21st Century Learning w Lisa Damour - 3-10-16

Our guest on today's show is Lisa Damour, pyschologist, author, and director of the Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls

Lisa deftly navigated our questions on teenagers, girls, and why adults are so wonky around adolescents. She opens her new book, Untangled, with this line:

"We need a new way to talk about teenage girls, because the way people do it now isn’t fair to girls or helpful to their parents."
Lisa gets kids and loves them. She ends the show with a challenge that you won't want to miss. We appreciated when she told us in our interactions with kids, "it's not about you [the adult]." It helps orient our views on kids to remember that their behaviors may seem strange, but they rarely have to do with us as adults, and have to do with them working on their own development, a natural series of events.
Lisa is a great sharer of knowledge. We can't wait to have her back on the show. Don't miss her online spaces:
@ldamour on Twitter
https://www.drlisadamour.com/Her website and her email listserve (with 1x/monthly mailings)
Her new book, Untangled is available via her website