joined by many others, including Alice Mercer, also from Northern California. In the end we welcomed teachers from New York, Massachusetts, California, Virginia, Florida, and Taiwan. We invite you to also join the conversation!

Kevin passed along these links that he mentioned about their Making Connections project (which is closed to the public):

A report about Making Connections blog project

Student Surveys

 Teacher Reflections

EdTechPlanning - Formation & Grant Proposals - Just Doin' It

45:21 minutes (20.76 MB)

EdTechPlanning - Formation & Grant Proposals - Just Doin' It

March 15, 2007

  • Review Just do it month. Check for milestones.
  • A description of 'step 1'
  • Where do 'you' fit in. Identify people and give them an idea of what they can do.
  • A review of paperwork
  • Final statement of 'the plan'
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