Making Connections

Making Connections #14

Even though we had a change in plans....we had great discussions about podcasting, moodle, and drupal.  Thanks to all for joining.  Leave a comment here in podomatic - to introduce yourself.

Making Connections #13

Maria Knee did an awesome job teaching us how to use Scratch, the new programming tool for students to create digital stories and animations. 

We even have a screencast!

Join us Tuesday night @ 7:00 Eastern Time as we hear from Maggie Tsai of Diigo.

Making Connections #8 5/29/07

We had a great time experimenting with

It was very rewarding for teachers to have time to "play" with the new web 2.0 tools.  Thank you EdTedhTalk for giving us that space.



Making Connections #7 - 5/22/07

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Tonight we learned the power of the new web 2.0 tool, Diigo.   Thanks to Maggie Tsai, co-founder of Diigo, we were able to have a personal guided tour.  Maggie explained how to customize the toolbar, highlight and clip, how to forward selected information to email addresses, and how to simultaneous bookmark to  But the coolest feature of all was extracting information from a website and creating a whole new page.  That was awesome!  Thanks again Maggie!  We want you to come back soon so we can learn more.

Making Connections #5 - 5/8/07

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

We jumped in with both feet to Diigo.  Using Yugma we set up the Diigo toolbar, created a group for Making Connections, and added sticky notes to those pages.  We all agreed this tool has great possibilities in a classroom setting.  We did encounter a few challenges when trying to add sticky notes to certain pages and we want to learn to highlight in different colors.  Next week we will report back on how the kids react to using this site and the secret to changing highlight colors. 



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