Making Connections

Making Connections # 37

Jen Wagner and Mark Samberg share how to use Google Spreadsheet in the classroom.  As a result, Nags Head Elementary School is now gathering their lunch count using a Google Form - which dumps the results into a great spreadsheet.

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So sorry it has taken me so long to post this audio.  Real life keeps getting in the way.

This show came to be as a result of me wanting to automate our lunch count proceedure.  I wanted to know the best way to use Google Spreadsheet/Forms to make it happen.  Once again, Jen Wagner came to the rescue along with Mark Samberg and his great ideas.  

Thanks for a great learning experience!


Making Connections #34

What web tools does every teacher need? 


Making Connections #33

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We're back!  Welcome to the new folks! And of course, welcome to those that contiune to hang with me!  Tonight was a trail to see if I really could stay connected.  Hope to see everybody next week.


Making Connections #30

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My new house is the house of my dreams and the view is unbelievable.  The price you pay for peace and quiet is…. no connectivity.  I am begging DSL or cable to run a line, but for now I’m stuck with satellite TV (which is ok) and satellite Internet (which stinks).

Making Connections #29


Brewster Bartlett, a NH high school teacher, shared information about the Road Kill Project that he started. Sheila Adams, a WCA intern, joined us to talk about her involvement in this web based project.


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