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21st Century Learning #98: Designing an Open Online Teacher Academy -- Part 2

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21st Century Learning #98
Designing an Open Online Teacher Academy  -- Part 2
March 19, 2009

Week 2 of figuring out how to design an online teacher academy. 

We're starting to nail down a goal for this academy: 

The goal of this experience is to:
1. Teach online tools in the context of teaching and learning
2. Creating online community to model and sustain this learning

 *Please not that these are in draft form.

This online teacher academy starts by walking its participants through some basic online tools while building a community, and creates a structure for the participants to create and document new work thus leaving a legacy for the next generation of learners. 

With these goals and constructs, where do you see this going?  Leave us a comment here or over at the isenet.ning.com/forum/topics/call-for-a-conversation-onlineISENet ning.


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WOW2 Show #96 Barbara Bray and "My E-Coach"

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Barbara Bray shares http://my-ecoach.com/ with us and describes its history and rich resources for educators. Special thanks to Jeff Lebow for helping Sharon with the streaming and archiving! 


Chat Log

WOW2 Show #94 with educators from THE School at Columbia and Lucy Gray

63:21 minutes (57.99 MB)

A lively discussion with Lucy Gray who introduces us to  Don Buckley, Karen Blumberg, Andrew Gardner of the innovative school, THE School at Columbia.

Chat Log:


21st Century Learning #82: Tom Daccord

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21st Century Learning #82 Tom DaccordTom Daccord

October 30, 2008

Tom Daccord joined us this week to discuss "The Great Debate of
2008" project.  An interesting coversation about using Wikis and NINGs
to facilitate online interactions between students at schools around
the country.  

Next Thursday, November 6th. 2008 at 2:30 EST we'll be doing a NEIT 2008 preview show.   See you there.


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