Making Connections

Making Connections #20

Tonight's show was a brainstorm of ideas to revamp our wiki. A wiki we began a year ago. In theory it is good, but the navigation is terrible. We talked through some ideas and I have started the re-design. Please let me know what you are thinking? Would it work in your classroom?

Making Connections #19

Making Connections # 17

How Do You Use Audacity?

Making Connecctions #16

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Thanks to Maggie Tsai for giving us another tour of Diigo. Diigo has lots of possibilities for the classroom, thanks for sharing!

  • highlight text on webpages
  • add sticky notes
  • group web sites


Making Connections # 15

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Rendy King and Freda Ballard share great materials they created for a workshop for teachers @ Meredith College. Learn how to set-up a math webquest for elementary students. Rendy and Freda have shared all their information below.


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